25 Best Gift Baskets in Chicago

(For Every Occasion)

In this local guide, you’ll find a collection of our favorite gift baskets in Chicago that are perfect for numerous gifting occasions throughout the year. 

1) Knack 

Best for Modern & Creative Gift Boxes Stylish and unique gift collections for every occasion and taste preference.

2) Gourmet Gift Baskets

Best for Classic Gift Baskets Stylish and premium gift baskets for friends, family, and colleagues.

3) Gift Tree

 Best for Corporate Gift Baskets  Upmarket and refined gift baskets for special occasions and professional gifting.

4) Citarella

Best for Fresh Gourmet Gift Baskets Luxurious gourmet gift baskets and food hampers.

5) From You Flowers

Best for Cheap Gift Baskets in Chicago ast and affordable gift basket delivery for every occasion.

6) Bloomscape 

Best for Houseplant Gift Sets Lush homegrown house plants, succulents, and edible herb plant gifting sets.

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