Care Tips for Monstera Plants Grow Nearing Air Conditioning Units

As tropical plants, Monsteras require a warm, humid indoor environment. Unfortunately, drafts from air vents can affect these conditions. In this article, we’ll discover whether you can grow Monstera plants near air conditioning units or vents and the essential care considerations to be aware of.

Can Monstera Plants Grow Near Air Conditioning Units or Vents

Can Monstera Plants Grow Near Air Conditioning Units or Vents?

Monstera plants will struggle if positioned near air conditioning units, air vents, or open windows. These areas produce cold drafts that can lower the temperature and humidity around your Monstera. Cold drafts can even cause sudden temperature shock, which could kill your plant.

Protect your Monstera plants from cold drafts at all times. These plants require tropical conditions with warm temperatures and high humidity levels. Cold drafts will compromise the warm, humid environment that your Monstera needs.

Take extra precautions to protect Monsteras from cold drafts during the winter. Although many Monstera species can handle temperatures as low as 55ºF for short periods, they cannot tolerate temperatures below 50ºF (10ºC). For more, see our guide to Monstera plant care in winter.

If the humidity around your Monstera is affected by cold drafts from AC units or vents, your plant will use more water. Monsteras need watering whenever the top 2 inches of soil feel dry. If the surrounding humidity is too low, you’ll have to water more frequently.

If your Monstera is suffering from cold temperatures or low humidity, it’ll display some warning signs. These can include drooping leaves, limited fenestration, or yellowing foliage with brown edges. Low humidity levels can also create brown spots on the leaves of your Monstera plant.

During the winter, move your Monstera into a warm room and keep it several feet away from any air vents. However, don’t expose your Monstera to dry, hot drafts caused by heaters or radiators. These can also lower the humidity around your plant.

What Conditions Do Monstera Plants Need?

A healthy, green, and vibrant Monstera plant growing indoors

Monstera plants are evergreen vines that are native to Central and South America. Monsteras inhabit ecosystems with tropical climates, such as jungles and rainforests. These ecosystems experience average temperatures between 70 and 85ºF (21 to 30ºC) and humidity levels between 75 and 90%.

However, some types of Monstera plants can survive in colder regions, such as cloud forests. These habitats have lower humidity levels, between 40 and 50%. Monstera species from these areas can tolerate temperatures down to 55ºF (13º).

While it’s difficult to replicate these environments indoors fully, you should provide warm, humid conditions for your Monstera. Maintain ambient temperatures between 68 and 86ºF (20 to 30ºC) and humidity levels between 60 and 80%.

Average household humidity won’t be high enough for most Monstera species. You can increase ambient humidity by misting regularly and using humidifiers or pebble trays. You could also position your Monstera plant in a humid, steamy bathroom to provide tropical conditions.

Wrapping Up

Monstera plants should not be near air conditioning units, vents, or windows. These areas produce cold drafts that lower the temperature and humidity around your Monstera plant.

For more, see our in-depth guide to the uses and benefits of Monstera plants.

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