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The Best Plant Shops and Plant Delivery Services in San Diego, CA

Welcome to our local guide to the best plant shops and plant delivery services in San Diego, California. Here you’ll find 15 expert plant merchants curating a vast collection of interesting houseplants, interior trees, cacti, succulents, and more throughout the year. Expect all the classics including Monstera plants, Fiddle Leaf Figs, Snake Plants, Rubber Tree Plants, ZZ Plants, Chinese Evergreens, Ferns, and towering Indoor Palms, in addition to an eclectic array of rarer and interesting plant species. Plus, each provides amazing post-sales support as well as speedy plant delivery services to homes, offices, and venues throughout San Diego. Enjoy!

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15 Best Plant Delivery Services in San Diego County:

1) Léon & George$$$4 to 7
2) Bloomscape$$4 to 7
3) UrbanStems$$1 to 2
4) The House of Plants$$2 to 4
5) The Sill$$3 to 5
6) Wild Island Collective$$Pick
7) Terrain$$$5 to 8
8) North Park Nursery$$3 to 5
9) Lively Root$$7 to 10
10) Walter Andersen Nursery$$Pick
11) Eden$$Pick
12) pigment$7 to 10
13) Landmark Plant Co.$$Pick
14) Green Gardens Nursery$$Pick
15) Evergreen Nursery$Pick

The Best Plant Shops and Plant Delivery Services in San Diego:

1) Léon & George

Leon and George San Diego Plant Delivery
Credit: Léon & George

About Léon & George : 

Léon & George are loved for the expansive plant collection which features larger, more dramatic ornamental plant varieties than you might find elsewhere. 

The business also has deep roots in contemporary French interior styling and is a great option for stunning plant centerpieces in the home or office. 

Plant Range & Prices: 

Léon & George work with a select group of domestic plant nurseries here in the United States.
You’ll find many popular plant varieties including Monstera Deliciosa, Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees,  Burgundy Rubber Plants, Indoor Palms, ZZ plants, Snake Plants, and many more. 

Prices start from around $50 for smaller plant life with their signature, mature plants (typically 3 to 4 feet +) from $150 to $275 typically.  

Every plant comes with a choice of stylish ceramic planter and carved wooden bases. 

Plant Delivery Options in San Diego: 

Plants are delivered throughout San Diego from Tuesday to Saturday each week. 

2) Bloomscape

Bloomscape San Diego Plant Delivery
Credit: Bloomscape

About Bloomscape: 

Bloomscape is a leading online plant retailer renowned for its excellent variety of homegrown houseplants and patio plants. 

Here you’ll find lots of options for those new to the world of plants as well as for those looking to expand their collection. 

Everything’s made super easy as well – you can sort through plants based on your exact living environment (low, medium, bright light conditions), maintenance requirements, size, and whether they’re friendly to pets. 

What’s more, every plant arrives living-room-ready with the appropriate soil mix, care instructions, and choice of stylish Eco pot (which have been crafted using plastic salvaged from the ocean!). 

Plant Range & Prices: 

Here you’ll find a great selection of classic houseplants in-amongst succulents, edible gardens, and more. 

There’s typically a range of size options as well – perfect if you’re just after a mini Sansevieria or Pothos for a window ledge or side table in addition to dramatic 3 feet+ houseplants such as Bamboo Palms, Monstera Delicisoa, or Dracaena Marginata.

Prices are also generally affordable with smaller plants starting from around $30 going up to $195 for super-sized plant life. 

Plant Delivery Options in San Diego:

Bloomscape delivers plants throughout San Diego County and the surrounding areas typically within 5 to 7 days. 

3) UrbanStems

UrbanStems San Diego Plant Delivery
Credit: UrbanStems

About UrbanStems: 

Trendy flower delivery specialists UrbanStems are also home to a growing collection of houseplants, cacti, orchids, and succulents. 

They’re loved for the stylish floral and plant styling (many curated in partnership with the likes of Vogue) which make excellent gifting plants for friends, family, colleagues, birthdays, thank you messages, and more. 

Plant Range & Prices: 

Here you’ll find a cool collection of potted green tropical houseplants such as ZZ Plants, Fiddle Leaf Fig Bushes, Boston Ferns, Money Tree Plants, Trailing Jades, and Aloe Plants. Prices typically range from $45 to $65. 

