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Where to Find the Best Fiddle Leaf Figs for Sale

The famed Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree (Ficus lyrata) is one of the most popular house plants around. Known for their large, dramatic foliage and elegant posture, these plants make excellent centerpieces in the home or office. Here you’ll find 12 of our go-to plant shops for Fiddle Leaf Trees and Bushes offering nationwide shipping throughout the United States. Expect excellent year-round collections of fiddle leaf figs for sale in addition to numerous potting styles and size options for every living environment. Enjoy!

Check out our Ultimate Fiddle Leaf Fig Care Guide for everything you need to know about nurturing the plant at home as well as our essential guide to watering Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees and the best soil mix to use.

12 Best Options to Buy Fiddle Leaf Fig Houseplants:

1) BloomscapeClassical & Contemporary$$$1-3
2) Greenery UnlimitedModern & Stylish $$ 1-3 days
3) The SillModern & Stylish$$2-4
4) Léon & GeorgeContemporary European$$$$2-5
5) UrbanStemsModern & Stylish$$
6) FLOWERBXClassical & Contemporary$$$$4-5
7) TerrainTimeless & Traditional $$2-5+
8) Plants.comModern & Stylish $$ 2-5 days
9) Rooted NYCModern & Stylish$2-5
10) EtsyBespoke & Eclectic$$2-3
11) Home DepotEveryday & Affordable$2-7
12) Fast Growing TreesNursery Fresh$$$5-7

The Best Plant Shops for Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

1) Bloomscape

The houseplant specialists known for their exceptional quality and impeccable delivery services.

About Bloomscape: 

Bloomscape curates one of the most extensive collections of houseplants available for delivery anywhere. Here you’ll find all the classics, in addition to cacti, edible and flowering plants, and a great range of herb plants. They were founded by the Master Dutch Horticulturist Justin Mast who’s credited with innovating unique packaging techniques that ensure plants are delivered in pristine condition every time. 

What’s more, Bloomscape is well regarded for delivering the complete at home plant experience. For starters, plants arrive ‘ready-to-go’ with appropriate soil mix and pot – simply unpack and pick your spot. They also provide extensive post-sales support to help you nurture your Fiddle Leaf Fig and are always on hand should you have any questions. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Prices: 

Bloomscape typically offers a range of Fiddle Leaf Fig size options but they’re perhaps best regarded for their more mature specimens which are typically 44” to 58” tall. These come complete with a recycled plastic Eco Pot and appropriate soil mix. Prices start at $195 delivered. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig Delivery: 

Bloomscape offers free delivery nationwide on all orders over $75. Expect your Fiddle Leaf Fig to arrive in 1 to 3 days. 

2) Greenery Unlimited

Pristine fiddle leaf figs in numerous size options and potting styles for every living environment.

About Greenery Unlimited: 

Brooklyn-based Greenery Unlimited is a stand-out NYC plant shop and botanical design company. They ship larger plant life throughout NYC and also offer an excellent collection of smaller plant specimens for delivery nationwide.

Plant Range & Prices:

Greenery Unlimited might house one of the most stylish and creative indoor plant collections available for delivery anywhere.

Here you’ll find plenty of fiddle leaf fig options for every living environment. Smaller trees and bushes (from 4″ tall) start from just $16 and are available to ship nationwide direct from one of their greenhouses.

If you’re based in NYC, they also have a number of mature specimens going up to 7′ tall if you’re looking for a grand ornamental centerpiece.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Delivery: 

Greenery Unlimited provides next-day plant delivery throughout New York City on all orders placed by noon. Nationwide orders are typically processed and received within 2 to 5 days.


  • Telephone: 1.646.543.3797

3) The Sill

A modern, urban plant mecca that comes with a plant life’s worth of expert support.

About The Sill: 

The Sill is a cool online plant shop that truly goes over and above to ensure owning a plant is a really rewarding experience. Their post-sales support really stands out and the team is always on hand to help with any care and maintenance questions throughout your plant’s journey through life. 

The Sill carries a rotating collection of Fiddle Leaf Figs throughout the year including faux plants, live fiddle leaf fig trees and bushes, and a few different size options as well. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Prices: 

Live Fiddle Leaf Fig plants start at $69 for a smaller plant (around 4.5” tall and 5” in diameter). The big brother starts at $165 (around 11” tall and 12” in diameter). You can pick and choose between a range of cool planters to go with as well. 

