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The Best Flower Delivery Services in St Louis, Missouri

Welcome to our local guide to flower delivery in St. Louis, Missouri. Here you’ll find a collection of leading local florists and flower delivery specialists handcrafting all sorts of floral treats for gifting and the home. Expect lots of occasion-ready bouquets and arrangements for the likes of Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, and more in addition to custom and bespoke floral design services. Many also offer a speedy same-day flower delivery service throughout St. Louis for those times when you need fresh, seasonal blooms in a snap. Enjoy!

15 Best Options for Flower Delivery in St Louis, Missouri:

1. Flowers & WeedsArtisan & Eclectic$$
2. Rudy’s Flower TruckModern & Stylish$
3. Flamenco FlowersTropical & Exotic$$
4. Bloomin’ BucketsNatural & Elegant$$
5. The BouqsFarm-Fresh & Seasonal$
6. Botanicals Design StudioExotic & Eclectic$$
7. Alex Waldbart FloristClassical & Contemporary$$
8. Artistry FloristTimeless & Elegant$$
9. S Finch FloristClassical & Contemporary$$
10. Walter Knoll FloristClassical & Contemporary$
11. Parkview GardensClassical & Romantic$$
12. Zengel Flowers & GiftsClassical & Contemporary$$$
13. Flowers to the PeopleArtisan & Eclectic$$
14. Kirkwood FloristSeasonal & Traditional$$
15. Riley’s FloristClassical & Contemporary$$

The Best Flower Delivery Services in St Louis

1. Flowers & Weeds

A dynamic floral design studio known for its innovative designs, and seasonal arrangements with personalized touches. 

Flowers & Weeds Best Flower Delivery St. Louis
Credit: Flowers & Weeds

About Flowers & Weeds: 

Flowers & Weeds is a dynamic floral design studio and greenhouse located in South City St. Louis.

Since its founding in 2012, the shop has moved to a bigger space and now features not only a greenhouse and garden center but also a flower cutting garden, DIY terrarium station, and a perennial garden.

What’s more, seasonal arrangements, personalized designs, and unique terrariums are all available in a range of sizes. Prices typically start at around $50. 

Flower Delivery in St Louis: 

Next-day flower delivery is available in the city of St. Louis, and you can contact the shop by phone or email regarding delivery anywhere in the St. Louis region.

Essential Info:

2. Rudy’s Flower Truck

A creative flower shop that operates out of a vintage truck and offers colorful arrangements at affordable prices alongside some cool memorabilia.

Rudy's Flower Truck Best flower delivery St. Louis
Credit: Rudy’s Flower Truck

About Rudy’s Flower Truck:

Rudy’s Flower Truck is always a popular option for stylish floral arrangements for gifting and the home.

Specialties include Rudy’s memorabilia and stylish flower crowns in addition to a great collection of bouquets and other arrangements.

Pirces typically start from around $30-$50, and there’s also a weekly and monthly subscription available.

Flower Delivery in St Louis: 

Delivery to the St. Louis area is available every day of the week. Same-day deliveries must be made by noon. All orders are delivered between 1pm-5pm.

Essential Info:

3. Flamenco Flowers

A unique St. Louis flower shop located on the historic Delmar Loop, known for elegant and innovative floral arrangements.

About Flamenco Flowers:

Flamenco Flowers is a St. Louis florist known for their unique design perspective and infusion of contemporary concepts using color, light, and space.

You’ll find Flamenco located in the historic Delmar Loop in University City, one of the most historic streets in America, the shop is at home among the many vibrant storefronts.

What’s more, the studio can adapt to each and every customer’s individual style, playing with color combinations and style concepts and creating an extraordinary design experience for every customer.

Many standard arrangements are also available for $35-$100, with more specialized options running $100-$300+.

St. Louis Flower Delivery:

Most flower arrangements are available for next-day flower delivery in the St. Louis area. Check the online shop to confirm your zip code is within the delivery range.

Essential Info:

  • Online shop: Flamenco Flowers
  • Phone: 314-725-8080
  • Email:

4. Bloomin’ Buckets

A St. Louis flower shop crafting fresh and elegant floral designs. Perfect for a broad array of gifting occasions.

About Bloomin’ Buckets:

Known for their natural, garden-focused designs, Bloomin’ Buckets has been providing fun, fresh, and elegant floral services to the St. Louis area since 2004.

In short, the shop aims to create arrangements with inspiration taken from the natural world, sourcing their blooms locally for the freshest finds. In addition, the designers expertly blend color, texture, and fragrance to create exquisite floral arrangements, and are happy to customize to each customer’s specifications.

Expect to pay $35-$100+ for standard arrangements, and more for bespoke arrangements.

St. Louis Flower Delivery:

Same-day flower delivery is available throughout the St. Louis area, with a minimum purchase of $40.

Essential Info:

5. The Bouqs

A modern and stylish, farm-to-door flower delivery specialist serving St. Louis and the surrounding areas.

