Proper Watering Techniques for Your Ficus Audrey

This guide will take you through my essential tips for when and how to water Ficus Audrey plants at home. This popular plant (aka Ficus benghalensis) makes an excellent addition to your indoor collection and is also the national tree of India! Let’s go.

When and How to Water Ficus Audrey Plants at Home

When Should I Water My Ficus Audrey? Key Takeaways

Ficus Audrey plants need routine watering to ensure the soil never fully dries out. Yet, it should dry out to the top two inches between watering cycles to prevent root rot. This requires frequent checking to ensure you don’t mix the optimal time to water the plant. Typically, I water every 7 to 10 days in spring and summer and every 10 to 14 days in late fall and winter. 

How Do You Know When to Water?

In most average home environments, a Ficus Audrey plant typically needs watering every 7 to 10 days, in my experience. Here are my go-to techniques for checking:

The finger test will tell you when the top two inches are drying but not wholly bone dry. It is essential to know when to add more water. 

Moisture meters can work well, but you’ll still have to determine what measurements correspond to the plant’s needs based on touching the soil. 

Weight testing the plant is less effective since Ficus Audrey stays damp enough not to change weight much when drying.

Environmental Considerations

Keeping your home warmer and lower in humidity will lead to more watering for your Ficus Audrey. Placing the plant near a heating or air conditioning vent will also create these drying conditions. Due to the drying effects, fast-draining soil isn’t always the best choice for these plants.

Seasonal Considerations

Ficus Audrey will go through a dormant period in the winter and need more water in the summer. Reduce watering to as little as once a month over the winter, based on the soil’s drying rate.

How to Water

A person watering a ficus audrey plant with a white jug
My favorite watering technique is the top-down approach

The easiest way to water a Ficus Audrey plant is from the top with a watering can. 

  • Pour water gently into the pot until the water flows freely from the bottom of the container.
  • Start by pouring a small amount of water and waiting a few minutes for the soil to absorb the moisture. Then, slowly add more water until the excess flows from the drainage hole.
  • Remove any excess water that disperses into the tray. Ficus Audrey plants should never sit in water, which may lead to root rot.

How Much Water Should I Use?

You want to provide the soil base with good saturation so all roots can access the water. A good rule to follow is to stop pouring when water disperses freely from the drainage holes in the container. If feasible, it’s worth removing any excess water that collects so the plant isn’t standing in water (a little is fine, though). 

Signs You Might be Overwatering

Your Ficus Audrey plant will let you know if you’re overwatering it. Look for signs such as:

  • Yellowing leaves
  • Droopy or mushy stems
  • Browning stems
  • Many leaves drop at once
  • Rotting rhizomes (roots)

Signs You Might be Underwatering

Look for these signs that your plant needs a drink:

  • Brown or dry leaf tips
  • Shriveled foliage
  • One leaf dropping at a time
  • Shriveled, wrinkled stems

What to Do In-Between Watering Cycles

Here’s my go-to checklist for Ficus Audrey plants: 

  • Dust leaves with a damp cloth or mist and wipe with a cloth.
  • Rotate the plant periodically.
  • Check out for yellowing, multiple leaves dropping, and mushy stems (signs of overwatering).
  • Watch for brown, crispy leaf tips and singular leaf drop (signs of overwatering). 
  • Consider repotting your Ficus Audrey plant as and when it’s outgrown the current potting vessel as well (roughly every 18 months to two years).

Watering Ficus Audrey FAQs:

Will Ficus Audrey Benefit From Sitting on a Humidity Tray?

Ficus Audrey thrives in humidity. Thus you can use a humidity tray or frequently mist its leaves. Lack of humidity will slow growth and may cause the tips of the leaves to brown.

Should You Consider Misting In-Between Watering Cycles?

Yes, Ficus Audrey can be lightly misted, though never saturate the leaves as this can attract unwanted pests and insects.

What Type of Water is Best?

Ficus Audrey prefers lukewarm or room-temperature water. Distilled or rainwater are also good options as they typically carry less fluoride and chlorine.

What are the most common signs Ficus Audrey need watering?

The most common signs Ficus Audrey needs watering are the lower leaves drying up and dropping. Lack of misting will cause the leaves to turn brown and crispy.

Is it ok to get water on Ficus Audrey’s leaves? 

It is ok to get water on Fiscus Audrey’s leaves. They often enjoy a misting or gentle shower as they are originally from a humid climate, which helps with dust. However, do not use leaf shine on them as it damages them.

What do I do if I overwater my plant?

If you are overwatering, cease until the soil is completely dry. When you resume, avoid bottom watering and only add from the top when the first two inches of the soil are fully dry. Less is more with a Ficus Audrey, so cease adding as soon as water emerges into the bottom tray.

Can I water with tap water? 

You can use tap water for Ficus Audrey, though it’s a good idea to let it stand for a minimum of 12 to 24 hours. The water should be room temperature, neither cold nor warm.

Wrapping Up

Ficus Audrey are generally low-maintenance houseplants. Just keep an eye on your watering cycles to ensure your plant has the best conditions to thrive.

For more, see our in-depth guide on where to position Ficus Audrey plants in the home for optimal care and Feng Shui benefits.

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