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The Best Online Florists for Mother’s Day Flowers 

All Moms love flowers. That’s a fact! As such, your best bet is to order some nice ones to celebrate Mother’s Day this year. We’ve tried and tested countless online florists over the past few years, and here you’ll find our top picks for Mother’s Day flower delivery 2022. We’ve included options for a range of style preferences and budget considerations, and many offer very flexible delivery options (including on the day – Sunday, May 8th, if you weren’t sure). Wishing all Moms a beautiful day. Enjoy! 

16 Best Options for Online Mother’s Day Flower Delivery:

1) UrbanStemsBest for Seasonal, On-Trend Flowers$$
2) From You FlowersBest for Affordable Flowers$
3) Ode à la RoseBest for Stylish French Floristry$$$
4) FloomBest for Artisan & Eclectic Arrangements$$$
5) TelefloraBest for Locally Crafted Flower Arrangements$
6) BloomsyBoxBest for Farm-Fresh Flowers$
7) TerrainBest for Wild & Ethereal Designs$$$
8) The BouqsBest for Eco-Friendly Flowers$$
9) FLOWERBXBest for Luxury Flower Delivery$$$
10) Enjoy FlowersBest for Affordable Subscriptions$$
11) ProFlowersBest for Modern & Stylish Arrangements$
12) Roses OnlyBest for Lavish Roses$$$
13) The SillBest for Potted Orchids$$$
14) 1800 FlowersBest for Convenience$
15) Farmgirl FlowersBest for Whimsical Floristry$$$
16) H BloomBest for Custom & Bespoke Floristry$

The Best Online Mother’s Day Flower Delivery Services:

1) UrbanStems ($$) 

  • Best for on-trend, seasonal Mother’s Day arrangements. 
  • Prices from $50 per bouquet
UrbanStems Online Mother's Day Flower Delivery
Credit: Petal Republic

About UrbanStems:

UrbanStems are loved for their stylish flower arrangements, which are crafted in partnership with the likes of Vogue, Kate Spade, and other expert designs teams. There’s also a cool collection of modern house plants, cacti, orchids, and succulents for alternative Mother’s Day gifts. 

Mother’s Day Collections: 

Here you’ll find a lovely collection of beautifully composed floral bouquets and vase arrangements that mirror the season at hand. Expect excellent use of texture, color, and fragrance throughout, with many floral arrangements available in a range of size options depending on how grand you’re looking to go. 

Signature bouquets typically range from $50 to $80, with houseplants starting from around $35. Mother’s Day flower subscriptions are also available. 

Mother’s Day Flower Delivery Options: 

UrbanStems offer same-day online flower delivery to several cities, including New York and Washington DC, and next-day delivery throughout the rest of the United States. 

What We Love: 

  • Stylish, on-trend flower arrangements that mirror the changing seasons. 
  • Creative use of interesting stem combinations, color, texture, and fragrances. 
  • Fast and efficient ordering and very flexible subscription plans. 
  • Prices feel reasonable given the quality. 


  • Some slight wilting of the outside petals may be noted on bouquets that need to ship to particularly cold or hot regions. 

For more, see our hands-on UrbanStems flower delivery review here

2) From You Flowers ($) 

  • Best for affordable Mother’s Day flower delivery
  • Prices start as low as $25
From You Flowers Cheap Online Mother's Day Flower Delivery
Credit: Petal Republic

About FromYouFlowers: 

No one does cheap online Mother’s Day flower delivery quite as well as From You Flowers. Here you’ll find a dizzying assortment of occasion-ready floral arrangements to pick from filled with countless blooms, including roses, tulips, carnations, peonies, lilies, gerberas, and hydrangeas, to name but a few. 

There’s also a great selection of Mother’s Day gift baskets, house plants, dish gardens, cacti, succulents, and terrariums.

Mother’s Day Collections:

FromYouFlowers is home to one of the most extensive collections of fresh flower arrangements under $40. 

Mother’s Day bouquets start from just $30, and there’s a vast inventory of color palettes, styles, and stem combinations to pick from. 

Mother’s Day Flower Delivery Options: 

Same-day online flower delivery is available throughout the United States. 

What We Love: 

  • Fresh, seasonal arrangements produced by local florists in your area. 
  • Prices are hard to beat. 
  • Flexible same-day delivery options 7-days a week.  


  • Shipping costs can quickly add up depending on your location and preferred delivery options.
  • Pictures online sometimes don’t quite match the final design. 

For more, see our hands-on From You Flowers delivery review here.

