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Where to go for the Best Houseplants & Greenery in San Francisco

You probably already know this but keeping plants is fundamentally good for the soul. Not only that, but they also help to purify the air around you and make your immediate environment that much more pleasant to look at. What’s great is that houseplants can also be a stress-free addition to your life. From self-watering irrigation systems to those that just keep on trucking whatever you throw at them, life as a plant parent needn’t be a chore. Here you’ll find 15 of our favorite plant shops and plant delivery services in San Francisco today. Expect all the classics including Fiddle Leaf Figs, Snake Plants, Rubber Tree Plants, ZZ Plants, Chinese Evergreens, Succulents, and Cacti, in addition to an eclectic array of rarer and interesting plant species.

16 Best Options for Plant Delivery in San Francisco, CA:

1) PLANTS and FRIENDS Best for Rare Plants$$2-3
2) BloomscapeBest for Home-Ready Plants $$1-3
3) The SillBest for Contemporary Plant Styling $$2-4
4) Léon & GeorgeBest for Luxury Houseplants $$$2-3
5) UrbanStemsBest for On-Trend Home-Ready Plants $$ 1-2 days
6) UtsuwaBest for Ikebana Inspired Plants$$1-2
7) Leaf and ClayBest for Succulents$2-3
8) The BouqsBest for Houseplant Gifts$$ 1-2 days
9) FromYouFlowersBest for Cheap Houseplants$ 1-2 days
10) Lively RootBest for Nursery Fresh Plants$$ 5-7
11) Flora Grubb GardensBest Garden Center Experience$$
12) SucculenceBest for Air Plants & Terrariums$$2-3
13) RootsBest Eclectic Plant Collection$$2-3
14) SF PlantsBest for Big Houseplants$$2-3
15) Plant TherapyBest for Experienced Plant Enthusiasts$$1-2
16) Urban BotanicaBest for Potted Plant Gardens$$

The Best Plant Shops & Plant Delivery Services in San Francisco:


About Plants and Friends: 

Founded in 2017, Plants and Friends is a boutique, artisan shop with a great collection of plants, succulents, cacti, ceramics, and housewares. They have 2 store locations in San Francisco (Hayes Valley and Pacific Heights). 

Plant Range: 

Plants and Friends are well regarded for their curated plant collection. They primarily source from the best local nurseries in the Bay Area and hand-pick a lush collection of interesting plants perfect for all types of indoor conditions and experience levels. 

What’s more, you can easily filter through plants perfectly suited to your precise light conditions (be it morning light, minimal light, afternoon light, bright light throughout the day) in addition to pet-friendly plant varieties. 

There’s also a great range of options for every budget consideration. For instance, small, baby plants (4”) start from around $12 and there are lots of popular varieties on display including Snake Plants, Jade Plants, Philodendrons, Ferns, Dracaenas, and many more. 

Larger plants (from 6” to 12”) range from $32 to $200+ including some epic Kentia Palms, Licuala Grandis, and Burgundy Rubber Trees. 

The shop also carries an assortment of planters, plant tools, and other resources to help you on your way. 

Plant Delivery in San Francisco: 

Plant delivery is available across San Francisco. Price and delivery options are dependent on the size of the order but you should receive your chosen plant in 2-3 days. 

2) Bloomscape

Bloomscape houseplant delivery in San Francisco, California
Credit: Bloomscape

About Bloomscape San Francisco: 

Bloomscape is the creation of Dutch horticultural maestro Justin Mast. In short, they are well known for their extensive collection of affordable houseplants, cacti, and other flowering plants. What’s more, they’ve also created their own custom packaging to ensure every plant arrives in pristine condition. 

In addition, we love the fact plants are delivered ‘living room ready’ complete with the appropriate soil mix and planter. Simply unpack and you’re good to go.

Plant Range: 

Bloomscape has one of the easiest online stores to navigate. You can factor in whether you have pets, how much space you have, maintenance requirements, and the general light conditions where the plant is intended to live. You’ll then get a handily curated list of plants perfect for your exact living space. 

In addition, you’ll find all the classics here including yucca plants, jade plants, jasmine plants, and a range of indoor ferns. There’s also a cool range of gifting collections that feature a trio of young plants – perfect as a treat for friends, family, and loved ones.

Prices typically start around $30 for smaller plants, $60 for medium, and $100+ for larger varieties.

Plant Delivery in San Francisco: 

Bloomscape delivers fresh plants throughout San Francisco and across the Bay Area. Orders typically arrive within 3 to 5 days.

3) The Sill

About The Sill San Francisco: 

The Sill is one of our go-to plant spots for those new to plant life. 

As well as curating an exceptional collection of stylish houseplants and greenery The Sill is renowned for its excellent customer support and post-sales mentoring in all things plants.

