30 Inspirational Floral Nail Art Designs to Try 

Showcase your love of flowers and floral designs by trying out these 30 floral nail art designs. Whether you’re a fan of simple daisies, understated blooms, or bejeweled blossoms, this definitive list has got you covered. 

Floral Nail Art

Floral Nail Art You Have to Try: 

1) Daisy Nails 

Who doesn’t adore daisies? These delicate little flowers look fantastic, partied with most blooms, from marigolds to alyssums. But they can also help add some life to your manicure.

This half-moon daisy floral design is classy and understated while still being whimsical and summery. There’s no better way to showcase your love for these little blossoms than having them on a prominent display like this.

2) Summer Bouquet 

Summer Bouquet floral nail art
Nail Artistry Hub / Pinterest

If you’re a fan of statement nails, though, this set might just be perfect for you. Despite making a statement, this eye-catching floral nail art isn’t gouache or outlandish.

I adore the soft, opaque purple undercoat. It adds a wonderful backdrop for the vibrant blooms that look like the perfect summer bouquet. The added gold elements and the colorful petals add to the striking, yet elegant look of this manicure. 

3) Garden Blooms

Garden Blooms floral nail art
@learnahstarbuck_nailartist / Instagram 

Who doesn’t find multicolored nails intriguing? I know I do – especially when the chosen colors complement each other as well as forest green and a nude pink. And, of course, when paired with this dainty floral design, your nails, and love for flowers, will stand out perfectly. 

4) Dried Flower Look 

Dried Flower Look floral nail art
@atomicowl / Instagram

If you’re a fan of an understated nail set but still want that floral flare, then I have found the perfect design for you. This dried-cut flower set is quaint and sweet, perfect for spring and summer. 

While this might seem like a challenging nail design, you can achieve this look yourself. You can buy tiny cut flowers for your nails, similar to nail art stickers, or you can use cut petals from your garden. Simply place them on wet nails and wait for the polish to dry. Pop on a topcoat, and you’re good to go. 

5) Glittering Blossoms 

Glittering Blossoms nail design
@manicandie / Instagram 

Champagne sparkles paired with dainty flowers have never looked so good. This stunning manicure set stands out without being over the top or outrageous. I adore the rose-like marbled nail, which highlights the pretty golden and silver poppies on the longest digit. This elegant look is perfect for fall, especially when all you want to do is cling to summer flowers and sunny days. 

6) Rosey French Tips 

Rosey French Tips floral nail art
TheFab20s / Pinterest

There’s nothing quite as elegant as a French manicure. But why not elevate a standard French manicure by adding a rose? This nail design remains sleek and sophisticated, even with the rosy twist. 

You can easily update this floral nail design by changing either the color of the rose, or you can change the flower completely to represent you at your core.   

7) Classic Daisy with A Splash of Green

Classic Daisy with A Splash of Green nail design
Prada & Pearls / Pinterest 

The 70s or 2000s, depending on your age, groovy wavey look has made a huge comeback. And I dig it. Especially when you pair patterns with dainty daises like this manicure set.  

Green and white complement each other perfectly – especially if you want Fall vibes. But I love that you can recreate this floral design using any color or flower you want. 

8) Lilac Lacquer 

Lilac Lacquer floral nail design
sheikh g / Pinterest 

This set is perfect for lilac and lavender fans everywhere. As a relatively minimalist floral design, this stunning nail set shows off your adoration for your favorite flower without making too much of a statement. 

But what I love about it is its simplicity. By only having one nail feature the lavender, it upscales the entire look. And, you don’t have to opt for lavender either. Imagine this stunning design with red nails and striking roses.

9) Watercolor Flowers

Watercolor Flowers floral nail designs
@freshsetlancaster / Instagram 

This design is all about embracing the beauty of negative space in this fascinating design so that the vivid blooms can really shine. The allure of delicate purple flowers infuses the arrangement with a hint of dreamy elegance and serenity. Even though pastel colors are still very popular, you can add your preferred colors to your palette.

