15 Best Types of Flowers To Gift to Friends

When your friend deserves congratulations, is feeling down, or you simply want to bring a smile to their face, flowers always do the trick. Our guide to the best types of flowers to gift to friends will help you create the perfect friendship bouquet.

1) Roses

A perennial favorite to gift in bouquets and arrangements, roses make an excellent addition to floral gifts for friends.For a friendly gift, yellow roses are a perfect choice, as they symbolize friendship, joy, and happiness.

2) Chrysanthemums

A gift of chrysanthemums sends a message of positivity. These cheerful flowers symbolize joy, happiness, trust, and hope for the future, all wonderful sentiments to give a friend.

3) Sunflowers

The happy sunflower brings joy and light to any room. As yellow is the universal color of friendship, these joyful blooms are a natural choice for friendship gifting.

4) Tulips

The spring-blooming tulip is associated with joy and renewal. Pink and yellow tulips, in particular, send a message of affection and good wishes.

5) Daffodils

Another spring bloomer, the happy daffodil, sends an upbeat message of joy, renewal, and fresh starts. To the Victorians, a gift of daffodils also means that you hold the recipient in high regard.

6) Iris

The stately iris blooms in various colors, making it easy to give your friend a rainbow of hues. The symbolism of the iris adds meaning to your gift; in the language of flowers, the iris symbolizes trust, hope, valor, and wisdom.

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