17 Most Popular Types of Bromeliad Plants

The bromeliad family of plants (Bromeliaceae) contains thousands of species of plants.Here we’ll take you through 17 of the most popular types of Bromeliad Plants to grow at home plus essential care tips to ensure they thrive in your own unique living space.

1. Portea Bromeliad (Portea spp.)

Portea is a genus containing nine species of particularly striking bromeliads that are native to Brazil’s Atlantic coast.

2. Sapphire Tower Bromeliad (Puya alpestris)

Another striking beauty from the bromeliad plant family, the Puya alpestris or sapphire tower bromeliad features three to four-foot-tall blossoming stalks that last about one to two months.

3. Air Plants (Tillandsia spp.)

Tillandsia is a genus in the bromeliad plant family containing about 650 species of bromeliads commonly called air plants.

4. Hechtia Bromeliad (Hechtia spp.)

Hechtia is a genus of about 75 species of terrestrial bromeliads. These plants thrive in arid environments and tend to grow in rocky outcroppings or sandy soil alongside other cacti and succulents.

5. Aechmea Bromeliad (Aechmea spp.)

This genus contains about 250 flowering plant species in the bromeliad family. They grow natively throughout the Caribbean and from Mexico through South America.

6. Quesnelia Bromeliad (Quesnelia spp.)

This genus native to eastern Brazil contains 22 species of flowering plants. Most species of quesnelia bromeliads feature pineapple-shaped blossoms in vibrant shades of red, pink, yellow, or purple.

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