17 Best Types of Flowers to Gift to Your Girlfriend

Looking for that perfect gift for your girlfriend? Whether it’s a special anniversary, her birthday, a romantic date night, or you need to say, “I’m sorry… I messed up” (oops!) flowers make an ideal gift for that special someone in your life. Read on to learn which flowers are the best for your girlfriend.

1) Roses

Nothing says “romance” and “passion” quite like roses, and a gift of red roses sends a message that’s all about romantic love.

2) Peonies

When given to a girlfriend, peonies also convey love and romance. To the Victorians, peonies stood for happy relationships, happy marriages, and happy life.

3) Tulips

Red tulips have long been associated with love. A gift of red tulips was a strong declaration of love in Victorian times.

4) Carnations

Carnations have long been associated with love, and deep red carnations mean love and affection. White carnations add the nuance of pure love into the mix, while pink carnations say, “I’ll never forget you.”

5) Orchids

Orchids are an elegant way to show your girlfriend how much you care. These exotic flowers convey beauty and refinement and are a perfect gift for a stylish girlfriend.

6) Dahlias

The lovely dahlia flower comes in a rainbow of colors, sizes, and forms. They have a range of positive symbolic meanings, such as beauty, honesty, and commitment.

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