3) Ode à la Rose ($$$) 

  • Best for stylish French floristry. 
  • Prices typically from $70. 
Ode a la Rose Online Mother's Day Flower Delivery
Credit: Petal Republic

About Ode à la Rose:

Ode à la Rose is the creation of 2 Parisian ex-pats who dreamt of re-creating their beloved French floral traditions right here in the US. They started out in NYC and have quickly grown to serve the entire country today with timeless and classic European floral designs. We loved their style and attention to detail in our hands-on tests. 

Mother’s Day Collections:

As you might expect, Ode à la Rose is famed for its rose collection featuring a stunning variety of rose flowers and colors. 

You’ll also find an excellent array of mixed-seasonal bouquets featuring exquisite peonies, ranunculus, carnations, alstroemeria, calla lilies, and more, making lovely gifting arrangements for Mother’s Day celebrations. 

Smaller arrangements start from under $50 but expect to pay around $70 to $100 for one of the studio’s signature floral creations.

Mother’s Day Flower Delivery Options: 

Same-day online flower delivery is available across Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Philadelphia, and the next day throughout the rest of the United States. 

What We Love: 

  • Beautifully crafted floral arrangements. 
  • Premium and high-quality flowers.
  • Chic, stylish packaging. 


  • Availability and delivery options may vary by region. 

For more, see our hands-on Ode à la Rose review here

4) Floom ($$$) 

  • Best for artisan and eclectic floristry. 
  • Prices from $75. 
Floom Online Mother's Day Flower Delivery
Credit: Floom

About Floom:

Floom’s been a massive success since launching just a few years back and is rapidly expanding to cover numerous cities throughout the United States. 

What’s great is they bring together the best independent, creative, and artisan floristry studios in your local area in one easy-to-use website. Prices tend to be a little higher than you’ll find elsewhere but we’ve found their arrangements to be unique, one-of-a-kind floral creations from some of the best up-and-coming floristry teams. 

Mother’s Day Collections:

Simply enter your zip code when you land on Floom’s site, and they’ll filter through and show you all the floral designs being created and available to order for Mother’s Day.

There’s typically a great variety of bouquets and floral arrangements to pick from, covering both classical and more creative compositions. Expect to pay around $75 for a signature bouquet or vase arrangement. 

You’ll also find a wide assortment of interesting houseplants, artistically composed terrariums, dish gardens, cacti, and more. 

Mother’s Day Flower Delivery Options: 

Floom provides same-day flower delivery throughout many cities across the US, including New York City, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Houston. 

What We Loved: 

  • Unique, one-of-a-kind floristry. 
  • Beautiful attention to detail. 


  • A premium option with many arrangements running to $150 or more. 

5) Teleflora ($) 

  • Best for locally crafted flower arrangements.
  • Prices from $40
Teleflora Online Mother's Day Flower Delivery Service
Credit: Petal Republic

About Teleflora:

Teleflora is the platform that brings together all the local flower shops and floristry studios in one easy-to-use site. This landmark flower delivery business (in operation for over 80 years) boasts around 10,000 member florists spanning North America today. 

The Teleflora difference has always been about that personal touch. Every arrangement is handcrafted by a genuine local floristry team and delivered fresh the same day. We found this to be a notable difference to receive a hand-delivered arrangement that’s composed and ready to display on delivery compared to the classic cardboard box filled with flowers that needs a little work to arrange. 

Mother’s Day Collections: 

Mother’s Day flower arrangements tend to lean on classical and timeless styles, and there’s always a range of options for most budget considerations, with simple collections starting from around $25. 

Mother’s Day Flower Delivery Options:

Same-day and next-day online flower delivery are available throughout the United States. 

What We Love: 

  • Simple, timeless, and classical floral designs. 
  • Hand-delivered flower arrangements (no packaging to deal with!).
  • Incredibly fresh flowers.


  • Floral designs are a little modest.

For more, see our hands-on Teleflora review here

6) BloomsyBox ($) 

  • Best for affordable, farm-fresh flowers.
  • Weekly or Monthly Flower subscription boxes start at $45.
BloomsyBox Mother's Day Flower Delivery
Credit: Petal Republic

About BloomsyBox:

BloomsyBox works with a network of over 40 family-run flower farms to produce their extensive floral collections. There are no middlemen, warehouses, or storefronts to get in the way either. Every arrangement is composed shortly after cutting at the farm and shipped directly to your doorstep. In our hands-on tests, we were enthused by the quality of flowers as well as the generous bouquet sizes for the price. 

