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The Best Options for Mother’s Day Flowers in Los Angeles

Welcome to our local guide to Mother’s Day flower delivery in Los Angeles. Here you’ll find a collection of our favorite local florists and flower delivery specialists for Mother’s Day flowers this year. We’ve included options for a host of style preferences and budget considerations, and many offer very flexible delivery options throughout Los Angles County. As a reminder, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 8th this year. Enjoy! 

The Best Mother’s Day Flower Delivery Services in Los Angeles: 

1) Ode à la RoseChic French Floristry$$$
2) UrbanStemsStylish & On-Trend$$
3) Fiore DesignsRomantic & Whimsical$$$
4) FloomArtisan & Eclectic$$$
5) From You FlowersClassical & Contemporary$
6) twig & twineArtistic & Eclectic$$$$
7) The BouqsFarm-Fresh & Seasonal$
8) ProFlowersClassical & Contemporary$$
9) The Unlikely FloristWild & Artistic$$$
10) Brad Larsen FloralTimeless & Elegant$$$$
11) WildFloraChic Dried & Fresh Flowers$$$
12) Anthony’s FlowersTimeless & Elegant$$$
13) French FloristClassical & Contemporary$$
14) Seed FloralOrganic & Eco-Friendly$$$
15) Orchid RepublicLuxury & Bespoke$$$
16) Sonny AlexanderArtisan & Contemporary$$$
17) Mark’s GardenLuxury & Bespoke$$$
18) XO BloomClassical & Contemporary$$$$

The Best Florists for Mother’s Day Flower Delivery in Los Angeles:

1) Ode à la Rose ($$$) 

Exquisite French floristry. Prices from around $80+.  

Ode a la Rose Mother's Day Flowers in Los Angeles
Credit: Ode à la Rose

About Ode à la Rose:

Ode à la Rose is a chic French floristry studio with deep roots in Parisian floral design. 

They are best known for their lovingly crafted and beautifully packaged flower arrangements with a contemporary European twist. Expect a lovely variety of roses, of course, in addition to a range of beautiful seasonal flowers, chic dried floral arrangements, and elegantly composed orchids.

Prices typically start from around $80 for one of the studio’s signature arrangements, and Mother’s Day flower delivery services are available same-day, next-day, specified day across Los Angeles County.

For more, see our in-depth Ode à la Rose review here

2) UrbanStems ($$) 

A stylish, on-trend Los Angeles flower delivery specialist.

UrbanStems Mother's Day Flower Delivery in Los Angeles
Credit: UrbanStems

About UrbanStems:

UrbanStems is a very popular opinion for on-trend, vibrant, and color-filled arrangements that are curated in partnership with the likes of Vogue, Kate Spade, and other leading collaborations. 

Here you’ll find beautifully composed flower bouquets and vase arrangements that mirror the seasons and important floral gifting occasions throughout the year. 

Expect lots of beautiful blooms to pick from spanning roses, peonies, ranunculus, calla lilies, delphiniums, tulips, and lavender, to name but a few. 

A signature UrbanStems bouquet typically ranges from $50 to $80, with houseplants starting from around $35. Mother’s Day delivery is available throughout Los Angeles County. 

For more, see our in-depth UrbanStems review here

3) Fiore Designs ($$$)   

Romantic and whimsical floral arrangements from $50. 

Fiore Designs and Flower Delivery for Mother's Day
Credit: Fiore Designs


Fiore Designs is a very stylish, full-service floristry studio located in Venice. They cater to flower delivery services throughout Los Angeles in addition to weekly floral subscriptions, wedding flowers, special events, and floral styling for venues and photoshoots. 

Here you’ll find romantic and fairytale-esque floral designs mixing beautiful seasonal flowers, foliage, and textural elements across an array of imaginative floral arrangements—an excellent option for special a special floral gift for Mother’s Day. 

Hand-tied bouquets start from $50 with larger, more elaborate floral creations from $125 if you’re after a truly stunning arrangement.

Same-day delivery is available throughout Los Angeles from Wednesday to Friday each week. 

4) Floom ($$$)

The best artisan floristry studios in Los Angeles. Prices from $50. 

Floom Luxury Flower for Mother's Day in Los Angeles
Credit: Floom


Floom’s the unique local flower shop network that brings together all the best Los Angles-based artisan floristry studios in one easy-to-use website. Here you’ll find one-of-a-kind floral arrangements crafted by some of the best floristry teams in the city. Expect a wild mix of original and timeless designs and a host of stylish compositions for all of life’s key moments.

