14 Best Types of Flowers for Graduation Gifts

Nothing says it quite like flowers when it comes to letting someone know you’re proud of their accomplishments. Read on to learn why flowers are the perfect gift for any graduate and which types of flowers for graduation celebrations make the perfect floral gift.

1) Roses

Gifts of roses have carried deep meaning for thousands of years; ancient Romans used rose petals as confetti during celebrations.

2) Amaryllis

The amaryllis may be best known as a Christmas flower, but it’s also a great gift for graduates: The amaryllis symbolizes pride in the Victorian language of flowers.

3) Calla Lilies

For floriographists, calla lilies symbolize rebirth, transition, and growth. This symbolism lends itself perfectly to graduation.

4) Gardenias

Fragrant, creamy gardenias add a welcome touch to any floral graduation gift, symbolizing hope, renewal, and new beginnings. These meanings align perfectly with graduation.

5) Peonies

In the language of flowers, peonies symbolize wishes for a happy life, good luck, and prosperity.

6) Camellia

The lovely camellia is a great choice to express pride in a job well done. In the language of flowers, camellias symbolize admiration.

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