21 Best Plants for West-Facing Windows

Let’s dive into our pick of the 21 best houseplants to place near west-facing windows. These plants will all do well with those warm afternoon rays.

1. String of Pearls (Curio rowleyanus)

It is a succulent vine native to southwest Africa. Each of its tendrils features small, spherical, bead or pearl-like leaf segments, making each of the plant’s tendrils resemble a string of pearls – hence the plant’s common name.

2. Ti Plant (Cordyline fruticosa)

Ti plants are evergreen and loved for their brilliant foliage, which can grow in shades of green, chocolate, orange, red, pink, and variegated combinations.

3. Mint Plants (Mentha)

The Mentha genus contains nearly 25 species of mint plants. While these plants can thrive in partial shade, they grow fastest with full sunlight like a west-facing window can provide.

4. Jade Plant (Crassula ovata)

In addition to being lucky, jade plants are fun to grow. With the proper care, they can be impressively long-living and are largely resistant to pests and diseases.

5. Jasmine (Jasmine)

This genus of flowering shrubs, belonging to the olive family, produces pretty, snowy-white blossoms that emit a pleasantly sweet fragrance.

6. Air Plants (Tillandsia)

Air plants belong to the epiphytic Bromeliad plant family, and they get their name from their propensity to cling to different surfaces and grow just about anywhere.

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