What’s more, they pride themselves on ensuring that what you see on screen is exactly what you receive – lovingly curated bouquets and vase arrangements for Mother’s Day with handwritten cards from independent artisans hand-delivered to your door. They’re also a great option for gift baskets in Los Angeles.

Fresh, seasonal mixed bouquets typically start from around $50 with larger, more expansive creations from $75 to $150+.

Floom also offers same-day Mother’s Day flower delivery throughout Los Angeles.

5) From You Flowers ($) 

A popular option for cheap and speedy flower delivery throughout Los Angeles. 

From You Flowers Cheap Flower Delivery for Mother's Day
Credit: From You Flowers

About From You Flowers: 

From You Flowers offer one of the most extensive and dependable cheap flower delivery services in Los Angeles. In short, you’ll struggle to find a more comprehensive collection of flower bouquets and vase arrangements for Mother’s Day under $50 anywhere else. 

What’s more, there’s a vast inventory of fresh seasonal flowers to pick from spanning roses, tulips, carnations, daisies, sunflowers, lilies, and orchids, to name but a few.

There’s also a good variety of floral styles to be found covering both traditional and more contemporary designs. Plus there’s a great collection of affordable Mother’s Day gift baskets.

Same-day flower delivery is available across Los Angeles County 7 days a week.

For more, see our in-depth From You Flowers review here

6) twig & twine ($$$$)

Custom, seasonal, and handcrafted Mother’s Day floral arrangements. Prices from $100. 

Twig and Twine Mother's Day Flowers
Credit: twig & twine


twig & twine may require a little pre-planning for Mother’s Day – delivery across Los Angeles is only available on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays – but when you’re getting seasonal, local, handcrafted floral design expertly curated for each order received then it can be worth the little extra planning ahead. 

We recommend ordering 1 to 2 weeks ahead of time to ensure availability and delivery slots to suit your needs.   

Prices start from around $100 for a mixed bouquet or signature flower arrangement and $150 for more expansive floral creations.

Flower deliveries are typically made Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays each week. We recommended ordering 48 hours+ in advance where possible. 

7) The Bouqs ($)    

Farm-fresh, seasonal flower arrangements. Prices from $40. 

The Bouqs Mother's Day Flower Delivery Service in Los Angeles
Credit: The Bouqs


Based out of Marina del Rey, The Bouqs is an excellent online Mother’s Day flower delivery service for a beautiful bouquet from a stylish, contemporary, eco-friendly local florist.

In addition, they work with an extensive network of growers both domestically and internationally to curate a broad and diverse collection of floral arrangements. They also offer a great weekly and monthly flower subscription, which makes a lovely gift for Mother’s Day. 

Individual bouquets start from $40. Expect to pay $75+ for larger bouquets and $100+ more expansive creations.

The Bouqs offers standard and expedited flower delivery options throughout Los Angeles County. Nationwide delivery is also available if you’re looking to send further afield.

For more, see our in-depth Bouqs review here

8) ProFlowers ($$) 

Trusted online flower delivery specialist for affordable Mother’s Day flowers crafted by local florists in LA. 

ProFlowers Same Day Mother's Day Flower Delivery in Los Angeles
Credit: ProFlowers


ProFlowers has been a mainstay in the flower delivery world for years now and their vast network connects 1000s of local florists across the country. 

In short, here you’ll find a wide selection of classically composed and more contemporary flower arrangements to pick from. Expect lots of different seasonal flowers as well including fresh garden roses, tulips, peonies, alstroemerias, carnations, hydrangeas, stargazer lilies, gerberas, irises, orchids, and more. 

Prices are primarily affordable throughout, with many choices ranging from around $35 to $70, and you can upsize and add gifts and cards to each flower delivery order.

A speedy same-day Mother’s Day flower delivery service is also available throughout Los Angeles County. 

For more, see our in-depth ProFlowers review here

9) The Unlikely Florist ($$$)   

Wild and eclectic floral designs featuring locally sourced flowers. Prices from $50.

The Unlikely Florist Mother's Day Flowers
Credit: The Unlikely Florist


The Unlikely Florist (AKA Spencer Falls) is a Kiwi-native famed for his dramatic and artistic floral creations. Spencer’s journey to floral stardom is an interesting one having tried his hand as a lobster fisherman, actor, and intrepid explorer before settling out on his current pastime crafting inspired floral arrangements. 