For starters, each order comes with direct access to The Sill team of houseplant experts. What’s great is they guarantee to be there at every step of your plant’s journey through life and help out with any questions or support you need along the way.

Plant Range: 

The Sill offers a broad collection of plants and accessories and handily categorizes plants that are best for beginners, pet-friendly, low-light tolerant, live plants, faux plants, and larger plant varieties. 

In short, you’ll find a sumptuous range of orchids and succulents as well as the classic snake plants, ferns, philodendrons, yuccas, palms, ZZ, and many more. 

In addition, there’s a cool monthly subscription club that will furnish you with a fresh collection of plants and terrariums each week or month. 

Small plants start at around $30; expect to pay $65+ for orchids and $80+ for larger plant varieties.

Plant Delivery in San Francisco: 

The Sill provides standard and expedited plant delivery to San Francisco. Plants are typically dispatched within 2-3 days.

4) Léon & George

About Léon & George San Francisco

Léon & George is a stylish, upmarket indoor houseplant retailer. In short, they’re well known for their premium plant collection and strive to make plant buying a complete experience. For starters, each plant arrives ready to go in stylish potting vessels and the correct soil mix in tow. 

In addition, they focus their plant collection around those varieties that are perfectly suited to city life. For instance, you’ll find a great selection of plants that thrive in low or minimal light conditions. What’s more, many are also pet-friendly, require minimal maintenance, and also serve as great air-purifying plants. 

The business is also centered around sustainable business practices as well as actively supporting reforestation organizations across the US. 

Plant Range: 

The variety of plants available to order is also impressive. Here you’ll find Zanzibar Gems, Snake Plants, Philodendron Brasil, Silver Evergreen, Jade plants, Ferns, Palms, and various Braided Money Trees to name but a few. Prices start at around $75 for plant + pot + stand combos. Expect to pay $150+ for larger varieties.

Plant Delivery in San Francisco: 

Léon & George deliver every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday – morning, afternoon, or evening. 

5) UrbanStems

UrbanStems Plant Delivery in San Francisco, CA
Credit: UrbanStems

About UrbanStems San Francisco:

UrbanStems are well regarded for their stylishly composed floral arrangements and today you’ll also find an ever-expanding collection of chic houseplants that make excellent gifts for friends and family in addition to great ornamentals for the home or office. 

Plant Range:

The UrbanStems plant collection features a broad array of classic house plants including ZZ Plants, Braided Money Trees, Golden Pothos, Aloe Plants, Maidenhair Ferns, Flowering Orchids & Calla Lilies, Cacti, Succulents, and many more throughout the year. 

Each arrives potted in a cool planter and prices are largely very affordable ranging from around $30 to $80. Perfect for home as well as gifts for friends, family, and loved ones for the likes of Mother’s Day, birthday celebrations, housewarmings, and more.

Plant Delivery in San Francisco: 

Next-day plant delivery is available throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area. 

6) Utsuwa

About Utsuwa San Francsico

‘Utsuwa’ is the Japanese word for pot or container. Here you’ll find a charming full-service bonsai, flower, and plant shop in the Polk Gulch neighborhood of San Francisco. 

In short, the shop specializes in bonsai, air plants, terrariums, and succulents in addition to carrying a stellar range of creative planters and potting vessels. 

Founder Hiro Hayema grew up in Tokyo and learned the art of Ikebana and bonsai from his grandmother and uncle who was an award-winning bonsai master. 

Plant Range: 

Utsuwa carries a great selection of 6” to 24” houseplants. There’s also a well-considered collection including dracaena compacta, Calathea ornata, Peperomia frost, Metalica palm to name but a few. Prices typically start from around $30 with larger varieties from $100+. 

There’s also some very cool bonsai trees on show including expertly curated Junipers, Ginseng Ficus, Boxwoods, and more. Prices start from around $40 with larger, rarer specimens from $100+. 

Plant Delivery in San Francisco: 

Plant and bonsai delivery is available throughout San Francisco and also to the Bay Area.

7) Leaf and Clay

About Leaf and Clay San Francisco: 

Leaf and Clay is the place to go for premium succulents and cacti in San Francisco. 

Plant Range: 

In short, here you’ll find one of the most extensive lines of succulents you’ll find anywhere in the city. This mesmerizing mix of colors and structures makes great little additions to virtually any living environment. 

What’s more, prices start from just $5 for one of these little fellas and you can sort through a range of color and size preferences. If you’re super keen, you could also spring for a 6-pack or 12-pack (from $30) featuring a creative array of fresh succulents. There’s also a monthly subscription club. 

The cacti collection features another eclectic mix of the weird and wonderful. Have a good browse through their online store to see which varieties jump out to you. Prices again start from around $5 and go up based on size and variety. 

