15 Amazing Uses and Benefits of Marigold Flowers

Marigolds are one of the most popular annuals worldwide. This article will cover everything you need to know about Marigold flower benefits, and uses, guaranteeing you’ll want to add one to your garden.

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15 Amazing Uses and Benefits of Marigolds: 

First and foremost, most types of Marigolds are incredibly easy to grow and are generally considered rapid bloomers from seed.

1) Marigolds Are Easy To Grow

Placed in the right spot and given some basic care, they will thrive from spring until fall (for more, see our guide to marigold growth expectations).

2) Marigolds Repel Certain Pests

The pest repellent qualities of Marigolds are one of the most often repeated benefits of these plants.

3) Marigolds Act As Trap Crops

Trap crops are plants that lure undesirable pests away from your veggies, ultimately becoming an edible garden sacrifice when they are pulled at the end of the marigold flowering season.

 Marigolds Attract Butterflies, Bees & Other Pollinators To Your Garden

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