Mother’s Day Collections:

BloomsyBox is well regarded for its affordable weekly and monthly flower subscription boxes featuring a choice of mixed seasonal flowers, roses, or deluxe stems. Prices start from just $39.99 per order. 

Individual bouquets range from $40 to $55 and feature a wide variety of color palettes and stem combinations. Just be sure to plan a week or more in advance as all orders are cut for delivery (so it takes a few days to process). 

Mother’s Day Flower Delivery Options:

BloomsyBox delivers farm-fresh flowers for free nationwide throughout the United States. Orders typically arrive within 5 to 8 days. 

What We Love: 

  • Very generous bouquet sizes for the price. 
  • Choice of classic flowers in addition to tropical blooms
  • Bouquets looked great on delivery and required minimal reworking.
  • Unique subscription plans are produced in partnership with New York Botanical Garden.


  • Flowers are typically shipped directly from International producers, so there’s a bit of mileage that comes with each arrangement. 

For more, see our hands-on BloomsyBox review here

7) Terrain ($$$) 

  • Best for wild, natural, and ethereal floral designs. 
  • Prices from $70 typically. 
Terrain Mother's Day Flower Delivery
Credit: Petal Republic

About Terrain:

Terrain is a modern reimagination of the classic garden center and has several locations dotted around the US today. Here they produce an excellent array of fresh flowers and plants throughout the year, composed across a range of natural and free-flowing designs. 

Mother’s Day Collections: 

Terrain curates a wide assortment of fresh, dried, and faux floral arrangements for Mother’s Day each year. Each is elegantly composed in a choice of wrapped bouquets or vase arrangements. 

We love Terrain for its excellent choice of interesting and hard-to-find blooms throughout the year such as Chocolate Cosmos, Pepperberry Branches, Amaranth, Pink Veronica, Eucalyptus, and blue and white Scabosia bunches to name but a few. 

Signature flower arrangements typically range from $50 to $100. This is an excellent choice for elegant floristry and unique floral designs for Mother’s Day this year.

Mother’s Day Flower Delivery Options: 

Terrain offers nationwide online flower delivery. Orders typically arrive within 5 to 7 days, so it’s best to plan a week or so in advance though expedited shipping options are available. 

What We Love:

  • Wild, natural, and free-flowing floral designs. 
  • Homegrown and domestic flowers predominantly.


  • Due to availability, we’ve had flowers swapped out for replacements on two occasions. 
  • Delicate flowers haven’t arrived in pristine condition, so we recommend sticking to robust stem options where possible. 

For more, see our hands-on Terrain review here

8) The Bouqs ($$) 

  • Best for eco-friendly Mother’s Day flowers. 
  • Weekly or Monthly Flower subscription boxes start at $36.
The Bouqs Mother's Day Flower Delivery Service
Credit: Petal Republic

About The Bouqs:

LA’s finest have been making serious waves in the online flower delivery world ever since their appearance on the popular investment show ‘Shark Tank’ a few years back. 

They’re known for their modern, fresh, and stylish floral arrangements and commitment to sourcing fresh blooms from sustainable growers across California and South America. 

They’ve also invented some neat tricks, such as a unique patented process of treating fresh cut flowers, which helps preserve their longevity for days longer than you might find elsewhere. Sweet. 

Mother’s Day Collections: 

We love the wide variety of mixed-stem bouquets for Mother’s Day. All arrangements arrive carefully boxed and pre-bloom, so you’ll enjoy their entire spectacle for longer on delivery. 

Prices are also affordable, with many signature arrangements starting from around $40. They also offer a weekly or monthly flower subscription service in addition to an extensive collection of tropical houseplants, cacti, succulents, and orchids. 

Mothers’ Day Flower Delivery Options: 

Same-day online flower delivery is available across many orders and next-day or specified-day delivery throughout the United States. 

What We Love: 

  • Bright, fresh, and modern floral designs. 
  • A generous number of stems are included in each bouquet. 
  • The packaging was robust, well constructed, and recyclable. 


  • Each arrangement arrives boxed from the farm and typically requires a little work to make the bouquet look perfect. 
  • Some moms will love this, and others might prefer a ready-to-go bouquet. Worth keeping in mind. 

For more, see our hands-on Bouqs flower delivery review here.

9) FLOWERBX ($$$) 

  • Best for luxury Mother’s Day flower delivery. 
  • Prices from $60.
Flowerbx flowers for Mother's Day


FLOWERBX is the creation of ex-Tom Ford exec Whitney Bromberg Hawkings. They’re loved by the fashion crowd, as you might imagine, and stand out for their exceptional range of flowers and commitment to quality (as well as style). 