There’s also a modern and contemporary collection of pink and classic white orchids (from $65) and cute cacti, succulent, and air plant compositions from $45. Great for a working desk or window ledge throughout the house. 

Plant Delivery Options in San Diego:  

UrbanStems deliver plants the next day across all of San Diego County.

4) The House of Plants

The House of Plants Houseplant Store in San Diego, California
Credit: The House of Plants

About The House of Plants: 

A relative newcomer to San Diego’s plant community, The House of Plants launched back in 2018 and has a new ‘plant atelier’ in town which opened in May 2020. 

Here you’ll find a strong commitment to sustainability and a deep appreciation for the environment. Expect the use of natural and organic soil and plant care products throughout in addition to plastic-free planters and pots. 

Plant Range & Prices: 

The House of Plants offers an ever-evolving selection of air-purifying plants, classic houseplants, air plants, succulents, cacti, and dish gardens. 

Expect numerous varieties to pick from in-store such as English Ivy, Peperomia Russo, Peace Lilies, Maidenhair Ferns, and Jade Plants in addition to some rarer and harder to find gems including Pink Syngonium, Monstera Siltepecana, and Yellow Dwarf Sansevieria.

Prices typically range from around $12 to $50 depending on the plant variety and size. 

Plant Delivery Options in San Diego:

Plant delivery is available on some items throughout San Diego and you can also pick them up directly at the store. 

The House of Plants is located at 4190 Bonita Road Ste 102, Bonita, California 91902

5) The Sill

The Sill Plant Delivery in San Diego
Credit: The Sill

About The Sill: 

The Sill is a modern and stylish houseplant specialist that’s loved for its engaging community of plant enthusiasts. 

With every plant purchase you’ll also have access to a dedicated team of houseplant experts who are readily on call should you need any help caring for your plant at home. Great for those new to plant life as well as these looking to take their plant game to the next level. 

Plant Range & Prices: 

The Sill curates an extensive collection of both live and faux houseplants. The classics are well taken care of including numerous palms, pothos, philodendrons, prayer plants, snake plants, ZZs, Monsteras, and more. 

Prices typically range from $25 for smaller plants and succulents up to $80+ for larger plant specimens. Each arrives potted with an excellent choice of contemporary planters.

Plant Delivery Options in San Diego:

The Sill delivers plants throughout San Diego County. Plants typically arrive within 3 to 5 days. 

6) Wild Island Collective

Wild Island Collective Plant Shop in San Diego, California
Credit: Wild Island Collective

About Wild Island Collective: 

Wild Island Collective is a popular urban oasis that’s home to all sorts of interesting plant life in addition to serving as a boutique home decor, body, and beauty store. 

Plant Range & Prices: 

Here you’ll find a great collection of interesting plant life featuring philodendrons, pothos, snake plants, succulents, and cacti in amongst towering Peace Lilies and Monstera plants. 

Prices are always affordable throughout and there’s also an excellent variety of unique planters to pick from as well.

Plant Delivery Options in San Diego:

All plants are available for pick-up or courier collection.

Wild Island Collective is located at 3504 Adams Ave, San Diego, 92116

7) Terrain

Terrain Houseplant Delivery in San Diego, CA
Credit: Terrain

About Terrain: 

Terrain is an excellent collection of US plant nurseries and modern garden centers that form part of the wider Anthropologie group of companies. 

They’re known for their wild, natural, and organic plant collections as well as an extensive line of home and garden decor items and accessories. 

Plant Range & Prices: 

Terrain’s homegrown plants change throughout the year but expect a great selection of interesting ferns, trailing plants, and succulents for hanging baskets, classic Fiddle Leaf Figs, Monstera, Rubber Plants, and more. There’s also a good variety of interior trees including olive, orange, and lemon varieties. 

Prices typically range from around $30 to $100 for larger plant specimens and each arrives with a great choice of artisanal potting vessels.

Plant Delivery Options in San Diego:

Terrain offers standard and expedited plant delivery options throughout San Diego. Plants and interior trees are typically delivered in 5 to 8 days.  

