10 Best Companion Plants for Camellias

Camellia plants bring flowers to the garden in a time that’s often free from flowers, the late winter and early spring. And while that makes them stars in their own right, that doesn’t mean camellias don’t like companions! 

Now let’s get into answering the main question. 

10 Beautiful Companion Plants for Camellias

1. Japanese Maple

Camellia plants grow best in a bit of shade, so you can tuck one of these flowering plants under the canopy of a more prominent Japanese maple.

2. Azalea

Planting azaleas, which bloom in the late spring or early summer, helps keep your garden brimming with bright flowers throughout much of the year.

3. Japanese Flowering Cherry

If you’d like to stick with the theme of East Asian plants and delicate flowers, you can’t go wrong with a Japanese flowering cherry. These small trees produce loads of white or pink blooms in the early to mid-spring.

4. Wild Ginger

While tropical ginger grows tall leaves, wild ginger is a groundcover with heart-shaped leaves. This plant thrives in shady conditions, which makes it a great candidate for planting beneath camellia plants.

5. Hellebore

For those looking to create a garden pocket that’s stunning in the late winter and early spring, pair camellia and hellebore.

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