Mother’s Day Collections:

Here’s where you go for sumptuous single-variety floral arrangements. We love the excellent selection of rare, unique, and hard-to-find flowers that you won’t typically find elsewhere. The Mother’s Day flower collections mirror what’s in season and available but expect a great choice of roses, ranunculus, lisianthus, delphiniums, calla lilies, and hydrangeas, to name but a few. 

Mother’s Day Flower Delivery Options:

Same-day online Mother’s Day flower delivery is available throughout New York City and Los Angeles and the next day throughout much of the United States.

What We Love: 

  • Lovely variety of seasonal flowers you won’t always find elsewhere. 
  • Quality stems sourced from leading domestic and international producers. 


  • Single variety flower arrangements only. 

10) Enjoy Flowers ($$) 

  • Best for affordable flower subscriptions. 
  • Prices start at $44.
Enjoy Flowers Mother's Day Flower Delivery
Credit: Petal Republic

About Enjoy Flowers:

Enjoy Flowers is a family-run online flower delivery specialist with over five decades of experience in the floristry world. 

All their fresh flowers are sourced from a select network of eco-conscious growers throughout South America. They primarily ship bouquets and floral arrangements directly from the farm to homes and offices throughout the country. This helps to keep prices down and the blooms super fresh. 

Mother’s Day Collections: 

We love Enjoy Flowers for their affordable weekly and monthly flower subscription services, in addition to offering a broad array of individual bouquets and floral arrangements. 

What’s great is that their farms benefit from ideal year-round growing conditions that ensure there’s a wide assortment of flower varieties and stem combinations to pick from.

Flower subscriptions start from just $44, with one-time bouquets from $59 (featuring 20 to 25 farm-fresh stems). 

Mother’s Day Flower Delivery Options: 

Free online flower delivery is available throughout the United States. Orders typically arrive within 7 to 10 days. 

What We Loved: 

  • Modern, bright, and playful floral designs. 
  • Very fresh and high-quality flowers. 
  • Robust and recyclable packaging with each delivery. 


  • A limited number of bouquet options.
  • Need to order at least a week in advance for the first order. 

For more, see our hands-on Enjoy Flowers review here

11) ProFlowers ($) 

  • Best for modern and stylish arrangements. 
  • Prices start from $40.
Proflowers Same Day Mother's Day Flower Delivery
Credit: Petal Republic

About ProFlowers:

ProFlowers is a staple in the online flower delivery world. They’re known for their modern floral designs and speedy flower delivery services throughout the country. They also regularly feature top of highly regarded J.D. Power Rankings for best customer satisfaction. We’ve found their arrangements to be generous and beautifully composed in our hands-on tests.

Mother’s Day Collections: 

ProFlowers does a great job catering to a host of budget considerations. Virtually every composed flower bouquet or floral arrangement for Mother’s Day is available in a range of size options and style twists if you’re after something simple and affordable for every day or truly grand. 

In addition to fresh blooms, ProFlowers also carry many flowering plants, orchids, dish gardens, house plants, succulents, and cacti. Prices start from around $25. 

Mother’s Day Flower Delivery Options 

Same-day and next-day online flower delivery are available throughout the United States. 

What We Love: 

  • Affordable prices. 
  • Multiple size options to pick from.
  • Arrangements arrive in robust, well-protected packaging. 
  • The number of flowers included is generous. 


  • Could be more arrangements, styles, and color palettes to pick from. 
  • Can’t specify exact flower types. 

For more, see our hands-on ProFlowers review here

12) Roses Only ($$$) 

  • Best for lavish Mother’s Day roses.
  • Prices from $50. 
Roses Only Mother's Day Flower Delivery Service
Credit: Petal Republic

About Roses Only:

Roses Only are the creation of an intrepid Aussie entrepreneur intent on locating the finest rose flowers on earth. These happen to be produced across equatorial lines at incredibly high altitudes (at least 8,000 feet) – the perfect climate apparently for long-stemmed, grand, luscious rose blooms. 

Mother’s Day Collections:

Here you’ll find a vast assortment of immaculately composed rose arrangements. There are the de facto classic dozen red roses and a range of color options (including yellow, pinks, oranges, and white roses that are all excellent choices for Mother’s Day gifts). 

Prices start from $49 for one of their signature boxed, long-stem red rose arrangements, or you can push the boat out with 50 stems (around $150). 