8) North Park Nursery

North Park Nursery in San Diego, California
Credit: North Park Nursery

About North Park Nursery: 

North Park Nursery has been serving the San Diego area since 2006. Here you’ll find a much-loved local San Diego Garden Center with a strong focus on California-grown plants.

Plant Rang & Prices: 

North Park Nursery is home to a wild selection of interesting plant life. There’s a great range of small starter plants from around $10 including peperomias, philodendrons, ferns, succulents, and cacti. 

In addition, you’ll find an extensive collection of larger, more mature interior and exterior plants if you’re after a statement piece for the living room, entry hallway, or garden patio at home. 

The staff is also super helpful and knowledgeable if you need some tips on the best plant options for your specific living environment.

Plant Delivery Options in San Diego:

Shipping is available across San Diego County on most items. Plants typically arrive in 3 to 5 days. 

North Park Nursery is located at 2335 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104

9) Lively Root

Lively Root Plant Nursery near San Diego, California
Credit: Lively Root

About Lively Root: 

Living Root is a leading houseplant nursery located in San Marcos, California. Here they produce a dizzying area of plant species throughout the year and deliver throughout San Diego County.

Plant Range: 

Here you’ll find one of the most comprehensive collections of homegrown plants featuring numerous options for every type of living environment and most are also available in a range of size options. 

Expect classic houseplants such as Money Trees, Calatheas, Monsteras, Snake Plants, ZZ Plants, Fiddle Leaf Figs, Spider Plants, Dracaenas, in addition to a collection of rarer and harder to find plants such as Aralia Ming Stumps, Flamingo Flowers, and Peacock Plants.

Prices typically range from $20 to $70 based on size and variety

Plant Delivery Options in San Diego:

Plant delivery is available throughout San Diego County. Expect your plants to arrive in 7 to 10 days. 

10) Walter Andersen Nursery

Walter Anderson Nursery in San Diego, California
Credit: Walter Andersen Nursery

About Walter Andersen Nursery: 

Walter Andersen Nursery is a family-run garden center dating all the way back to 1928. This legendary San Diego Garden Center is a mainstay in the community and home to an outstanding array of indoor and outdoor plants and gardening supplies. 

Plant Range & Prices: 

It’s well worth a visit to the nursery to explore what’s available and in season. There is typically a vast array of houseplants from 4” all the way up to specimens. 

Annuals and perennials are available in 6-pack, 4” and gallon containers in addition to an extensive array of vegetable and herb plants. 

There’s also a cool bonsai tree collection in addition to Citrus, Fruit, Bare Root, Ornamental, Evergreen, Deciduous, Conifers, and Street Trees if you’re looking to plant on your property. 

Plant Delivery Options in San Diego:

All plants are available for pick-up or courier collection.

Walter Andersen Nursery is located at 3642 Enterprise St, San Diego, CA 92110

11) Eden

Eden Plant Shop in San Diego, California
Credit: Eden

About Eden: 

Eden is an excellent San Diego plant shop that is owned and operated by North Park Nursery. 

The shop is well regarded for its healthy, happy, and affordable plant life and they cater to both commercial and residential customers. You’ll also find one of the most knowledgeable teams of plant experts around. 

Plant Range & Prices: 

Eden’s plant collections rotate and evolve throughout the year but you’ll find something for every living environment and budget. Expect everything from Ferns, Figs, Philodendrons, Pothos, Calatheas, towering Monsteras, ZZ Plants, Peace Lilies, and much more. 

Plant Delivery Options in San Diego:

All plants are available for pick-up or courier collection.

Eden is located at 4636 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92116

12) Pigment

Pigment Plant Shop in San Diego, California
Credit: Pigment

About Pigment: 

Pigment is a delightful concept store centered around designer gifts, beautiful flora, and plant life in addition to home decor and a range of furniture. 

Today they’ve grown to 3 locations in North Park, Point Loma, and Del Mar. 

Plant Range & Prices: 

In-store and online you’ll find a curated selection of houseplants, cacti, succulents, air plants, and an extensive array of stylish pots and planters. 

There’s an emphasis on younger, smaller plants throughout which make great gifts in addition to starting your own plant collection at home. 