There’s an emphasis on locally sourced fresh flowers throughout the studio’s work so expect the color palettes, textures, and fragrances to evolve as we move throughout the year. 

Here you’ll find a beautiful collection of custom-made bouquets, vase arrangements, and dried flowers across modern, contemporary, and Ikebana-inspired designs. 

Prices start from around $50 going up to $150 for larger, and more dramatic creations. 

Next-day flower delivery is available throughout Los Angeles Country. Nationwide delivery is also available if you’re looking to send further afield.

10) Brad Larsen Floral ($$$$)

Custom and one-of-a-kind floral arrangements featuring unique flowers and living plants. Prices from $80. 

Brad Larsens Florals Flower Delivery Service for Mother's Day in LA
Credit: Brad Larsen Floral


Brad Larsen Florals is a highly regarded Pasadena florist centered around unique floral designs using fresh fragrant flowers, living plants, and found objects. 

The florist’s Mother’s Day portfolio is filled with intriguing silhouettes, striking color combinations, and other delightful design choices. 

Prices typically start from around $80 to $100, and curbside pickup and local delivery are available Monday through Friday throughout Los Angeles.

11) WildFlora ($$$)     

Cutting-edge floral designs and eco-conscious blooms. Prices from $60. 

WildFlora Floral Design Studio and Flower Delivery Service for Mother's Day in LA
Credit: WildFlora


WildFlora is a lovely LA flower shop centered around ecologically responsible floristry cutting-edge floral designs.  

Here you’ll find an excellent variety of dried and fresh flower arrangements that feature an array of soft and more expansive color palettes to pick from. 

Smaller vase arrangements start from around $50, with lots of options going to $200 or more for larger and more eclectic floral designs. 

WildFlora provides same-day, next-day, or specified-day dried flower delivery across Los Angeles County. 

12) Anthony’s Flowers ($$$) 

A boutique florist in Brentwood Heights for luxury and ornate floral arrangements. Prices from $50. 

Anthony's Flowers Mother's Day LA
Credit: Anthony’s Flowers


Anthony’s Flowers is a stylish floristry studio that has been in operation for over 60 years now and is the go-to for many discerning floral enthusiasts looking for exclusive designs for gifting and the home.

Expect a host of fresh seasonal flowers to feature across the studio’s work, with prices starting from around $50 for a signature floral arrangement and ranging up to $750 for something genuinely mesmerizing. 

Anthony’s Flowers offers same-day flower delivery throughout Los Angeles for orders placed before 2 pm. 

13) French Florist ($$)

A landmark local Los Angeles florist offers various bouquets and floral arrangements for every budget. Prices from $35. 

French Florist in Los Angeles, California
Credit: French Florist


Serving Los Angeles since 1978, French Florist curate one of the most extensive floral collections in the city. There’s something here for every budget and occasion, and you’re guaranteed to find a beautiful floral arrangement for Mother’s Day. 

Expect classical European design techniques from a highly regarded studio. They’re also one of our favorite studios for plant delivery in Los Angeles.

Prices start from $35 for a smaller flower arrangement, $50+ for larger bouquets, $80 for more expansive floral creations.

French Florist offers a same-day flower delivery service throughout Los Angeles (orders by noon).

14) Seed Floral   

Organic and eco-friendly floristry. Prices from $65.

Seed Floral Flower Delivery in for Mother's Day in Los Angeles
Credit: Seed Floral


Here you’ll find some of the best organic and eco-friendly floristry in Los Angeles.

The very accomplished team at Seed Floral crafts an array of spectacular floral creations coaxing colors and foliage across unique, often intimate, and thought-provoking designs. An excellent option for a special floral gift for Mother’s Day if you’re looking for something a little creative and artistic. 

Floral arrangements start from $65. Expect to pay $90+ for larger bouquets and $125+ more expansive creations.

A same-day flower delivery service is available Tuesday through Friday each week across much of Los Angeles County.

15) Orchid Republic ($$$)

Bold, decadent, and color-filled floral creations. Prices from around $50. 

Orchid Republic Mother's Day Florist in LA
Credit: Orchid Republic


Orchid Republic does lots of things really well from meticulous sourcing of the best locally grown fresh flowers to luxury packaging and handwritten cards. 

You’ll also receive a photo of your prepared order before they ship out, so you’re 100% happy with the final result.  

