Explore London’s Top 18 Plant Delivery Services, Tested and Reviewed

London’s home to a great selection of specialist plant delivery services offering up all sorts of eclectic plant life for our homes and offices throughout the capital. From towering fiddle leaf figs and kentia palms to ornamental snake plants, ferns, and desk-ready succulents you’ll find options suitable for a wide range of living environments. What’s more, many of these leading specialist plant merchants offer speedy same-day or next-day plant delivery in London throughout the week. Enjoy!

Best London Plant Delivery Services

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18 Best Options for Plant Delivery in London, UK:

Appleyard££1 to 2 daysappleyardflowers.com
Floom££1 to 2 daysfloom.com
Bunches£1 to 2 daysbunches.co.uk
Bloom & Wild£1 to 2 daysbloomandwild.com
House of Kato££1 to 5 dayshouseofkato.com
Flower Station£££1 to 2 daysflowerstation.co.uk
Plant Warehouse££3 to 5 daystheplantwarehouse.co.uk
Crocus££5 to 7 dayscrocus.co.uk
Happy House Plants£££5 to 7 dayshappyhouseplants.co.uk
Leaf Envy££5 to 7 daysleafenvy.co.uk
Beards & Daisies£1 to 3 daysbeardsanddaisies.co.uk
forest££5 to 7 daysforest.london
Botanique Workshop£££1 to 3 daysbotaniqueworkshop.com
Cuemars££1 to 5 dayscuemars.com
The Stem££1 to 5 daysthestem.co.uk
Patch Plants££1 to 5 dayspatchplants.com
Hortology££5 to 7 dayshortology.co.uk
Prestige Flowers£1 to 3 daysprestigeflowers.co.uk

The Best London Plant Delivery Services:

Appleyard London Plant Delivery (££)

Appleyard London Plant Delivery Service
Credit: Appleyard


Not only one of London’s best flower delivery services, but Appleyard is also a great option for houseplants and greenery. They’re known for their stylish British design ethos, sustainable business practices, and considered approach to sourcing fresh flowers and plants from a network of leading nurseries. 

Plant Range: 

Appleyard carries an extensive collection of green tropical plants, flowering plants, and orchids across an ever-evolving collection throughout the year. 

Here you’ll find all the classics, including yucca plants, ferns, fiddle leaf figs, ficus ginseng bonsai, snake plants, monstera, calatheas, dracaena, indoor palm plants, and many more. 

Prices typically start from around £20 for smaller plants, with larger (100cm+) varieties from £50. 

For more, see our in-depth Appleyard review here.

London Plant Delivery Options:

Appleyard delivers plants across London within 1 to 2 days typically. 

Floom (££)


Floom’s the place that brings together all the best local, independent artisan florists and plant shops. Here you’ll find many of London’s best creative floristry and botanical studios crafting a great array of indoor and outdoor plants, succulents, cacti, terrariums, and more.  

Plant Range: 

Floom’s particularly great for the classics including Potted Cheese Plants, Aloe Plants, Pothos, Peace Lilies, Elephant Ears, Rubber Plants, Snake Plants, and more. Prices typically start from around £20. 

There’s also a great selection of bonsai trees, eclectic succulent gardens, terrariums, cactus plants, and many rare and hard-to-find houseplant varieties. A great option for a unique gift or cool addition to your own houseplant collection.  

London Plant Delivery Options:

Floom provides same-day plant delivery services throughout London.

Bunches (£)

Bunches Plant Delivery in London UK
Credit: Bunches


Bunches is a family-run online florist and plant shop that’s been serving London for over 30 years now. They’re well regarded for the affordable prices, super-friendly team, and speedy plant delivery services throughout London and the UK. 

Plant Range: 

Bunches carry a wide assortment of flowering plants in addition to green tropical indoor house plants. 

There’s a great collection of Calla Lily Plants in various colours (from £26), Pink Guzmania (from £25), Coral Anthurium (from £26), Peace Lily Plants (from £23), in addition to beautiful Cascade Phalaenopsis Orchids (from £29). 

Green houseplants are available in a range of mature sizes up to 100cm tall including Cheese Plants, Philodendrons, Fig Trees, Areca Palms, Dracaena Plants, ZZ Plants, Snake Plants, Money Trees, Dwarf Umbrella Plants, and Lemon Lime Plants to name but a few. Prices typically range from £20 to £45. 

London Plant Delivery Options:

Bunches provide next-day plant delivery across London, UK. 

