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Where to go for the Best Houseplants & Greenery in Chicago

Updated September 28th, 2020 by Petal Republic Chicago

Whether you’re new to plant life and looking for a Fiddle Leaf Fig, Swiss Cheese, ZZ Plant, or Snake Plant to get you on your way or a more experienced plant connoisseur, there’s a number of great options to get fresh plants delivered in Chicago today. Here you’ll find 15 of our favorite plant studios and plant nurseries curating excellent houseplant and indoor plant collections readily available for pick up or delivery across Chicagoland. What’s more, you’ll find some of the most knowledgeable and insightful plant masters around – each ready to share their vast experience to ensure you’re picking the best plant possible for your exact living environment. Enjoy!

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15 of the Best Plant Delivery Services in Chicago, IL.

1) BloomscapeModern & Stylish$$2-3
2) UrbanStemsModern & Stylish$$
3) Plants Delivered ChicagoModern & Stylish$$2-3
4) TerrainContemporary & Stylish$$$3-4
5) The SillModern & Stylish$$3-4
6) Léon & GeorgeContemporary & Stylish$$$$3-4
7) Sprout HomeContemporary & Bespoke$$$2-3
8) Fertile Ltd.Nursery fresh$$
9) Plant Shop ChicagoModern & Stylish$2-3
10) Asrai GardenArtistic & Contemporary$$$$2-3
11) Chalet NurseryContemporary & Stylish$2-3
12) CityEscapeNursery fresh$$
13) Gethsemane Garden CenterNursery fresh$
14) Farmers Market Garden CenterNursery fresh$
15) Steve’s Flower Market Classical & Timeless$$$

The Best Places to Get Plants Delivered in Chicago:

1) Bloomscape

Bloomscape Plants Delivered in Chicago

Bloomscape was founded by Dutch horticultural maestro Justin Mast. His passion and knowledge for the world of plants might be unmatched here in the US. 

In short, Bloomscape is highly regarded for its extensive collection of affordable houseplants, cacti, and flowering plants. They’ve also created their own unique packaging technology to ensure plants arrive in tip-top shape every time. What’s more, every plant arrives ‘living room ready’ complete with the appropriate soli mix and planter. 

You can easily sort their great online shop to find the perfect plant for your exact living environment. You can factor in whether you have pets, how much space you have, maintenance requirements and the general light conditions where the plant is intended to live. 

In addition, you’ll find all the classics here including yucca plants, jade plants, jasmine plants, and a range of indoor ferns. Prices typically start around $30 for smaller plants, $60 for medium, and $100+ for larger varieties. There’s also a cool collection of plant gift baskets as well which make a nice treat for birthdays, thank you messages, housewarmings, and more.

2) UrbanStems

About UrbanStems Plant Delivery Chicago:

UrbanStems are a modern and stylish online-only flower and plant delivery specialist. Here you’ll find a great selection of houseplants, seasonal bouquets, and weekly or monthly flower subscription services.  

Above all, they focus on delivering fresh flowers and tropical greenery directly from their network of farms and nurseries. This ensures you’re typically getting items days fresher than you might find elsewhere. 

Their excellent plant range is handily organized by the plant’s particular attributes. For instance, you can pick those that are great at purifying the air and those that thrive in varying light conditions. In addition, there’s a great selection of plants that require minimal maintenance and those that friendly to your resident pets. 

What’s more their range includes cacti, succulent plants, orchids, blooming plants in addition to an extensive line of green plants

Each plant also comes complete with a stylish planter and appropriate soil mix so all you need to do is unpack and position and you’re good to go. 

Prices typically range from $50 to $90 and houseplants are delivered across Chicago next-day.

3) Plants Delivered Chicago

About Plants Delivered Chicago:

Plants Delivered Chicago is a local online plant shop on a mission to bring greenery to homes and offices all across Chicagoland. 

What’s great is they strive to be more than just a plant shop and get involved in many local initiatives such as donating part of their proceeds to the Greater Chicago Food Depository. 

What’s more, every plant is delivered (for free) by hand in special climate-controlled conditions so you’re guaranteed to have a pristine specimen. Nice! 

You’ll also find a great collection of plants readily available throughout the year including fiddle leaf fig trees (from $100), Jade Pothos (from $25), Rattlesnake Calathea (from $45), ZZ plants (from $75), and Dracaena Marginata (from $150) to name but a few.

Chicago plant delivery is available city-wide including North Side, South Side, West Side, and Far East Side residences. In addition, they serve Chicago suburbs and Northwest Indiana (for a $25 flat fee). 

4) Terrain

Get Plants Delivered in Chicago with Terrain:

Terrain is part of the Anthropologie family of companies. Their business is rooted in nature and the environment and offers a range of natural décor, living gifts, and planted arrangements.

In short, Terrain source the majority of their plants from their own network of nurseries in the US. Here you’ll find an excellent variety of houseplants, succulents, air plants, miniature evergreen trees, and more. 