The Bouqs Flower Delivery in St. Louis, Missouri
Credit: The Bouqs

About The Bouqs:

The Bouqs are always a good option for affordable, farm-fresh flower arrangements.

What’s unique is they craft all their arrangements shortly after the flowers are cut at the farm. These arrangements are then speedily shipped directly to homes and offices throughout the country today. This means you’re typically getting blooms days fresher (and often cheaper) than you might find elsewhere. 

Individual arrangements start from under $40 and there’s also an excellent weekly or monthly flower subscription service if you’re after a regular floral treat.

The Bouqs also offer a range of standard or expedited delivery options throughout St. Louis. Nationwide delivery orders can also be requested. 

St. Louis Flower Delivery:

The Bouqs provide next-day flower delivery across St. Louis and surrounding areas.

Essential Info:

  • Online shop: The Bouqs
  • Email:

6. Botanicals Design Studio

A St. Louis flower shop known for on-trend, exotic blooms combined with exquisite, imaginative designs and personal service.

About Botanicals Design Studio:

This unique St. Louis florist specializes in personalized, custom arrangements crafted by experienced, imaginative floral artists. This is also a St. Louis mainstay having been around for more than 30 years and has been recognized for both their personal service and innovative floral design.

In short, their arrangements are creative, innovative, and made for a host of gifting occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day to name but a few. They also feature the most on-trend, harder-to-find exotic blooms and freshest cuts. Expect to pay $50-$300 plus for most arrangements.

St. Louis Flower Delivery:

Same-day or next-day delivery is available in the St. Louis area and surrounding suburbs.

Essential Info:

7. Alex Waldbart Florist

St. Louis’ oldest florist, a family-owned and operated shop that offers an extensive array of flowers, gifts arrangements, and other products.

About Alex Waldbart Florist:

Established in 1872, this shop holds the title of St. Louis’s oldest florist and is still family-owned and operated four generations later. In short, they’ve maintained their storefront in St. Louis for a century and a half by providing the freshest flowers, exquisite arrangements, and stellar personalized service to their customers.

What’s more, their online shop offers a huge range of flowers, gifts, and other products. In addition, their arrangements are affordable with prices starting at around $30.

St. Louis Flower Delivery:

Same-day and next-day delivery are available in St. Louis and in many surrounding areas. Check with the shop to confirm your area is within their delivery range.

Essential Info:

8. Artistry Florist

A thriving St. Louis floral outpost offering exquisite arrangements with the freshest seasonal blooms.

About Artistry Florist:

This floral studio was founded in 1983, beginning as just a small St. Louis flower shop with the purpose of making people happy with beautiful flowers. More than thirty years later, the small shop has blossomed into a thriving company that is now a St. Louis mainstay.

In short, they specialize in all types of arrangements from simple bouquets to exquisite centerpieces and larger, customized arrangements. Their gorgeous floral arrangements are also composed of the freshest seasonal blooms sourced from growers all around the world. Most arrangements run from $50-$150, with larger, customized arrangements varying in price.

St. Louis Flower Delivery:

Artistry Florist provides same-day and next-day flower delivery to St. Louis and many surrounding areas.

Essential Info:

  • Online shop: Artistry Florist
  • Phone: 314-633-6910
  • Email:

9. S Finch Florist

An elegant flower shop highly regarded for its exquisite floral designs and colorful arrangements featuring seasonal and specialty blooms.

About S Finch Florist:

This full-service florist located in the Southwest Garden/Hill neighborhood, specialize not only in unique arrangements but also an interesting array of re-purposed gift items. In short, they offer arrangements for all types of floral gifting occasions and special events. They’ve also been honored with several awards for creative design.

Affordable bouquets typically range from $40 to $100, and you can also get many customized arrangements.

St. Louis Flower Delivery:

Most bouquets are available for next-day delivery in St. Louis and the surrounding areas. Check the online shop to confirm you’re within their delivery range.

Essential Info:

  • Online shop: S Finch Florist
  • Phone: 314-899-9514
  • Email:

10. Walter Knoll Florist

A flower shop that’s been a part of St. Louis for over a century. Expect great service, abundant blooms and affordable prices.

About Walter Knoll Florist:

Walter Knoll Florist, founded in 1883, has been a mainstay in the St. Louis floristry scene for more than a century. Today, they now have several locations throughout the St Louis area.

Above all, the shop’s talented team of floral designers is known for their great service and attention to detail. What’s more, their large inventory of blooms provides for an amazing variety in their arrangements. Prices typically start at around $50.

St. Louis Flower Delivery:

Same-day and next-day delivery flower delivery are available throughout St. Louis and many of the surrounding areas. The shop has several different outposts which cover a wide range of delivery areas.

Essential Info:

11. Parkview Gardens

A leading local flower shop and greenhouses where they grow an extensive variety of seasonal blooms.

