9 Best Plants To Complement Blue Décor in The Home

There’s no better way to add a pop of color to your home than by carefully placing stunning, colorful plants in just the right places. If you want to liven up your living spaces with blue hues, then we’ve got the plants for you, whether you’re looking for simple, cottage-like flowers or unique trailing succulents. 

A collection of houseplants in a blue themed interior living space

1. Burro’s Tail

Burro’s Tail houseplants composed in a hanging planter are perfect to complement blue décor

The Burro’s Tail is a wonderfully unique trailing plant that makes a statement in your blue home. They look best in hanging baskets, which place their trailing stems and grey-blue woven succulent leaves on perfect display. 

They thrive in plenty of sunlight, and luckily, as they’re succulents, Burro’s Tails won’t need much water! 

2. Cebu Blue Pothos

Cebu Blue Pothos plants in a dark blue room

The Cebu Blue Pothos is an eye-catching vine best known for its blue-green leaves. In true Pothos nature, this trailing plant looks perfect in a hanging planter. But you could also place it on a windowsill or a kitchen shelf, letting the oval leaves hang down from their height. 

No matter where you place this stunning little plant, you’re sure to benefit from those tranquil blue hues. Remember though, it needs plenty of indirect sunlight and should be watered once the top couple of inches of soil is dry. 

3. Blue Pearl Sedum

Blue Pearl Sedum plants in nursery pots

If you have a smaller living space, you’d love the Blue Pearl Sedum. As the name suggests, this little plant has deep blue leaves that stand out in any space. Whether you have a clean, minimalist room, or a cluttered, homey kitchen, the Blur Pearl Sedum adds just the right splash of blue.

For the best blue effect, plant this little succulent in a decorative pot on your windowsill or sidetable. 

4. Blue Hydrangeas

Large Blue Hydrangeas in bloom

Bring your cottage garden indoors by growing Blue Hydrangeas! In my opinion, nothing is quite as classically blue as a small bush of blue hydrangeas. Make them the focal point of your home by placing them on a countertop or your center island in a kitchen.

No matter where you place them, though, you’re sure to have a brilliant burst of blue. 

But, as these plants need plenty of sunlight and warmth, make sure they’re getting several hours of indirect light.  

For more, take a look at our guide on the Meanings and Messages of Hydrangeas

5. Orchid ‘Vanda Pachara Delight’

Orchid ‘Vanda Pachara Delight’ plants

Orchids elevate the elegance of any space! And the best blue orchid is the Vanda Pachara Delight, which boasts stunning blue and purple hues in its petals. You could have just one, and your blue need would be perfectly met. 

Even better, if you already have blue elements across your home, the deeper hues of this orchid’s flowers will still stand out. 

As with normal orchid care, the Vanda Pachara Delight needs plenty of light, so you might want to consider placing yours on your windowsill. 

6. Rosemary ‘Logee’s Blue’

Rosemary ‘Logee’s Blue’ displaying tiny blue flowers

The best blue kitchen plants are herbs. The right herbs will add some flare to your cooking while adding some visual allure. Rosemary ‘Logee’s Blue’, with its blue-tinged leaves, will add that splash of blue you’re after. 

Whenever you’re cooking, all you’ll need to do is lean over, pluck some leaves, and voila, you’ve got fresh spices for your meal! It looks best in a long, shallow planter on your windowsill, but you can grow them in hanging planters if you want a different aesthetic vibe. 

7. Blue Ginger Plant

Blue Ginger Plant with deep shades of blue and purple flowers

Despite what the name suggests, the Blue Ginger plant is not related to ginger. Regardless though, you won’t regret growing this striking purple-blue plant in your home.

Surprisingly, the striking flowers add a wonderful tropical vibe to your space and will stand out against any backdrop. Paired with your go-to houseplants, or any of these blue plants listed in this article, the blue ginger will still create a captivating display. 

Pop it in a decorative pot and use it as a centerpiece adds an exotic touch, infusing the space with a unique charm.

8. Butterfly Pea

A bright blue Butterfly Pea flower in bloom

The Butterfly Pea vine looks sophisticated indoors and outdoors. When placed in your home, the striking blue truly blooms stand out. But the Butterfly Pea vine is more than just a pretty flower! 

You can use the flowers to make natural food coloring or tea with several health benefits. 

As a vining plant, you can add this pretty flowering plant in a hanging planter, or high up on a kitchen shelf. As it’s typically grown outdoors, the Butterfly Pea would thrive in a sunny spot in your home. You can add a unique flare by adding a small trellis into the planter so it can climb instead of trail. 

9. African Violets

Dark blue to purple African Violets in bloom

African Violets, with their varying shades of purples and blues, can add a classic look to any interior design. While small, their vibrant flowers add plenty of color to any space and would look perfect in living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, or entryways. 

Place them on countertops, windowsills, or in decorative pots to infuse your living space with a charming and graceful ambiance.

Wrapping Up the Best Plants for a Blue Kitchen

With these stunning plants, you can add just the right amount of blue to your home. From vining succulents to cottage-like blossoms, you can experiment with your décor with these best plants to complement blue interior spaces.

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