While orchids rule the roost, don’t look past their lovely selection of other luxury floral arrangements if you need a particular stem or arrangement.

Orchids range from $39 to $250 plus delivery. Other floral arrangements range from $49 for smaller bouquets to $100+ for more expansive creations.

A same-day flower delivery service is available 7-days a week throughout much of Los Angeles County.

16) Sonny Alexander ($$$) 

Upscale Los Angeles florist for premium and luxurious floral arrangements. Prices from $80+.

Sonny Alexander Luxury Mother's Day Flowers in Los Angeles, California
Credit: Sonny Alexander


Sonny Alexander Flowers is an upmarket, family-run, premier florist serving Los Angeles with beautiful blooms since 1929. 

You’ll find contemporary and artistic floral designs across premium bouquets and ornamental vase arrangements here. Always a great option for a perfect floral gift for a special occasion in addition or ornate centerpieces for the home or office. 

Smaller floral arrangements start from $65 but expect to pay $100+ for larger bouquets and $150+ more expansive creations.

Same-day flower delivery is available throughout Los Angeles 7-days a week. 

17) Mark’s Garden ($$$) 

A beautiful floristry studio in Sherman Oaks catering glamorous events and luxury floral arrangements. Prices from $75. 

Mark's Garden Same Day Flower Delivery Service for Mother's Day in LA
Credit: Mark’s Garden


This leading Sherman Oaks florist has a long list of celebrity clients and creates whimsical and fanciful arrangements and centerpieces for glamorous gatherings, from the Golden Globes to the Academy Awards.

Individual arrangements filled with fresh fragrant flowers are also available which make a stunning floral treat for friends and loved ones in addition to ornate centerpieces for the home or offices. 

Prices start at about $75 for a colorful, petite bouquet and range up to $500+ for more luxurious premium arrangements. 

Local flower delivery is available throughout Sherman Oaks and much of Los Angeles from Monday to Saturday. 

18) XO Bloom ($$$$)

An upmarket Thousand Oaks florist curating contemporary floral arrangements. Prices from $100. 

XO Bloom Flower Delivery for Mother's Day in Los Angeles
Credit: XO Bloom


XO Bloom is a popular local florist in Thousand Oaks. Here you’ll find a host of luxuriously composed floral designs across a stylish collection of vase and bouquet arrangements. This premier florist is an excellent option for a unique floral gift for the likes of Mother’s Day, a landmark birthday, or an anniversary. Expect bold and imaginative floral designs throughout. 

Prices typically start from around $100 for a designer’s choice flower arrangement featuring fresh fragrant flowers and intricate floral designs. 

A local flower delivery service is available from Monday to Saturday each week across Los Angeles.

Mother’s Day Flower Delivery in Los Angeles Buying Guide:

How much does a typical Mother’s Day bouquet cost in Los Angeles?

The price of floral arrangements for Mother’s Day varies significantly depending on the respective flower merchant you might be considering ordering from. Expect low-cost flower bouquets to start between $20 to $50; mid-range from $50 to $90; and premium or luxury arrangements anywhere from $90 to $350+.

What is the cut-off time for same-day Mother’s Day flower delivery in Los Angeles? 

Most Los Angeles florists will request same-day flower delivery orders are placed by 1 pm local time. There are some merchants that provide later cut-off times if the delivery is being made within a 1 to 3-mile radius of their location. In these instances, the latest is typically 3 pm. Note, Mother’s Day falls on a Sunday and not all local florists will be delivering on the day itself.

How much does Mother’s Day flower delivery cost in Los Angeles?

Same-day and expedited shipping is typically a $10 to $20 surcharge on most Mother’s Day flower delivery orders. The size of the arrangement and distance to the recipient’s location can also be a factor when delivery fees are being calculated.

Can I have flowers delivered to residential and office locations on Mother’s Day in Los Angeles?

Yes, most florists in Los Angeles are able to deliver flowers to a variety of locations as long as they are within their delivery area. This includes offices, venues, events, as well as hotels, apartments, and other residences. 

How can I send flowers to Los Angeles for Mother’s Day?

The vast majority of local Los Angeles florists have online ordering facilities in place so sending flowers is as simple as finding an arrangement that suits your requirements on their online shop and placing an order. Most also accept a variety of payment methods including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay, PayPal, and many others. Should you not happen to have access to the internet, orders placed via the telephone are also readily accepted across virtually every Los Angeles florist.


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