11 Healing Flowers Used In Traditional Plant Medicine

What if we told you that some flowers do more than just aesthetically please the senses? Many flowers can actually physically heal your body in ailments ranging from cuts and bruises to the common cold.

11 Healing Flowers Used In Traditional Plant Medicine

1. Calendula

This yellow-orange flower is easy to grow and can be found in gardens and farms all over the country. While there are many species of calendula, the Calendula officinalis and Calendula resina cultivars are the best ones to use for medicinal use.

2. Echinacea

Coneflowers aren’t just excellent pollinators and beautiful pink pops of color in your summer garden—they’re also an effective treatment for cold medicine.

3. Rose

Another popular flower, roses are actually capable of quite more than being the star of the garden. Astringent (tissue-tightening) and anti-inflammatory, it’s no wonder rose is such a popular choice when it comes to various skin treatments, like facial toner.

4. Lavender

This mood-boosting flower has been revered for millennia, and not just because of its beautiful purple blooms. Lavender is also known to help ease anxiety, headaches, and various sleep disorders.

5. Elecampane

The sunflower-like yellow bloom of elecampane isn’t just an easy-going plant to add to your summer garden. It’s also a great healer—particularly because it contains a compound called inulin, which is known to soothe the mucus membranes of the body.

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