Prices start from around $50 for small potted indoor plants such as ferns, ficus and palms, $70+ for larger and more mature plant varieties including ZZ plants and snake plants; and $90-$100+ for potted trees such as Lime, Olive, and Lemon Cypress. 

Plant delivery is available across Chicago and expect orders to typically arrive in 4 – 5 days.

5) The Sill 

About The Sill Plant Delivery in Chicago:

The Sill a great option for those new to plant life in addition to more experienced plant parents. 

As well as curating an exceptional collection of stylish houseplants and greenery The Sill is renowned for the level of support and post-sales care they provide to each and every customer. 

For starters, each order comes with expert care instructions and direct access to The Sill team of houseplant experts. What’s great is they guarantee to be there at every step of your plant’s journey through life and help out with any questions or support you need along the way.

The Sill offers a broad collection of plants and accessories and handily categorizes plants that are best for beginners, pet-friendly, low light tolerant, live plants, faux plants, and larger plant varieties

In short, you’ll find a sumptuous range of orchids and succulents as well as the classic snake plants, ferns, philodendrons, yuccas, palms, ZZ, and many more

In addition, there’s a cool monthly subscription club that will furnish you with a fresh collection of plants and terrariums each week. 

Small plants start at around $30; expect to pay $65+ for orchids and $80+ for larger plant varieties.

The Sill provides standard and expedited plant delivery to Chicago. Plants typically dispatch within 2-3 days.

6) Léon & George

About Léon & George Plant Delivery Chicago:

Léon & George are a stylish, upmarket indoor houseplant retailer with outposts here in Chicago in addition to Los Angeles, New York City, and Paris

In short, they’re well known for their premium plant collection and focus on making plant buying a complete experience. For starters, each plant arrives ready to go in stylish potting vessels and the correct soil mix in tow. 

They also focus on plants that are perfectly suited to city life. For instance, you’ll find a great selection of plants that thrive in low or minimal light conditions. In addition, many are also pet-friendly, require minimal maintenance, and also serve as great air-purifying plants. 

The variety of plants available to order is also impressive. Here you’ll find Zanzibar Gems, Snake Plants, Philodendron Brasil, Silver Evergreen, Jade plants, Ferns, Palms, and various Braided Money Trees to name but a few. Prices start at around $75 for plant + pot + stand combos. Expect to pay $150+ for larger varieties.

What’s more, the business is centered around sustainable business practices and plants a new tree in the US each time they sell a plant. Nice! 

7) Sprout Home

About Sprout Home:

Sprout Home is a modern and stylish floristry and horticultural studio with outposts here in Chicago and also in Brooklyn

In short, here’s where you go for an expertly considered range of contemporary houseplants, terrariums, and accessories. 

Above all, you’ll find a great collection of plant varieties suitable for city life. In particular, those that thrive in low-light conditions, those that are pet-friendly as well as those that require minimal care and attention. Prices typically start from around $50.

Sprout Home also crafts custom and bespoke terrariums. These come in a range of styles and sizes with each based on your specific light requirements. 

The studio also offers a full landscape design service and they specialize in rooftop and smaller urban gardens. In addition, the shop carries a huge assortment of plant accessories, stylish planters, and tools to help you on your journey. 

8) Fertile Ltd. 

About Fertile Ltd. Plant Nursery Chicago:

Fertile is an excellent garden center located at 1646 W. Diversey Pkwy. in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood. Here you’ll find a sumptuous world of cut flowers, annuals, perennials, shrubs, indoor plants, outdoor plants, trees and garden elements.

What’s great is how knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly the team are and they’re always on hand to guide you through their collection and help you find the best plants for your exact living environment. 

There’s also a huge range of planters, soil mixes, tools and accessories to help you on your way. 

Curbside delivery and pick-up are available.

9) Plant Shop Chicago 

About Plant Shop Chicago:

You’ll find Plant Shop Chicago in the Northside of Chicago in the Albany Park / Mayfair neighborhood. 

This cool nursery is well regarded for their excellent selection of rare and hard-to-find houseplants, succulents, cacti and interesting tropicals. The excellent team are also on hand to share their experience and tips on the best varieties for your exact living environment. 

You’ll find some great starter plants such as small Aloes (from $24), Palms (from $20), and Philodendrons (from $45) in addition to rarer varieties including Selenicereus anthonyanus (from $50) and Tillandsia xerographica (from $28).

Online plant delivery is also available serving all of Chicagoland. 

10) Asrai Garden

About Asrai Garden Chicago:

Asrai Garden is a stylish and upmarket floristry and plant studio with 2 locations now in Chicago. Their stunning retail shops are quite the feast for the senses and make a great stop if you find yourself in Wicker Park.

In addition to being one of the best florists in Chicago, the highly skilled design team also curates an excellent selection of premium indoor and houseplants. Expect these to come complete with sumptuous planters and make exceptional centerpieces in the home. The plant collection rotates throughout the year but expect a staple selection of ferns, palms, yuccas, Philodendrons, and more. 

