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7 of the best orchid delivery services in Miami today

Orchids are exquisite flowering plants and readily available year-round from leading florists serving the Greater Miami area. Cherished for their beauty and symbolism, these potted flowers make exceptional gifts as well as impeccable ornamental arrangements in the home. Orchids are also extremely easy to care for and should stay in bloom for many weeks with a little spruce-up now and again. Here you’ll find 7 of our favorite orchid delivery services in Miami from outstanding studios curating an array of contemporary and classical arrangements.

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The Bouqs

Orchids from $60. Next-day orchid delivery to Greater Miami.

The Bouqs Orchid Delivery Miami
Credit: The Bouqs


Having wowed investors on Shark Tank with their farm-to-door floristry recipe, The Bouqs have continued their steady rise to national flower and plant retailer of some repute. There’s some clever science going on which truly helps them stand-out from the crowd. The Bouqs has developed a unique method to carefully hydrate the flower blooms which helps preserve freshness (often days and weeks longer). Well worth a look.

Trias Flowers

Orchids from $65. Same-day Miami orchid delivery – orders by 12 pm.

Trias White Orchid Delivery Miami
Credit: Trias Flowers


One of our favorite florists in Miami, Trias Flowers has deep roots in the flower world dating back to the early 1900s in Cuba. Their Miami outpost, built from the ground up in 1990, is a story of love, passion, and perseverance. Today, this highly-regarded studio curate one of the most expansive flowers and plant collections in the city. Their orchid arrangements are no different, expect an expertly considered selection of potted orchid plants suitable for a host of occasions.

Natural Orchids Boutique

Orchids from just $12.50. Same-day orchid delivery in Miami – orders by 1 pm. 

Natural Orchids Boutique Miami
Credit: Natural Orchids Boutique


Natural Orchids Boutique carries a diverse, hand-selected range of elegant and exotic orchids perfect for a host of special occasions. Here you’ll find an extensive assortment of Phalaenopsis orchids, Cattleya orchids, Dendrobium orchids, and many more vibrant colors and arrangements. 


Orchids from $75, next-day orchid delivery in Miami.

UrbanStems Orchid Delivery Miami
Credit: UrbanStems


UrbanStems are the modern trailblazers intent on making flower and plant gifting a better experience. Here you’ll find impeccable attention to detail, super smooth ordering and best-in-class customer service. Designs are modern and contemporary – each expertly curated by a highly skilled in-house design team. Every orchid is named after a sweet treat as well which we like! 

The Orchid House

From $85. Same-day orchid delivery in Miami – orders by 11 am. 

The Orchid House Miami Delivery
Credit: The Orchid House


Located on Coral Way, The Orchid House curate one the most decadent and expansive orchid collections in the city. Expect an exquisite array of styles, colors and varieties carefully arranged in decorative containers from the skilled in-house design team. Shipping is FREE throughout Miami. 

Boutique Orchid

Orchids from $40. Next-day orchid delivery in Miami. 

Boutique Orchid Miami
Credit: Boutique Orchid


Boutique Orchid is a highly regarded floral design studio catering to a host of events, leading businesses and the go-to for many special occasions. Here you’ll find a passionate floral design studio curating a broad collection of potted orchid arrangements. In addition, the studio will also happily cater to any specific arrangement requests. They also provide an on-going plant-care service to ensure your plants stay in optimal condition.

Avant Gardens

Orchids from $49.95. Next-day orchid delivery in Miami.


Avant Gardens is the creation of Rick Interian, a New Jersey native who moved down to sunny Florida over 35 years ago. The business has built an enviable client list and grown from an original location of 600 sq feet to a dedicated 10,000 sq foot location today on Bird and 72nd. Expect a vibrant range of classical and contemporary orchid arrangements bursting with color and creativity.

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