40 North Carolina Native Flowers & Wildflowers

North Carolina, also known as the Tarheel State, is home to some of America’s most beautiful native flowers. It provides habitats ranging from coastal plants and wetlands to mountain forests.

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In this article, I’ll share 40 stunning types of North Carolina native flowers and wildflowers.

40 Types of Native North Carolina Flowers

1) Bee Balm Also known as wild bergamot, bee balm is a herbaceous perennial from the mint family (Lamiaceae). Bee balm thrives in open woodlands and prairies across North Carolina’s Piedmont region and the western mountains.

2) Black-eyed Susan Few wildflowers are as well-known as black-eyed Susan, which belongs to the aster or daisy family (Asteraceae). Black-eyed Susan grows throughout North Carolina as a biennial. It thrives in open woodlands, roadsides, and prairies.

3) Blue Flag Iris Blue flag iris is a beautiful member of the iris family (Iridaceae) native to eastern North America. This herbaceous perennial thrives in wetland habitats such as marshes and sedge meadows.

4) Blue-eyed Grass Known as the narrow-leaf blue-eyed grass, this herbaceous perennial comes from the iris family. It’s the most common species of blue-eyed grass in the eastern United States. It thrives in open woodlands and meadows with moist soils.

North Carolina boasts a wonderful array of native flowers, including flowering dogwood – the official state flower. 

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