Prices typically range from $5 to $20 and there’s a great choice of Prayer Plants, Ferns, Anthuriums, Philodendrons, Palms, and more. 

Plant Delivery Options in San Diego:

Plants are delivered throughout San Diego County and typically arrive in 7 to 10 days. 

13) Landmark Plant Co. 

Landmark Plant Co. in San Diego, California
Credit: Landmark Plant Co.

About Landmark Plant Co: 

Landmark Plant Co. is a modern plant nursery specializing in unique varieties of indoor plant life, cacti, succulents, and ceramics. 

What’s more, there’s a strong emphasis on environmentally friendly and organic growing processes across their plant collections. 

Plant Range & Prices:   

Here you’ll find a huge variety of plant life for every living environment and budget consideration. 

Smaller ferns, succulents, and cacti start from just $10 and there are options for towering Monstera Adansonii going all the way up to $350 if you’re after something truly spectacular. 

Plant Delivery Options in San Diego:

Plant delivery is available throughout San Diego in addition to curbside pick-up or courier collection. 

Landmark Plant Co. is located at 321 S. Coast HWY, Ste A, Oceanside, California 92054, US

14) Green Gardens Nursery

Green Gardens Nursery and Plant Shop in San Diego, California
Credit: Green Gardens Nursery

About Green Gardens Nursery: 

Green Gardens Nursery is a family-run garden center and plant nursery that’s been serving the local community since 1978. 

They’re loved for their quality plant life, an extensive range of organic supplies, and a super friendly and knowledgeable team of plant experts. 

Plant Range & Prices: 

Here you’ll find a comprehensive collection of tropical and flowering indoor plants, cacti, succulents, and more. 

There’s always a great selection of sizes and they cover all the famed houseplants really well including Fiddle Leaf Figs, Spider Plants, Snake Plants, ZZ Plants, Chinese Evergreens, Ponytail Palms, and many more. 

Prices start from around $10 with larger, more mature specimens from $75+. 

Plant Delivery Options in San Diego:

All plants are available for pick-up or courier collection.

Green Gardens Nursery is located at 4910 Cass St. San Diego CA, 92109

15) Evergreen Nursery

Evergreen Nursery San Diego, California
Credit: Evergreen Nursery

About Evergreen Nursery: 

Evergreen Nursery is one of San Diego’s largest wholesale plant nurseries. 

What’s great is every plant is grown and raised on-site and they sell to everyday customers in addition to plant stores and other nurseries in the area. 

Everything is sold by container size and there’s usually a good selection available across most plant varieties. 

Plant Range & Prices:   

Evergreen Nursery is home to a dizzying array of native Californian plants, drought-tolerant plants, cacti, succulents, palm trees, roses, and house plants. 

They have a user-friendly plant catalog online and you can also swing by to browse in person (or arrive armed with a list of plants that you’re after and the onsite team will help you locate!). 

Plant Delivery Options in San Diego:

Plants are available for pick-up only.

Evergreen Nursery has 3 locations (Carmel Valley, East County, and North Country Coastal).

San Diego Plant Delivery Buying Guide FAQs:

How do I get Plants delivered to my home in San Diego, CA? 

Many local San Diego plant stores and Garden Centers in addition to several online plant delivery specialists provide a range of standard and expedited plant delivery services to homes throughout San Diego, California. Most use a range of innovative packaging technology to ensure plants (of all shapes and sizes) arrive healthy and undamaged.

What house plants do well in San Diego, CA? 

Whilst every plant will have its own particular preferences in terms of light, temperature, water, and feeding, many plants will thrive with the correct care and attention in San Diego. Houseplants in particular are native to tropical and humid climates so where possible look to boost the moisture level in the air to negate the effects of any dry seasons. In addition, consider drought-tolerant plant varieties including cacti, succulents, and houseplants such as ZZ Plants.

What Zone is San Diego for planting?

The city of San Diego is classed as a general hardiness zone of 8a, 8b, 9a, 9b, 10a, and 10b. The surrounding areas may be classified differently. 

How much is Plant Delivery in San Diego, CA?

Plant delivery is often included for free on orders over a certain value (typically $50+). There may be additional delivery fees ranging from $5 to $20 for expedited or weekend delivery slots or if the plant is of a particularly large size.


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