Prices typically start from around $70 and delivery is available throughout Chicagoland.  

11) Chalet 

About Chalet Plant Nursery Chicago:

Chalet is a landmark Chicago plant nursery that’s been serving the North Shore for over 100 years.

What’s great is that Chalet also operates its own farm in Southeast Wisconsin. Here they grow a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants and are well regarded for the quality of their homegrown specimens. 

Their excellent houseplant collection features options for every budget possible. For instance, small plant specimens such as Nepthytis, English Ivy Glacier, and Maiden Head Ferns are all available under $10. Larger plants including Fiddle Leaf Fig, Satin Pothos, Swiss Cheese, and Parlor Palms range from $20 to $40. 

Plant delivery is available across Chicagoland. 

12) CityEscape

About CityEscape Garden Center in Chicago:

CityEscape is a European-style garden center located on Lake Street in Chicago. What started out as a small, seasonal operation back in 2003 is now a year-round plant nursery sourcing exceptional greenery from all around the world. 

The nursery today carries a dizzying collection of indoor plants of all shapes and sizes. Above all, it’s well worth exploring all the different varieties and chatting with the knowledgeable staff to find the best plants for your exact living environment. 

CityEscape also offers an excellent selection of planters, pots, soil-mix tools and accessories.

Curbside delivery and pick-up are available.

13) Gethsemane Garden Center

About Gethsemane Garden Center Chicago:

Gethsemane is a family-run garden center located at the border of Edgewater and Andersonville. Above all, their excellent plant collection is largely sourced from the best local Chicago plant local nurseries which we love. 

In particular, you’ll find one of the finest selections of tropical foliage and blooming plants anywhere in Chicago. 

In addition, there’s a great array of affordable bonsai trees as well as all the bonsai tools and bonsai supplies you’ll ever need. 

Their greenhouse is also home to a large family of cacti and succulents which feature a whole range of sizes from tiny newbies about to large mature specimens. 

Finally, you’ll also find a great orchid plant collection with typically 10+ varieties available at any given time. 

Prices start from under $10 for small specimen plants with larger plants from $30+.  In short, a great Chicago plant nursery particularly if you’re just starting out in the plant world.

Curbside delivery and pick-up are available.

14) Farmers Market Garden Center

About Farmers Market Garden Center Chicago:

Farmers Market Garden Center is a family-owned, urban garden center located in Irving Park, Chicago, IL. 

In short, here you’ll find an extensive selection of native plants and organic garden products as well as a unique assortment of flowers, seed, vegetables, trees, and shrubs.

The indoor plant range varies throughout the year but you’ll always find an extensive array of both popular and rare varieties. They also handily sort their collections by those suited to low-light, and those that are pet-friendly. 

Above all expect numerous options in terms of shape and size and their in-house team is readily on-hand to help guide you to the most suitable varieties. Prices typically start from around $15 for small, new plants such as ferns, palms, Philodendrons, and yucca plants. A great option for house plants in Chicago, particularly if you’re new to maintaining plants in the home.

Curbside delivery and pick-up are available.

15) Steve’s Flower Market 

About Steve’s Flower Market Chicago:

Steve’s Flower Market is a long-standing, family-owned and operated Chicago floristry studio. 

In short, here you’ll find a great selection of flowering plants, European dish gardens, terrariums, green plants, and orchids

What’s more, there’s always a number of options for every budget consideration with good-sized ferns from $35 to grand elaborate flowering orchid plants from $200. 

In addition, same-day house plant delivery is available across Chicago.

Chicago Plant Delivery FAQ:

There are a number of excellent NYC based garden centers and plant stores in addition to several stand out online plant delivery specialists that serve the city extensively. Some of our favorites include Plant Delivered Chicago, Sprout Home, Asrai Garden, Fertile Ltd., Bloomscape, The Sill, Terrain, UrbanStems, and Leon and George. 

Many local Chicago plant stores and Garden Centers in addition to several online plant delivery specialists provide a range of standard and expedited plant delivery services to homes throughout Chicagoland. Most use a range of innovative packaging technology to ensure plants (of all shapes and sizes) arrive healthy and undamaged.

Plant delivery is often included for free on orders over a certain value (typically $50+). There may be additional delivery fees ranging for $5 to $30 for expedited or weekend delivery slots or if the plant is of a particularly large size. 

The Sill and Terrain are both highly regarded for their fake plant collection. Other notable stores include West Elm, Crate & Barrel, Joss & Main, and CB2. 

Whilst every house plant will have its own particular preferences in terms of light, temperature, water, and feeding, many plants will thrive with the correct care and attention in Chicago. Houseplants are native to tropical and humid climates so where possible look to boost the moisture level in the air if possible to negate the effects of dry, low-humidity winters in-particular (note – this doesn’t mean excess watering). Also, focus on picking the best species – Snake Plants, Monstera, Succulent Jades, and Cacti are well regarded to tolerate these conditions.


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