Plant Delivery in San Francisco: 

All succulents and cacti ship via the United States Postal Service. Please note, plants are shipped bare-root and without their original nursery pot. This is done both to protect the plant and to reduce shipping expenses so you’ll need to have a planter at the ready when you take delivery. 

8) The Bouqs

The Bouqs Plant Delivery in San Francisco, CA
Credit: The Bouqs

About The Bouqs:

The Bouqs work directly with a number of eco-conscious flower farms and plant nurseries to ship all their fresh creations directly from the growers. This helps to skip over all the middlemen, ensuring prices are kept low and you’re also getting seasonal flowers and greenery days fresher than you might find elsewhere. 

Plant Range:

Here you’ll find a refined collection of tropical, green, and flowering plants throughout the year. Expect popular mainstays such as Snake Plants, Anthuriums, Hoya Heart Cactus, and numerous Flowering Orchids. 

Prices typically range from $40 to $70 and each arrives potted, with the appropriate soil mix and in a stylish pot or planter. 

Plant Delivery in San Francisco: 

Standard and expedited plant delivery options are also available throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area. 

9) FromYouFlowers

FromYouFlowers Same Day House Plant Delivery in San Francisco, CA
Credit: FromYouFlowers

About FromYouFlowers:

FromYouFlowers have mastered the art of cheap online flower delivery and are also home to a huge inventory of affordable plant life for delivery throughout San Francisco. They’re a great option for a host of budget considerations and offer speedy same-day plant delivery throughout the week.

Plant Range:

Here you’ll find a huge collection of flowering orchids, peace lily plants, blooming dish gardens, and terrariums in addition to a host of tropical, green house plants. A great option for gifting as well as for the home or office. 

Plant Delivery in San Francisco: 

Prices start from under $20 and same-day plant delivery is available throughout San Francisco and the surrounding areas.  

10) Lively Root 

Lively Root Plant Delivery in San Francisco, CA
Credit: Lively Root

About Lively Root: 

Lively Root is an excellent eco-friendly plant nursery delivering a vast collection of house plants throughout the US. Here you’ll find a dizzying array of plants being grown year-round featuring everything from lush foliage plants to vibrant blooms and towering palm trees and figs. 

Plant Range:

Lively Root always has a wide choice of options suitable to a range of light conditions in addition to many suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. Many are also available in a range of size options and you can include a choice of stylish pots if you’re looking for something ready-to-go on delivery. 

In short, a great choice for homegrown, nursery-fresh plants featuring all the classic house plant favorites and a number of unique and hard-to-find specimens. 

Prices start from around $30 to $50 for younger, smaller plant life going up to around $100 or more for larger, more mature options. 

Plant Delivery in San Francisco: 

Orders are typically delivered within 5 to 7 days across San Francisco and the Bay Area. 

11) Flora Grubb Gardens

About Flora Grubb Gardens: 

Flora Grubb Gardens is one of San Francisco’s most loved nursery and garden stores. Here you’ll find a world of indoor and outdoor plants, garden furniture, and more.  

Plant Range: 

Flora Grubb Gardens is home to one of the most extensive collections of plants in the city. From Fiddle Leaf Figs to numerous Palms, Ferns, Rubber Plants, Snake Plants, Protea Plants, and many more varieties. 

What’s great is you’ll find a large variety of size options and accompanying planters so it’s well worth a stroll around if you have the chance to see what takes your fancy. The staff are also super helpful and will be able to share their top tips and practical advice on what’s best suited to your exact living environment. 

Prices vary quite a bit depending on size, maturity, and plant variety. Expect to pay anywhere from $10 for baby plants to $100 for larger specimens. 

Plant Delivery in San Francisco: 

Same-day plant delivery is available across San Francisco courtesy of Lugg. 

12) Succulence

About Succulence San Francisco: 

Succulence is a true botanical gem. Here you’ll find a sumptuous assortment of succulent plants, air plants, planters, terrariums, planting supplies, in addition to many unique and interesting artisan gifts, arts, and crafts. 

There are also 2 store locations in San Francisco (Bernal Heights and Ghirardelli Square) 

Plant Range: 

The houseplant collection features a number of different varieties including Zebra Plants, Ferns, Rattlesnake Plants, Dracaena, Ficus, Philodendron, Peperomia, and many more unique and unusual varieties. Prices typically range from $10 to $70 based on size.

In addition, succulents come in all shapes, sizes, and colors imaginable. Prices typically range from $4 to $8 for individual plants and there are some very cool colorful sets of 5 or 10 succulent plants that are guaranteed to liven up any window ledge. 

