12 Reasons Your Monstera Leaves Are Turning Yellow 

(And How To Fix It)

Monstera plants are undeniably among the most popular houseplants around. But here are 12 things that may leave your Monstera’s leaves turning yellow and the quickest way to fix or prevent the problem.

Watering Considerations

When Monstera leaves are turning yellow, one of the most common culprits is overwatering. These plants do not do respond well to improper soil moisture or ‘wet feet’.

Light Conditions

Monstera plant leaves can burn if placed in direct sunlight for a long period. Lack of sunlight, can also result in yellow Monstera leaves. Avoid low-light rooms with only north-facing or no windows.

Temperature and Humidity

Low humidity causes the browning of leaf edges, followed by a whole yellowing leaf. You can increase the humidity by using a water-filled tray with stones beneath your plant’s pot or using a humidifier.

Pest and Diseases

Damaged plants exhibit yellowing of the leaves in yellow spots when sap-sucking insects like aphids, mealybugs, fungus gnats or even a spider mite feed on them.


Too much fertilizer causes high concentrations of soluble salts and minerals in the soil, altering the soil pH.  Yellowing leaves can also be a sign of under fertilization or nutrient deficiency in Monsteras.

The Soil Mix

The plant prefers well-draining soil that allows oxygen to reach the roots. Thus, planting it in a heavy, soggy soil mix often leads to a Monstera leaf or two yellowing.

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