The Sill’s Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant is a grand affair standing at 5ft tall and is available for $325. An awesome choice if you never want to fuss about a plant! 

Fiddle Leaf Fig Delivery: 

The Sill provides standard and expedited Fiddle Leaf Fig delivery nationwide. Expect your plant to arrive in 2 to 4 days. 

4) Léon & George

Contemporary and upmarket purveyors of exquisite houseplants. 

Leon & George Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush Delivery in US
Credit: Léon & George

About Léon & George: 

Léon & George are well regarded for their modern, contemporary style. They curate an excellent range of stylish houseplants particularly suited to those living in urban abodes. 

Plants are delivered ‘apartment ready complete with designer and custom pots. They also guarantee that if anything should happen to your Fiddle Leaf Fig in the first 45 days they’ll replace it for free no questions asked.

Today the business has retail outposts in Paris, NYC, and Los Angeles as well as offering shipping nationwide across the US. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Prices: 

Léon & George offer an immaculate large Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush which is typically available year-round. Prices start at $325 and each plant comes complete with a great choice of pots and wooden stands. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig Delivery:

Free shipping via USPS is available nationwide on all orders over $100. Expect your Fiddle Leaf Fig to arrive in 2 to 5 days depending on your exact location. 

5) UrbanStems

The place to go for stylish and affordable Fiddle Leaf Fig plants. 

About UrbanStems: 

UrbanStems are loved for their modern and stylish approach to flowers and plant life. They also partner with the likes of Vogue on a range of exquisite floral designs and ship all their fresh flowers and plants directly from a network of specialist nurseries. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Prices: 

UrbanStems typically carry a 6” Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant which comes complete with its own ceramic planter. The price including delivery is $60. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig Delivery: 

UrbanStems provide same-day Fiddle Leaf Fig delivery across a number of cities including New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and next-day plant delivery nationwide. 


The place to go for creative and upmarket Fiddle Leaf Fig plants. 


FLOWERBX is a contemporary, upmarket flower and plant delivery specialist. They’re well known for working with some of the best growers around and are loved by a host of celebrities and fashionistas. What’s more, the business has rapidly grown from their London base to serve the North East and West Coast respectively in the US. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Prices: 

The Fiddle Leaf Fig from FLOWERBX is available in two different (large) sizes – 5 feet ($260) or 6 feet ($310). The plant comes complete with a white plastic planter and accompanying soil mix. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig Delivery: 

Fiddle Leaf Fig plants are currently delivering across much of the east and west coast. Expect your plant to be delivered in around 4 days. 

7) Terrain

The place to go for home-grown Fiddle Leaf Fig plants from a collection of excellent US-based plant nurseries.

About Terrain: 

Terrain is part of the Anthropologie group of companies and is well regarded for its intimate connection to the natural world. 

What’s more, they source all their plant life from a network of their own nurseries across the US and typically carry several options for every budget consideration. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Prices: 

Terrain offers a range of live Fiddle Leaf Fig plants and trees in addition to a great collection of Faux trees. 

Live Fiddle Leaf Fig bushes start at $65 (approx 12” tall) and there’s a choice of elegant planters to pick from. 

Their remarkably life-like faux Fiddle Leaf Fig trees range in sizes with prices from $148 up to the serious large at $848.  

Fiddle Leaf Fig Delivery: 

Most Fiddle Leaf Fig trees dispatch within 24 hours and there is a range of shipping options (regular delivery arrives in 5-9 business days, express delivery: 2-3 business days, and also overnight delivery: 1-2 business days).


Online plant delivery specialist shipping affordable, nursery-fresh fiddle leaf figs throughout the US. Fiddle leaf fig bush delivery

About is an online-only plant delivery specialist. They work with a network of growers to deliver affordable fiddle leaf fig plants directly to homes and offices throughout the country.

Plant Range & Prices: features an extensive year-round collection of live and faux fiddle leaf fig trees.

