From Pastel Pinks to Deep Reds: The Many Hues of Crape Myrtle Flowers

Crape myrtles are some of the most beautiful shrubs you can add to your garden. Their colorful crepe-like flowers produce a stunning display throughout summer and fall and come in several different types. This article will explore the various colors of crape myrtle flowers.

What Colors Are Crape Myrtle Flowers?

What Colors Are Crape Myrtle Flowers?

Pink Crape Myrtle Flowers

Pink Crape Myrtle Flowers

Pink crape myrtle flowers create a bright, dazzling display. Crape myrtles come in a few shades of pink, including bright pink and dark pink. Like other pink flowers, pink crape myrtles represent affection and platonic and romantic love. Pink crape myrtles can also symbolize gratitude, playfulness, and longing for a deceased loved one.

Popular pink crape myrtle varieties include:

  • Lagerstroemia indica ‘Fuchsia d’Ete’ – This variety of the common crape myrtle has dense clusters of bright pink blooms. It flowers in late spring or early summer and continues for several months.
  • Lagerstroemia indica ‘Pink Velour’ – This cultivar is derived from the common crape myrtle. It produces bright pink flowers from summer to early fall. The leaves change from a maroon color to a greenish-purple throughout the season.

Purple Crape Myrtle Flowers

Purple Crape Myrtle Flowers

Purple crape myrtles add instant impact to any garden during the summer. The flowers come in rich shades from violet to deep purple or maroon. Like other purple flowers, purple crape myrtles symbolize elegance, nobility, and royalty. Purple crape myrtles can also represent grace and honor.

Some purple crape myrtle varieties include:

  • Lagerstroemia indica ‘Purple Magic’ – This compact crape myrtle cultivar displays bright purple ruffled blooms from early summer to fall. The red leaves turn shades of green and yellow during the fall.
  • Lagerstroemia x ‘Purely Purple’ – This gorgeous cultivar comes from the acclaimed Black Diamond series. It has bright purple flowers and reddish-purple leaves that darken during the season.

Red Crape Myrtle Flowers

Red Crape Myrtle Flowers

Red crape myrtle flowers are a striking horticultural statement. These varieties produce vibrant red flowers ranging from scarlet to reddish-purple colors. Red crape myrtle flowers symbolize desire, passion, and romantic love. Many also produce wonderful scents during summer and fall.

Some of the best red crape myrtle cultivars include:

  • Lagerstroemia indica ‘Whit II’ – Also known as ‘Dynamite’, this cultivar was the first red crape myrtle to be developed. This variety produces charismatic crimson blooms throughout the summer.
  • Lagerstroemia indica ‘Red Rocket’ – This common crape myrtle variety grows quickly and flowers for several months. It erupts in summer and fall, producing masses of deep red blooms.

White Crape Myrtle Flowers

White Crape Myrtle Flowers

White crape myrtles add a sense of beauty and elegance to the garden. Like many white flowers, white crape myrtles represent innocence, purity, and rebirth. In the language of flowers, white crape myrtles symbolize devotion, honesty, and lasting love.

Here are some beautiful white crape myrtle varieties:

  • Lagerstroemia x Natchez Crape myrtle ‘Natchez’ is an extremely popular hybrid variety. It is derived from Lagerstroemia fauriei and Lagerstroemia indica. It produces pure white flowers throughout the summer.
  • Lagerstroemia x Acoma – ‘Acoma’ is another hybrid crape myrtle that produces dazzling white flowers. It’s a compact variety that blooms from late spring until summer.

When Are Crape Myrtles in Season?

Crape myrtles enjoy a long flowering season from late spring until fall, depending on the variety. Most crape myrtle varieties flower between July and September. These plants can flower for three to four months, creating a long-lasting display. Crape myrtles growing in warmer climates usually flower earlier than those in colder areas.

Crape Myrtle Flower Colors FAQs

What Color of Crepe Myrtle is Best?

The best crape myrtle color varies depending on what you want for your garden. Crape myrtles come in various shades of pink, purple, red, and white. Different cultivars have been bred in multiple colors, so there’s always a crape myrtle that will suit your space.

Do Crepe Myrtle Flowers Change Colors?

Crape myrtle flowers may change color as they fade. Crape myrtle leaves also change color as fall progresses. During the winter, crape myrtle bark is an attractive feature that peels off to reveal various colors.

What is the Prettiest Crape Myrtle?

Crape myrtle ‘Natchez’ is widely regarded as one of the prettiest and most popular crape myrtle cultivars. It displays beautiful pure white flowers throughout the summer.

Wrapping Up

Crape myrtles are stunning shrubs and small trees popular across the United States, especially in the South. These flowers come in several shades of pink, purple, red, and white. Crape myrtle leaves also come in several colors and change color throughout the growing season.

For more, see our in-depth guide on growing and caring for crape myrtles, the best myrtle soil mix, and how to grow crepe myrtle bonsai.

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