55 Best Types of Blue Flowers with Names & Pictures

When it comes to flowers, blue may not be the first color that springs to mind. Read on to discover 50 of our favorite types of blue flowers. We’ll discuss everything from their unique characteristics to what they’ve symbolized throughout history.

1. Morning Glory (Ipomoea tricolor)

Morning glories, (Ipomoea tricolor or Ipomoea indica) are blue flowering plants that belong to the Convolvulaceae family. As you may have guessed, this species gets its name from its early morning blooms.

2.  Blue Anemone (Anemonoides oregana)

The blue anemone, or Anemonoides oregana, is a member of the buttercup family. A common nickname for this blue beauty is the blue windflower.

3. Hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla)

The blue hydrangea, or Hydrangea macrophylla, is a deciduous shrub native to Japan. The flower is characterized by expansive heads of blue flowers that bloom in the summer months.

4. Geranium (Geranium)

Geraniums are a genus of various plants that are primarily found in mountainous areas and around the Mediterranean. The flowers have five petals and bloom in shades of blue, purple, pink, or white.

5. Clematis (Clematis)

Clematis is a genus of around 300 species of flowers belonging to the buttercup family Ranunculaceae.

6. Felicia Daisy (Felicia amelloides)

Felicia amelloides, or the Felicia daisy, belongs in the daisy family. This is a perennial, evergreen plant grown primarily for ornamental purposes.

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