Bloom & Wild (£)


Master of letterbox flower delivery subscriptions in London and across the UK, Bloom & Wild also curates a great selection of gifting plant arrangements that also somehow fit through your letterbox! 

Plant Range: 

Here you’ll find a great range of rose plants, orchids, ferns, and succulents priced from £25 to £35. What’s special is they all fit neatly into Bloom and Wild’s clever letterbox plant boxes so you won’t need to be home to accept delivery. 

In addition, each includes a pop-up plant pot and soil mix so simply unpack and you’re good to go. Nice.  

For more, see our in-depth Bloom & Wild review here.

London Plant Delivery Options:

Next-day plant delivery is available throughout London. 

House of Kato (££)


A relative newcomer to London’s plant scene, House of Kato is a great one stop shop for interesting plant life, pots, and accessories.  

‘Kato’ is a Ugandan name given to the youngest of twins and chosen to reflect the ‘twin-like relationship between us and the natural environment’.  

Plant Range: 

One thing we particularly love about House of Kato is the ability to sort between easy-care, air purifying, and pet-friendly plant varieties (an important consideration in our modern urban abodes). 

There’s also a great range of size options to pick from including large, dramatic Fiddle Leaf Figs, ZZ Plants, and Coconut Palms to smaller Rubber Plants, Cacti, Ferns, Lipstick Plants, and Aloe Plants if you’re a little tight for space. 

Prices are also affordable throughout with prices typically ranging from £15 to £60 for most of their core collection. There’s also a great collection of stylish pots and accessories to help you on your way!

London Plant Delivery Options:

Plants are sent out Monday to Wednesday every week across London. 

Flower Station (£££)

Credit: Flower Station


One of London’s most trusted flower delivery services, Flower Station also delivers a great selection of flowering plants 7 days a week across the capital. 

Plant Range: 

Flower Station is well regarded for its orchid collection and flowering plants in particular. 

Here you’ll find ornate Orchids in a range of colours and contemporary pots with prices ranging from around £40 to £100. 

The studio also crafts several beautiful herbal baskets and Kentia and Ivy Bowls which make great ornamental centrepieces in addition to an alternative gifting arrangement for a birthday, anniversary, or thank you message.  

London Plant Delivery Options:

Free same-day plant delivery is available across London 7 days a week. 

Plant Warehouse (££)

Plant Warehouse London Plant Delivery Services
Credit: Plant Warehouse


Plant Warehouse is one of East London’s favourite plant shops and has been in operation for over 15 years now. Here you’ll find a huge collection of botanical gems sourced directly from the famous Dutch auction houses. 

Plant Range: 

Plant Warehouse is home to both the classic houseplants and a great variety of rare, unique, and unusual plants if you’re after something a little bit eclectic.  

They also boast one of the finest hanging plant collections around featuring Donkey’s Tail, the slightly scary (and carnivorous) Pitcher Plant, Medinilla Magnifica, Hoya Linearis, and the acclaimed Monkey Mask Monstera. 

There’s also a great collection of plants suitable for those with limited light conditions as well as easy-care plants if you’re looking for something super low maintenance. 

Prices start from just £10 and there are lots of size options to pick from if you’re after something a little grander.

London Plant Delivery Options:

Most plants are delivered across London in 3 to 5 days. 

Crocus (££)

Crocus Online Plant Shop
Credit: Crocus


Launched in 2000, Crocus has grown to become the largest gardening website in the entire UK. They carry an astonishing 4,000+ varieties of plants today for both indoors and outdoors. They’ve also won 25 gold medals at RHS Chelsea Flower Show! 

Plant Range: 

Crocus carries a huge variety of house plants available for delivery throughout the year. 

Expect all the classic houseplant favourites including Ferns, Snake Plants, Spider Plants, Indoor Palms, Monstera, Rubber Plants, Fiddle Lead Fig Trees, and many more. 

There’s also a great collection of flowering orchids, cacti, succulents, and terrariums. 

Prices start from under £10 and there are lots of options for larger, more mature plant life if you have space! 

London Plant Delivery Options:

Most plants from Crocus are delivered within 1 week across London. 

Happy House Plants (£££)

Credit: Happy House Plants


Happy House Plants are a London-based plant specialist intent on helping us create little urban jungles in our homes.

What’s great is they only source plants, cacti, and succulents that they genuinely love, and each is handpicked for its quality and suitability for modern living. The team also goes over and above to help your out on your journey through plant parenthood. 

