14 Beautiful Types of Red Hibiscus Flowers

With large flowers and serrated leaves, hibiscus plants are easy to love. These plants produce a variety of colorful blooms, including red hibiscus flowers.

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All types of red hibiscus flowers are members of the Hibiscus genus. This genus is known for its large flowers that bloom for just a few days.

What Do Red Hibiscus Flowers Symbolize? Red hibiscus flowers symbolize many of the same things as red roses, red tulips, and other red flowers. Symbolism includes passion, love, and romance.

14 Popular Types of Red Hibiscus Flowers

1. Burgundy Aquarius Hibiscus If you want to add a hefty dose of red shades to your landscape, the ‘Burgandy Aquarius’ hibiscus could be a good choice. This plant has stunning burgundy leaves contrasting nicely against all the green often present in landscapes.

2. Coral Hibiscus Coral hibiscus flowers hang downward, and their petals curl upwards. This creates a unique, perfect appearance if you’re seeking something different. Remember that this is a tropical hibiscus if you plant it!

3. Cranberry Hibiscus Although cranberry hibiscus has red flowers, this variety is more well-known for its unique foliage. The exact color depends on the type, but many plants have deep maroon or purple leaves that mix green and red.

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