Mother’s Day Flower Delivery Options: 

Same-day online flower delivery is available in NYC, Los Angeles, and San Diego and next-day nationwide (deliveries are typically made Tuesday to Saturday each week). 

What We Love: 

  • Luscious roses in varying stem lengths and color palettes. 
  • Floral gifts can be paired with champagne, chocolates, and other items. 
  • The packaging feels special and gift-worthy. 


  • Changes to delivery dates after placing an order are difficult to amend. 
  • Roses are typically shipped directly from South American and International producers so there’s some mileage behind each arrangement. 

For more, see our hands-on Roses Only flower delivery review here.

13) The Sill ($$$)

  • Best for potted orchids. 
  • Prices from $78
The Sill Flower and Plant Delivery service for Mother's Day
Credit: The Sill

About The Sill:

The Sill is a cool, modern house plant collective renowned for its stunning variety of plant life. They also go over and above to ensure your new plants thrive in your home and offer some of the most stylish planters and pots in the business. We’ve found their post-sales support to be some of the most helpful and genuine around. 

Mother’s Day Collections:

The Sill curates an exquisite collection of white and pink orchids for the home or office, starting from $75. In addition, you’ll find all the classic houseplant favorites, including Fiddle Leaf Figs, Snake Plants, Monstera Deliciosa, Ferns, Indoor Palm Trees, and more. Each arrives ‘ready-to-go’ on delivery featuring the appropriate soil mix, stylish planter, and expert care instructions.

Mother’s Day Flower Delivery Options:

The Sill delivers orchids and plants nationwide. Orders typically arrive within 7 to 10 days. 

What We Love: 

  • Very stylishly composed plants.
  • Expert post-sales support to ensure your plant thrives.


  • Order processing and shipping typically take at least a week, so you’ll need to order in plenty of time ahead of Mother’s Day.

14) 1800 Flowers ($) 

  • Best for convenience. 
  • Flower arrangements start at $30.
1800 Flowers for Mother's Day
Credit: 1800 Flowers

About 1800 Flowers:

1800 Flowers have been in operation for over 40 years now and remains one of the biggest flower delivery providers in the country. 

Here you’ll find a world of choice for every gifting occasion imaginable, including Mother’s Day flowers, birthdays, anniversaries, romance, sympathy & condolence, weddings, celebrations, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more. 

Mother’s Day Collections:

Seasonal mixed-flower bouquets for Mother’s Day start as low as $29.99. There are numerous premium options from $50 to $80+ if you’re after something more significant or a little more spectacular for a particular gifting occasion. 

What’s more, you’ll find options for both classical and contemporary styles, and you can add a choice of vases with every order as well.

There’s also a very affordable collection of house plants, flowering plants, orchids, cacti, and succulents starting from $25. 

Mother’s Day Flower Delivery Options:

Same-day online flower delivery is available throughout the United States on most orders. 

What We Love: 

  • Fast and clutter-free ordering. 
  • Flexible delivery options.
  • Free glass vase with each delivery.


  • Classic and traditional arrangements required a little work to style at home.

15) Farmgirl Flowers ($$$) 

  • Best for whimsical floristry. 
  • Prices from $59.
Farmgirl Flowers Bouquets for Mother's Day
Credit: Farmgirl Flowers

About Farmgirl Flowers:

Farmgirl Flowers are an excellent option for ethically sourced and beautifully composed floral arrangements. They also deliver throughout the country today and are well regarded for the personal touch given to every handcrafted flower arrangement. 

Mother’s Day Collections:

Farmgirl Flowers are famed for their signature seasonal burlap-wrapped bouquets. Fifteen stems start at $59, with options up to $99 for thirty-five stems. 

You’ll also find a range of single variety flower bunches such as Californian marigolds or Chilean peonies from (from $75) in addition to several luxurious and contemporary mixed-flower arrangements for Mother’s Day, complete with a chic vase (ranging from $75 to $115).

Mother’s Day Flower Delivery Options:

The Farmgirl Flowers online flower delivery service is available nationwide. Orders typically arrive within 3 to 5 days. 

What We Loved: 

  • Stylish and inventive floristry.
  • Responsibly sourced flowers. 


  • Smaller arrangements feel relatively modest, so we recommend considering regular-sized or larger arrangements if feasible. 