Plant Range: 

Happy House Plants is home to an inspired collection of the weird, wonderful, and eclectic. They really stand out for carrying an exceptional range of rare and hard-to-find plants, succulents, and cacti. 

Here you’ll find grand Ficus Burgandy Trees (from £249.99), Japanese Banana Trees (£149.99), Prayer Plants (from £29.99), in amongst stunning Goliath Caudex Plants (from £149.99), Alluaudia procera (£29.99), and the dramatic Lepismium cruciforme (£99.99). 

We recommend having a browse through their online shop to see what’s currently new and in-stock as the team does a great job curating an ever-evolving collection of plant life. 

Plant Delivery in London: 

London plant delivery is available across the capital. Delivery times are somewhat dependent on the size of your plant but most plants should arrive within 7 days.

Leaf Envy (££)

Leaf Envy Plant Shop in London UK
Credit: Leaf Envy


Leaf Envy started out as a pop-up plant shop on a barge on Regents Canal. Today you’ll find this excellent plant emporium in Hackney Downs. 

There’s a strong community emphasis in everything they do and Leaf Envy is a great option for those new to plant life. The team is happy to guide you on the best plants for your exact living environment and every purchase includes expert care instructions and access to Leaf Envy’s team of houseplant experts. Nice. 

Plant Range: 

You can easily sort between their current plant collection based on your precise light conditions, maintenance requirements, general hardiness in addition to whether they’re friendly or not to your furry friends. 

What’s more, there’s a great assortment of classic and popular plants in addition to some rarer gems. There are also plenty of great starter plants under £20 including Golden Pothos, Boston Ferns, Monkey Mask Monstera, and Rubber Plants. 

Larger plants typically range from £30 to £60 including the exquisite Calathea Orbifolia, Bird of Paradise, and the famed Monstera Deliciosa. 

Leaf Envy is also home to a very cool plant pot collection and also provides a great plant subscription service. 

London Plant Delivery Options:

Free plant delivery is available across London on all orders over £50 (£5 delivery fee otherwise. Most plants arrive in 5 to 7 days. 

Beards & Daisies (£)

Beards & Daisies London Plant Delivery
Credit: Beards & Daisies


Beards & Daisies are an excellent online plant shop curating an extensive range of affordable plants for every living environment. What’s more, they deliver plants throughout London 7 days a week. 

Plant Range: 

Here you’ll find everything from ‘Unkillable Houseplants’ to Pet Friendly, Air Purifying, as well as a great range of plants perfect for hangings baskets and pots. 

Prices start from around £15 and there’s usually a range of size options if you’re after a dramatic centrepiece for the living room or entry hallway. All the classics are here including Prayer Plants, Monstera Deliciosa, Kentia Palms, Fiddle Leaf Figs, ZZ Plants, Rubber Plants, and more. 

Beards & Daisies are also well regarded for the extensive line of houseplant pots available in a range of terracotta, concrete, glazed, ceramic, and plastic finishes. 

London Plant Delivery Options:

Plant delivery is available throughout London 7 days a week. 

forest (££)

Forest Plant Shop in East Dulwich and Deptford Market Yard London
Credit: forest


Forest has 2 store locations in London located in Deptford and East Dulwich. They’re well known for their easy-care houseplant collection and also carry a great array of succulents.

Plant Range: 

Forest is home to a wide assortment of plant life. If you’re not able to swing by one of the stores you can browse through their current collection online. Expect numerous options for low-light homes, those that require minimal maintenance and those that friendly to pets and children. 

In short, expect a great choice of Ferns, Monstera, Marantas, Philodendrons, Aloe Plants, and Calatheas, in amongst some rarer and harder-to-find gems as well. Prices typically range from around £15 to £45. 

What’s more, forest also curates an excellent array of plant pots and lifestyle products. 

London Plant Delivery Options:

Plants are delivered across London typically in 7 to 10 days. 

Botanique Workshop (£££)

Botanique Plant Shop London
Credit: Botanique Workshop


Botanique Workshop is an upmarket flower and plant shop with two locations in London at Exmouth Market and Stoke Newington. 

They’re well regarded for their exquisite plant life and beautiful plant pots. Perfect for gifting as well as for the home. 

Plant Range: 

Here you’ll find both smaller potted plants including Cheese Plants, Pilea Peperomiodes, Calatheas, Snake Plants, Ferns, and more. Prices typically range from £15 to £30. 