Plant Delivery in San Francisco: 

Houseplants and succulents are shipped via SF Bay area courier service or USPS. Plants typically arrive in 2 to 3 days. 

13) Roots

About Roots San Francisco: 

Roots is an excellent plant shop located in San Francisco’s Mission District. In short, they specialize in rare, unique, and interesting houseplants that you’re unlikely to find elsewhere. 

Plant Range: 

Roots carry a great collection of flowering plants, green plants, fruit-bearing trees, exotic orchids as well as a number of succulents. 

You can filter through the various plant varieties by size and light preference on their excellent online shop. Smaller 4” houseplants typically range from $10 to $30 with the bigger boys (10”+) from $70. 

We particularly admire their range of tropical foliage including Aroids, Begonias, Ferns, Hoyas, and Peperomias. These beauties make exceptional house guests. 

Plant Delivery in San Francisco: 

Plant delivery is available across San Francisco and also to the Bay Area. Orders typically arrive in 2 to 3 days. 

14) SF Plants

About SF Plants: 

SF Plants is a creative plant shop and studio. They source locally grown plants and seasonal flowers for every occasion imaginable. In addition, the studio curates green environments for office spaces and private residences across San Francisco. 

Plant Range: 

You’ll find a huge collection of plant sizes (ranging from 2” to 10”+) and varieties both in-store (1475 Polk St.) and on their online shop. They are well regarded for carrying rare, unique, and interesting plant varieties in addition to the classic ferns, palms, swiss-cheese plants, ficus, and more. 

Expect to pay from $30 for a mid-sized (6”) plant and the shop is home to some of the finest and ceramic planters in the city. 

Plant Delivery in San Francisco: 

Plants are delivered throughout San Francisco on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday every week. 

15) Plant Therapy

About Plant Therapy San Francisco: 

You’ll find Plant Therapy located in the heart of the Tenderloin. The shop is well regarded for its wide variety of rare and exotic plants in addition to creative floral arrangements. 

Plant Range: 

Plant Therapy is a great option for those looking for something a little bit interesting and unique. Check out the Croton Gold Dust ($28), Asparagus Sprengerii ($28), and Alocasia Polly Mask ($12 to $25) to name but a few of the spectacular plant varieties on offer. 

If you have space, some of the larger specimens (such as a 12” Alocasia Calidora at $150) make epic living room centerpieces as well. 

Plant Therapy also carries a great range of ceramic pots, plant accessories, gift items, and more. They’re also some of the smartest plant aficionados around and produce super handy care cards with easy follow guidelines. Nice.

Plant Delivery in San Francisco: 

Plant delivery is available Monday to Saturday every week between 12 pm and 5 pm. 

16) Urban Botanica

About Urban Botanica: 

Urban Botanica is a leading San Francisco flower and plant boutique located in the heart of the Financial District. 

Plant Range: 

The shop is well regarded for its collection of small potted gardens. In short, these beauties are made to order with fresh succulents, cacti, tilandsia, and other hardy indoor plants. What’s more, these are perfect for desks and areas of your home or office with minimal light. Small potted gardens start at just $18 and there are sumptuous deluxe versions at $198 as well. 

In addition, Urban Botanica carries a great selection of orchid plants throughout the year. Smaller potted orchids start from $38 with their bigger brothers from $88. 

Plant Delivery in San Francisco: 

Same-day, next-day, or specified day plant delivery is available in San Francisco and also across the Bay Area. 

San Francisco Plant Delivery FAQ:

Many local San Francisco plant stores and garden centers in addition to several online plant delivery specialists provide a range of standard and expedited plant delivery services to homes throughout San Francisco. Most use a range of innovative packaging technology to ensure plants (of all shapes and sizes) arrive healthy and undamaged.

Whilst every plant will have its own particular preferences in terms of light, temperature, water, and feeding, many plants will thrive with the correct care and attention in San Francisco. Houseplants, in particular, are native to tropical and humid climates so where possible look to boost the moisture level in the air to negate the effects of any dry seasons or consistently air-conditioned environments.

The hardiness zone in San Francisco is 10a.

Plant delivery in San Francisco is often included for free on orders over a certain value (typically $50+). There may be additional delivery fees ranging from $5 to $20 for expedited or weekend delivery slots or if the plant is of a particularly large size.


I’ve long been fascinated with the world of flowers, plants, and floral design. I come from a family of horticulturists and growers and spent much of my childhood in amongst the fields of flowering blooms and greenhouses filled with tropical plants, cacti, and succulents from all over the world. Today, my passion has led me to further explore the world of horticulture, botany, and floristry and I'm always excited to meet and collaborate with fellow enthusiasts and professionals from across the globe. I hold a BSc degree in Plant Sciences and have trained professionally at leading floristry schools in London and Paris.

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