16) H Bloom ($$$$)

  • Best for Custom & Bespoke floristry.
  • Prices start from $85.
H Bloom Luxury Mother's Day Flower Delivery
Credit: H Bloom

About H Bloom:

Founded back in 2010, H Bloom focuses on premium and luxurious floral designs and caters to both corporate clients in addition to online flower delivery to homes throughout the country for Mother’s Day and other gifting occasions.  

Mother’s Day Collections:

H Bloom is known for its upmarket, contemporary style, which features a great choice of wrapped bouquets and vase arrangements for Mother’s Day gifting. Their stylish, signature floral creations typically range from $75 to $125+. 

Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly home flower delivery subscriptions are also available, starting from $75 per order going up to $175 if you’re after something truly decadent. 

Mother’s Day Flower Delivery Options:

H Bloom online flower delivery is available nationwide throughout the USA. Orders are typically delivered within 3 to 5 days. 

What We Loved: 

  • Stylish and contemporary floral designs. 
  • Bespoke and customized service.


  • Expensive relative to other flower delivery services. 

Online Flower Delivery Buying Guide for Mother’s Day:

There’s a good variety of online florists delivering Mother’s Day flower arrangements throughout the United States today. We’ve included our primary considerations below:

How do online flower deliveries work for Mother’s Day?

The majority of online flower delivery specialists offer a range of flexible delivery options to homes, offices, and venues throughout the United States. Mother’s Day flowers are typically packed pre-bloom in specially designed delivery boxes to protect the flowers in transit. If you or the recipient is not home to accept delivery, the flowers will typically be left in a safe place such as with a doorman, neighbor, or pre-appointed place for your to collect.

How much do online Mother’s Day flower delivery arrangements cost?

Expect traditional and low-cost Mother’s Day flower arrangements to range from $25 to $50 typically. More creative and expansive bouquets and floral designs typically range from $50 to $150 or more.

Where are my online Mother’s Day flowers coming from?

Many specialist online flower delivery services ship bouquets and seasonal flower arrangements directly from domestic and South American flower farms. Some of the largest online florists (such as Teleflora, ProFlowers, and 1800 Flowers) also partner with local florists in your area to fulfill Mother’s Day flower delivery.

Where do online flower delivery services ship to for Mother’s Day?

The majority of online flower delivery specialists deliver within the contiguous, lower 48 states in North America. We’d recommend double-checking with the respective merchant regarding delivery options to Alaska, Hawaii, and the US Virgin Islands for instance.

How much are online flower delivery fees for Mother’s Day?

Delivery fees typically range from $10 to $20 per order depending on the size of the arrangement, your zip code, and whether you’ve requested expedited delivery (such as same-day or on the day of Mother’s Day). Some merchants do offer free delivery if you reach a certain threshold in terms of order value (typically $80 to $100).

What time of day do Mother’s Day flowers get delivered?

The vast majority of online florists ship through delivery partners such as FedEx. For most locations, you’ll typically receive a 12-hour delivery window on your chosen delivery date so you may need to specify a suitable drop-off spot or location in the event you (or your recipient) might not be around to accept receipt. This will vary by city, and region as well as the respective florist who may provide greater flexibility and specified delivery windows throughout the week or on the day of Mother’s Day.

How does Petal Republic build their reviews and recommendations?

Our fundamental mission at Petal Republic is to showcase exceptional floristry across a global network of cities where we live and work. Here are the key pillars that guide us: 

  • Floral Design: floral creativity, style, and artistry are paramount to us. We strive to uncover exceptional florists and highly skilled floral design studios curating unique, personalized, and compelling floral arrangements. In addition, we celebrate a broad array of styles be they classical, contemporary, artistic, or avant-garde. 
  • Shopping and delivery: we look for the best customer experience. In particular, websites and shopping channels that are easy to navigate, have smooth and simple purchase functions, clearly represent on screen what the customer will actually receive, and provide choice and flexibility with ordering and delivery. 
  • Customer feedback: based on our own hands-on, in-depth shopping experiences, speaking to other recent customers directly, recommendations and opinions from industry experts, as well as consolidating wider reviews and benchmarks across social media and other channels. 
  • Sustainability: floristry, like any industry, has a responsibility to improve and promote sustainable business practices. Accordingly, we embrace those who are instigating change and working to make the planet a better, cleaner place today and for the future.   


We are a floristry, plant, and lifestyle city resource curated by a passionate team of horticulturists, floral & plant enthusiasts, budding designers, and intrepid urban gardeners. We're committed to showcasing the best in floral and plant design, sharing our experience and recommendations on the best blooms and greenery for every occasion, season, and living environment, and spreading our love of the enchanting world of flowers and plants.

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