There’s also a great collection of larger plant varieties to be found including 120cm+ Monstera Deliciosa (£145) and Kentia Palms (£135)

Check out their cute cacti sets as well (from just £7.50) which make a great little addition to a desk or window ledge. 

London Plant Delivery Options:

Same-day plant delivery is available across much of London (orders by 3 pm). 

Cuemars (££)

Cuemars Plant Shop on Brick Lane London
Credit: Cuemars


Cuemars is a boutique plant, homeware, and lifestyle shop located at the heart of Brick Lane in London’s East End. 

Plant Range: 

Cuemars curate an excellent collection of plants that are specifically selected for their ability to thrive in the British climate. These include many house plant favourites covering tropicals, hanging plants, cactus plants, and many weird and wonderful succulent plants. 

There are also many epic larger plants available if you have space including a 150cm+ Polyscias Fabian (£150) or Ficus Elastica (£140). 

In addition, there’s a great collection of smaller, starter plants covering a wider range of plants starting at £10 including baby Yuccas, Red Coral Rhipsalis, Snake Plants, Devil’s Ivy, Calatheas, Swiss Cheese Plants, ZZ plants, and more. 

London Plant Delivery Options:

Standard and Express plant delivery options are available across London. 

The Stem (££)

The Stem Plant Delivery in London UK
Credit: The Stem


Launched in October 2019, The Stem is a great addition to London’s plant scene. This online-only plant shop curates a huge selection of indoor plants at affordable prices and there’s a strong commitment to the environment throughout all their business operations. 

Plant Range: 

The Stem goes over and above to help you find the perfect plant for your exact living environment. You can sort through a range of options suited to bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, low-light areas as well as easy-care, pet-friendly, and slow-growing plants. 

Smaller plants start from around £5 to £15 with larger plants going up to around £50. All the houseplant favourites are here including Palms, Figs, Ficus, Monsteras, Bird of Paradise, Phildenrons, Pothos, Rubber Plants, and many more!

London Plant Delivery Options:

Free plant delivery is available across London on all orders over £25 (£4.50 delivery fee otherwise). 

Patch Plants (££)

Patch Plants London Flower Delivery
Credit: Patch Plants


Patch has been a mainstay in the London plant world for over 5 years now. They’re loved for their great collection of both indoor and outdoor plants and cater to both homes and offices throughout London. 

Plant Range: 

Patch Plants covers every living environment imaginable with a range of options suitable to different rooms, light conditions, temperature, and humidity considerations. You can also pick between flowering, ferns, hanging plants, and variegated varieties to find your perfect match. 

There’s a great variety to be found throughout the year with prices starting from under a tenner for a baby plant to £200+ for something truly grand and spectacular.

What’s more, if you have any particular indifference to binomial naming conventions you’re in luck. Patch has given each and every plant in their epic collection a nice simple name so you can settle on a Dora or Dana (as opposed to chewing over Alocasia Porodora or Dieffenbachia Seguine!).

London Plant Delivery Options:

Patch Plants delivers throughout London 7 days a week (free delivery is available on all orders over £50). 

Hortology London Plant Delivery (££)

Hortology London Plant Delivery
Credit: Hortology


Hortology is home to an epic collection of indoor plants, cacti, and succulents sourced from leading nurseries around the world. 

Plant Range: 

Hortology curates one of the most comprehensive houseplant collections around. Here you’ll find a huge variety of Ferns, Figs, Palms, Ficus, Pothos, Calatheas, Philodendrons, and many more throughout the year. 

Most are available in a range of size options as well with prices starting from around £10 for smaller plants to £100+ for 100cm+ varieties. 

There’s also a great range of indoor and outdoor plant pots, tools, and accessories

London Plant Delivery Options:

Plants are delivered across London typically in 7 to 10 days.

Prestige Flowers (£)

Prestige Flowers Plant Delivery Services in London UK
Credit: Prestige Flowers


A big player in the UK flower delivery world, Prestige Flowers are also one of the cheapest options for houseplant delivery throughout London.

Plant Range: 

There’s a strong emphasis throughout on flowering plants including numerous orchids, peace lilies, and rose plants readily available for less than £20. 

The green houseplant collection includes Aloe Plants, Yucca Plants, Ficus Robusta, Weeping Figs, Pineapple Plants, Snake Plants, and several Dracaenas. Prices start from just £19.99 for a 50cm+ plant. 

London Plant Delivery Options:

Plant delivery is available across London 7 days a week. 

London Plant Delivery FAQ:

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