Most of their fiddle leaf fig trees and bushes are available in a range of size options with a choice of modern and contemporary pots and planters. What’s more, prices are generally super affordable, expect to pay from $20 to $50 for small to medium-sized potted plants going up to around $120 for larger plant specimens. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig Delivery Delivery Options: delivers house plants nationwide throughout the United States. Orders typically arrive within 3 to 5 days. 

9) Rooted NYC

A houseplant mecca on a mission to reconnect people with Mother Nature. 

About Rooted NYC: 

Rooted NYC started out as a small project between friends selling indoor plants and greenery directly out of a Brooklyn apartment. Today, they’ve grown to become one of NYC’s favorite houseplant retailers and they also ship nationwide. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Prices: 

Affectionately named ‘The Hank’, Rooted’s Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants are typically available in smaller sizes (around 12” tall for small and 16” tall for medium). Prices start at just $18. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig Delivery: 

Rooted ship anywhere in the contiguous United States for free! Expect your plant to arrive in 2 to 5 days depending on your exact location. 

10) Etsy

The place to find numerous artisanal live and faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants.

About Etsy: 

Etsy is a creative marketplace where buyers and sellers of handmade, vintage, and custom goods all around the world can connect. It’s a great one-stop shop to find loads of independent businesses selling a host of interesting goods. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Prices: 

Etsy’s home to a huge collection of live and faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants available for delivery across the United States. 

Expect prices to start from around $30 for smaller plants and trees up to $100+ for larger specimens. There’s also an extensive array of artisan planters and accessories to be found. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig Delivery: 

Delivery times vary but expect anywhere from 2 to 7 days based on your exact location. 

11) Home Depot

The place to go for cheap and affordable Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants.

About Home Depot: 

Home Depot is a big player in the indoor and houseplant market and carries an extensive selection of greenery throughout the year. 

Here you’ll find numerous Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees and Fiddle Leaf Fig Bushes in various sizes sourced from some of the biggest domestic and international plant nurseries around. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Prices: 

Small Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees and Bushes start from just $18 (smaller 6” growers) up to $114 if you’re after a more mature tree (circa 3ft). 

Fiddle Leaf Fig Delivery Options: 

Home Depot provides a range of Fiddle Leaf Fig delivery options ranging from expedited 2-day to specified time-slot options. 

12) Fast Growing Trees

One of the largest US nurseries for all your houseplant needs. 

About Fast Growing Trees: 

Fast Growing Trees grow a dizzying array of houseplants and greenery at their epic nursery in South Carolina. They’ve grown to become one of the largest producers of Fiddle Leaf Fig plants in the entire US. 

What’s more, they’re known for their leading growing practices that cultivate thriving houseplants which all come backed with their 30 days Alive & Thrive guarantee. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig Prices: 

Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees are available sized 2 to 3 ft. Prices start at $69.95 for a plant + regular plastic pot and $89.95 for a plant + premium planter. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig Delivery: 

Shipping fees range from $19.95 to $24.95 with most items dispatching within 24 hours. Depending on your location you should receive your Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree within 7 days. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Delivery FAQ:

How much do Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants cost? 

Small, baby Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants start at around $20 with larger, more mature Trees and Bushes (from 5 feet in height) typically range in price from $150 to $300+.

How long does it take to deliver Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants?

Most specialist plant merchants are able to deliver Fiddle Leaf Fig plants within 7 days. Many also offer expedited shipping options that are able to deliver to the lower 48 states within 2 days. The size of the plant and your exact location will have an impact on the estimated shipping time. 

Do I need to buy a planter and soil mix when I order Fiddle Leaf Figs online?

No, the vast majority of plant stores will offer you a choice of the planter to go with your plant as well as including the appropriate soil mix.

Do you recommend faux or live Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants?

It’s really dependent on your exact individual circumstances. Live Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants do require a degree of regular care and maintenance including consistent watering schedules, monitoring light conditions in addition to pest control. Many find this really rewarding and a fun part of nurturing a plant. However, if you’re particularly time-poor or away a lot a faux Fiddle Leaf Fig might be the best option for you. There are some remarkably life-like plants available today.

Growing and Caring for Fiddle Leaf Figs at Home

For everything you need to know about growing and caring for Fiddle Leaf Figs indoors see our essential guides to:


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