About Parkview Gardens:

Parkview Gardens employs a talented team of designers to bring their customers some of the most exquisitely designed, freshest flower arrangements around.

They offer many customized arrangements for every type of gifting occasion, as well as an extensive variety of plants. What’s more, they grow an abundant array of flowers, foliage, and greenery in their own greenhouses all year round.

Prices typically start at around $40.

St. Louis Flower Delivery:

This flower shop is based in St. Charles. Same-day and next-day flower delivery is available in certain areas such as St. Charles and St. Peters.

Essential Info:

  • Online shop: Parkview Gardens
  • Phone: 636-946-7641
  • Email:

12. Zengel Flowers & Gifts

A charming flower shop that offers customized arrangements for all occasions and a superb rose collection.

About Zengel Flowers and Gifts:

Zengel Flowers and Gifts has served Saint Louis, Saint Louis County, and Saint Charles County for more than fifty years. In short, they specialize in customized flower arrangements tailored to a range of occasions at affordable prices.

This is also one of the best St. Louis florists for roses as they always carry an abundant range of rose colors and varieties throughout the year at affordable prices.

St. Louis Flower Delivery:

Same-day flower delivery is available in Chesterfield, MO and surrounding areas.

Essential Info:

13. Flowers to the People

An innovative floral design studio known for its creative floral designs and emphasis on using the season’s freshest blooms.

About Flowers to the People:

This flower shop has become a local favorite in St. Louis since its opening in 2011.

Here you’ll find a great selection of seasonal flowers sourced from local growers wherever possible. Look out for their “Designer’s Choice” arrangements which feature the season’s premier botanical selections.

They’ve also been recognized by various publications and have been awarded for inventive florals and creative floral design. Flower arrangements, including Designer’s Choice arrangements, are available for $40-$100.

St. Louis Flower Delivery:

Flower delivery is available next-day throughout St. Louis.

Essential Info:

14. Kirkwood Florist

A premier florist located in Kirkwood, serving St. Louis and the surrounding areas with great service and sumptuous blooms since 1951.

About Kirkwood Florist:

This flower shop has been serving the St. Louis area since 1951. Here you’ll find a great selection of seasonal floral arrangements from simple bunches through to elegant and creative designs for special gifting occasions.

They’re also the go-to for many leading local events and special occasions as well as providing a great local St. Louis flower delivery service for a broad array of gifting occasions. Prices typically start at around $50.

St. Louis Flower Delivery:

Same-day flower delivery is available in the St. Louis area for orders placed by 11:00 am, and orders are delivered 8:00 am-5:00 pm Monday-Saturday. Otherwise, next-day delivery is available.

Essential Info:

15. Riley’s Florist

The place to go for perhaps the widest selection of tailored-made, occasion-ready floral arrangements in St. Louis.

About Riley’s Florist:

Riley’s Florist is a veritable floral superstore. What’s great is you can browse their extensive array of flower arrangements by your desired flower type, color, price range, style, or occasion. What’s more, they offer an extensive selection of single stem flowers so you can create your own customized arrangement or bouquet. Their flower arrangements and gift assortments come in a wide variety of prices, from under $50 to $150+.

St. Louis Flower Delivery:

Same-day St.Louis flower-delivery is available across a broad array of flower arrangements.

Essential Info:

St Louis, Missouri Flower Delivery FAQ:

How much does a typical flower bouquet cost in St Louis, Missouri

The price of floral arrangements varies significantly depending on the respective flower merchant you might be considering ordering from. Expect low-cost flower bouquets to start between $25 to $50; mid-range from $50 to $75; and premium/luxury arrangements anywhere from $75 to $150+. 

What is the cut-off time for same-day flower delivery in St Louis, Missouri

Most St Louis florists and flower shops will request same-day flower delivery orders that are placed by 1 pm local time. There are some merchants that provide later cut-off times if the delivery is being made within a 1 to 3-mile radius of their location. In these instances, the latest would be at 5 pm. 

How much does flower delivery cost in St Louis, Missouri

Same-day St Louis flower delivery and expedited shipping is typically a $10 to $20 surcharge on most flower delivery orders. The size of the arrangement and distance to the recipient’s location can also be a factor when delivery fees are being calculated.

Can I have flowers delivered to residential and office locations in St Louis, Missouri

Yes, most St Louis florists and flower shops are able to deliver flowers to a variety of locations as long as they are within their delivery area. This includes offices, venues, events, as well as hotels, apartments, and other residences. 

How can I send flowers to St Louis, Missouri

The vast majority of local St Louis florists and flower shops have online ordering facilities in place so sending flowers is as simple as finding an arrangement that suits your requirements on their online shop and placing an order. Most also accept a variety of payment methods including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay, PayPal, and many others. Should you not happen to have access to the internet, orders placed via the telephone are also readily accepted across virtually every flower shop in St Louis, Missouri.

The Best Flower Delivery Services in Your City:

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