10) The Perfect Spring Flower Set

The Perfect Spring Flower Set floral nail design
@kellyohstein / Instagram 

Welcome spring with this fun and joyful manicure. I love this fun floral set, which makes your nails look like a vibrant garden party. The playful orange and blue daisies, and whimsical pink roses add a lovely allure, and whilst this looks like a complicated look, the designs are relatively simple! 

11) A Full Garden Nail Set

A Full Garden Nail Set
@ceasg.nails / Instagram 

Take the spring garden look to an entirely different level with this intricate look. Each nail bursts into life, featuring a specific blossoming bush. I adore the addition of lush green leaves – it only adds to the whimsical look of this manicure. 

The glossy topcoat adds a playful sparkle and the charm of a secret garden, this manicure turns your hands into a blooming wonderland!  

12) Fall Blossoms 

Fall Blossoms floral nail designs
@polished_yogi / Instagram 

Don’t fall into the moodiness of Fall. Bring some life to the dark look by adding some stunning flowery tips to your nails. Like most of these designs, this look takes advantage of negative space, but it adds a modern twist by only having two nails showcase autumnal seasonal flowers

The deep burgundy nail polish keeps the look in season. But the glittery topcoat adds a nice touch that brightens the entire look. 

13) Minimalist Daisies 

Minimalist Daisies nails
Bowen6 / Pinterest 

This minimalist daisy manicure is the perfect example of adding a twist to the groovy green look I mentioned earlier. But what I love most about this design is the addition of those sleek French tips on every other nail. Altogether, with the white daisies, the design is classy with just the right floral flare. 

14) Cuticle Daisies 

Cuticle Daisies floral nail design
Nail Top Accessories / Pinterest 

Minimalist nails don’t necessarily need to have dark striking lines like the previous design. They can have simple daisies resting just above the cuticle line like this stunning manicure. 

This dainty daisy design is unfussy and modest yet whimsical – perfect for spring or summer. In the language of flowers, daisies symbolize new beginnings and rebirth, in addition to love, cheerfulness, beauty, purity, innocence, hope, fun, and affection.

15) Glamorous Pink Poppies 

Glamorous Pink Poppies floral nail designs
I Want Those Nails! / Pinterest 

Pink nails often allude to sunny, warmer days. But they can bloom into a garden of style when paired with pink poppy flowers. As stunning as poppies are, I don’t often consider them for nail art.

This flawless design has changed my mind though. The little black flecks add some playful flair that I adore.  

16) Tipped In Blue Blossoms

Tipped In Blue Blossoms nails
Clarissa johnson / Pinterest 

Here’s another stunning example of a fresh French tip look. The soft pink nude makes the perfect backdrop for these summery blue and white blossoms. The little green vines add the perfect touch of elegance to this look and bring the entire manicure to life. 

17) Little Blooms 

Little Blooms nail design
Kathleen / Pinterest 

Alternatively, you can take the cute French tip route, and opt to dot quaint blossoms over a pastel French Tip. This simple design sparks joy and can show off your playful side. The best part about this nail art though, is that you can easily recreate it at home. 

All you need is a dotting tool, or bobby pin, to create the little flowers and a steady hand for a flawless French tip. Top it off with a glossy top coat and your manicure will last for weeks.  

18) Edgy Blossoms 

Edgy Blossoms on white nails
@vanityprojects / Instagram 

This elegant look might not be easily recreated at home, but it does make a stunning inspirational picture for your next salon visit. 

The soft whites and pinks, with the hints of green leaves, pop on the nude base, drawing your eye to an otherwise understated manicure. If you’re looking for something chic, then this look is definitely for you.  

19) Bumble Bee Nails

Bumble Bee Nails
Everything Fashion / Pinterest 

This delightful manicure takes embracing summer flowers to another level by featuring a cute, sparkling bumble bee. This set encapsulates the essence of fun summer days, while still being sophisticated.

