40 Beautiful Types of Carnation Flowers (Dianthus)

Carnations are beautiful, colorful flowers famous for their frilly petals. Carnation flowers make attractive cut flowers or gorgeous bouquets for various occasions. They’re also pretty easy to grow.

In this article, I’ll share 40 of my favorite types of carnation flowers.

40 Beautiful Types of Carnation Flowers 

1) Dianthus acicularis

Dianthus acicularis is a species of carnation flower native to the Ural Mountains that straddle Russia and Kazakhstan. These beautiful types of carnation flowers grow in small clumps on grasslands and slopes. 

2) Dianthus alpinus

Dianthus alpinus is a carnation variety also known as alpine pinks. Alpine pinks are native to the Austrian Alps and thrive in rockeries.

3) Dianthus arenarius

Dianthus arenarius is a carnation species also known as the sand pink. Sand pinks are native to the Baltic coastline in eastern and northern Europe.

4) Dianthus armeria

Dianthus armeria is commonly known as the Deptford pink. It’s named after a town in the United Kingdom where it used to grow.

5) Dianthus balbisii

Dianthus balbisii is a type of carnation native to parts of Southern Europe, such as Albania, France, and Italy. Dianthus balbisii grows best in full sun and thrives in dry woodlands, hillsides, and meadows.

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