Best Spots for Heartleaf Philodendrons: Care & Feng Shui Tips

When you bring a heartleaf philodendron (Philodendron hederaceum) home, it can be challenging to determine where to position it. You want to provide it with the right light and temperature while allowing its trailing, sweet leaves to shine. Join me as I share some tips about where to put your heartleaf philodendron plant.

Best Spots for Heartleaf Philodendrons Care & Feng Shui Tips

Check the Light

Heartleaf philodendron plants are native to forested areas in Central America. In this environment, it roots itself into the forest floor and uses its trailing stems to climb up trees and shrubs. Therefore, it often receives dappled light.

Since your home is probably free from a canopy of trees, your goal is to mimic the plant’s native environment. That means providing lots of bright yet indirect light. Direct light can actually burn the plant’s leaves, so avoid locations like bright sunrooms and directly in front of south-facing windows.

If you have a room where light flows in from a few windows, you can place your philodendron on the side of the room opposite the windows. And if you have a room with a single window, you try setting your plant a few feet away from the light source.

I have my heartleaf philodendron in front of an east-facing window in my kitchen, and I’ve found it’s quite happy there. It receives a little direct sun in the morning and indirect light the rest of the day.

Keep Temperature and Drafts in Mind

A lush, green heartleaf philodendron plant in a hanging planter positioned next to light wood panels
These tropical plants love warm ambient temperatures indoors

Since they’re native to tropical areas, heartleaf philodendrons prefer warm temperatures. These plants will remain happiest when the air temperature remains between 60–80°F. Fortunately, that aligns with the temperature in most homes and offices. Just remember to avoid cold offices and hot sunrooms.

Along with considering base temperature, you should also keep drafts in mind. Both hot and cold drafts cause sudden swings in temperature and stress heartleaf philodendron plants.

So, as tempting as it may be to place your heartleaf philodendron in front of your fireplace or front door, avoid doing so! You should also keep your plant away from air conditioning vents, radiators, and poorly insulated windows.

Avoid Dry Areas

These philodendrons don’t require as much humidity as some tropical houseplants, but they’re not desert-dwelling cacti either. If you stick them in a super dry room, they’ll protest with dried or curling leaves.

Most homes and offices have humidity that is just fine for these plants. But you should avoid areas near heating vents and fireplaces, as these heat sources can zap the air of humidity.

If all of your home is dry, it doesn’t really matter where you put your plant. Just find a suitable location, then boost the air moisture with a humidifier.

Give the Plant Room to Grow

A mature heartleaf philodendron plant located on top of cabinets in a kitchen with long vines trailing down
Allow sufficient space for the vines to grow when positioning heartleaf philodendrons.

Heartleaf philodendrons put on a foot or two of new growth each year, so don’t think tiny plants will remain small forever! In the past year, I’ve watched my plant go from a small plant with six-inch stems to a mess of two-foot-long stems.

The stems will happily trail downward if you put your plant in a hanging basket or a pot on a shelf. Another option is to provide a trellis or cage to support your plant as it climbs upward.

No matter what option you choose, make sure you have enough space to allow for the plant’s growth.

Lean Into Feng Shui

Along with thinking about what environment will make the plant happy, you can also consider Feng Shui. This practice believes that the placement of objects in your home can impact your home’s energy and, therefore, your life.

Heartleaf philodendrons are symbols of vibrancy, good health, and love, so you can place them in areas of your home that need a little boost. Not sure what I’m talking about? Then check out the Bagua map.

This map divides each room of your home into eight different sections. These areas represent aspects like wealth, community, and health. The thought goes that the objects you place in these areas impact them.

For example, if your relationships need some help, you can place a heartleaf philodendron in the far right corner of your bedroom. And if you’re finding it hard to determine your life’s purpose, encourage clarity by hanging one of these plants just inside your front door.

Wrapping Up

Heartleaf philodendrons are well-suited to various environments as long as they receive the proper light and temperature. Remember to place them in a warm spot with plenty of indirect light. And don’t forget to utilize Feng Shui and the plant’s positive symbolism to help improve areas of your life.

For more, see our in-depth guide to Heartleaf Philodendron care at home.

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