20) Embellished White Blooms 

Embellished White Blooms floral nail designs
@hollyfalconenails / Instagram

Sometimes, understated nails are overrated. The eye-catching golden dots make this otherwise simple nail design look complicated and eye-catching. The white flowers stand out thanks to these dots and the playful blue base coat that reminds me of fun days by the pool or on the beach. 

Surprisingly, this isn’t a complicated design, and you can easily achieve this with a dotting tool or bobby pin for the flowers, a pack of dots, and some nail glue. 

21) Sweet In Pink 

Sweet In Pink nails
@phoebesummernails / Instagram

Any manicure set looks fabulous when you add some floral nail art, no matter how simple the flowers are. The hot pink petals look fantastic against the ivory base, which helps make the entire manicure pop.  

22) Sunny Sunflowers 

Sunny Sunflowers nails
Fab Mood / Pinterest 

There are several stunning sunflower nail art examples in this article, but this is my favorite set. While simple, the seemingly sporadic placement of the sunflower art adds a whimsical feel to this design.

23) Blushing White Flowers

Blushing White Flowers on nails
@phoebesummernails / Instagram

Don’t you think this manicure is the cutest? The simple little white flowers and the blushing pink base color look fantastic together and showcase a love for florals without being over the top. 

With the right, translucent pink, you can recreate this design at home, with very little fuss.  

24) Jelly Blossoms 

Jelly Blossoms floral nail designs
SugarAndVapor / Pinterest 

Jelly nails have been a trend for quite some time now, but I’ve rarely seen someone create this look with florals. The translucent nail tips make it look like the dried flowers are floating on the nails, creating a magical manicure. The flecks of gold add a level of class and chic to this look. 

25) Bejeweled Blossoms

Bejeweled Blossoms floral nail designs
Jessica / Pinterest 

Stand out with bejeweled blossoms rather than painted-on floral designs. I love the multicolor nail tips and dazzling flowers which create a playful, fun, and summery manicure. 

Despite it looking a little complicated, you can easily create this look at home. All you need is funky nail polish, some nail glue, and a pack of little plastic rhinestones. 

26) Statement Sunflowers

Statement Sunflowers nails
@remedynails / Instagram 

Bring your love of sunflowers and summer days to life with this striking look. The burnt red base color makes the perfect backdrop for the yellow petals, allowing you to make a statement. 

27) Negative Space Flowers

Negative Space Flowers nails
Kbeauty Addiction / Pinterest 

Negative space is a key element in graphic design that allows the artwork to truly stand out. This floral nail art perfectly recreates this with the striking black flowers and the simple, nude background. 

I love this look as it is, but you can play around with multiple colored flowers to make it more personal. 

28) Tipped in Gold

Tipped in Gold floral nail designs
Clarissa johnson / Pinterest

Gold accents elevate any design, but this manicure takes the cake. The golden outline of this floral nail art creates an otherworldly feel to this otherwise simple design. I especially appreciate the matt base coat that allows the gold, cute daisy, and green leaves to stand out even more.  

29) Silver Accents

Silver Accents floral nails
@mydumbnails / Instagram 

If you’re a fan of silver, though, this look might be perfect for you. Rather than making a statement with vibrant colors, this manicure screams a love for florals with sparkly silver blooms. The purple lacquer adds a splash of life, tying this entire look together.  

30) Little Garden 

Little Garden floral nail designs
HowLifeStyles / Pinterest 

Why not show off your love for floral design by creating a cute little garden on your nails? This charming manicure set exudes spring days picnicking in your garden or meadow. 

Wrapping up 

Floral nail art is a classy and fun way to show off your love for flowery design. No matter your style or favorite flower, this definitive list covers almost every look. Even better, you can recreate these designs by adding your own flare.

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