5 Common Reasons Your Snake Plant is Drooping and How to Fix It

Snake plants (Dracaena trifasciata) are known for their rigid leaves that shoot up into the air and their easy-care nature. We’ll cover all the reasons your snake plant may be drooping, as well as solutions to help you revive your plant.

Common Reasons Your Snake Plant is Drooping

1) Lack of Water

While snake plants don’t need a ton of water, they can still get thirsty! This is especially true when they’re in brighter areas and growing well.

2) Overwatering

Snake plants don’t need much water. They prefer their soil on the dryer side, and they will suffer if they’re constantly sitting in wet soil.

3) Poor Drainage

Even if you water your snake plant on a proper schedule, improper drainage can lead to wet soils.

4) Root Rot

The term root rot describes a group of fungal diseases that attack plant roots. When a snake plant is infected with root rot, its roots become mushy and discolored, and its leaves wilt.

5) Cold Damage

While snake plants can survive temperatures around 50ºF and even below, they can’t handle freezing temperatures or sudden cold snaps.

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