10 Common Reasons Your Orchid Plant is Dropping Leaves

In this article, I’ll share ten common reasons why your orchid plant is dropping its leaves and how to fix the issue. 

1) Natural or Seasonal Reasons

Some types of orchids may drop their leaves due to natural or seasonal factors. Deciduous orchids, like some types of Dendrobium orchids, naturally drop their leaves before winter.

2) Overwatering

Overwatering is one of the most common reasons why orchids drop their leaves. Most types of orchids should be watered every five to ten days during the summer.

3) Underwatering

Orchids may also lose their leaves if they aren’t getting enough water. Without sufficient hydration, orchids will struggle to produce healthy leaves and flowers.

4) Incorrect Temperatures

Different types of orchids prefer different temperatures. However, all orchids can suffer if exposed to the wrong temperatures.

5) Incorrect Humidity

Many orchids require moderate to high humidity levels, especially tropical orchids. Most orchids need humidity levels ranging from 40 to 70%.

6) Too Much Light

Orchid leaves may also drop off if exposed to too much bright, direct sunlight. Most orchids prefer bright, indirect light from east or southeast-facing windows.

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