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Flower Delivery in Malibu, California

Welcome to our local guide to flower delivery in Malibu, California! Here you’ll find some of the best local florists and flower delivery specialists serving the community with all sorts of beautiful floral arrangements throughout the year.

If you’re in need of the freshest blooms in a hurry, many also offer speedy same day flower delivery in Malibu in addition to daily delivery options throughout Los Angeles if you’re looking to send further afield.  

7 Best Options for Flower Delivery in Malibu CA

Here you’ll find 7 of our favorite options for flower delivery in Malibu today. Perfect for all sorts of gifting occasions including Mother’s Day flowers, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, thank you gestures, sympathy flowers, and more, in addition to everyday flowers for the home or office.

Many of these excellent flower shops will also happily craft a bespoke or custom flower arrangement if you had a particular stem combination or special occasion at hand. 

1) Sea Lily

Sea Lily Flower Shop in Malibu, CA
Credit: Sea Lily

About Sea Lily Malibu:

Seas Lily is a Malibu-based floral design studio centered around eco-friendly floristry practices and locally sourced, seasonal flowers.

Here you’ll find beautiful bouquet and vase arrangements filled with fresh flowers composed across classical European and English Garden designs. These make wonderful gifting arrangements for friends, family, and loved ones in addition to ornate centerpieces for the home or office. 

Prices start from around $85 with lots of options ranging up to $200+ for a larger and more elaborate design or seasonal centerpiece. The studio also caters to wedding flowers, event design, home decor, and weekly subscription services. 

Local flower delivery is available throughout Malibu, CA. 

Address & Contact:

2) VERTmalibu

VERTmalibu flower delivery
Credit: VERTmalibu

About VERTmalibu: 

VERTmalibu is a captivating local floral and botanical design studio in Malibu. Founded by Randi Kory back in 2010, this local florist caters to a host of floral services including event design, wedding flowers, photoshoots, and garden plantscaping, in addition to daily flower delivery in Malibu for numerous gifting occasions. 

The studio’s arrangements are very much a custom affair tailored to the occasion at hand and the sentiment intended to be portrayed. Expect beautifully composed bouquets and vase arrangements throughout featuring all sorts of beautiful blooms and imaginative designs. 

Prices vary per project but expect to pay upwards of $90 to $100 for one of the studio’s signature flower bouquets or creative arrangements. 

A flower delivery service is available throughout Malibu, Topanga, Palisades, Beverly Hills, Downtown Los Angeles, and San Fernando Valley. 

Address & Contact: 

3) Floom

Floom Flower Delivery in Malibu, CA: 

Floom’s an excellent online platform for discovering some of the best local, artisan floristry studios in Los Angeles County. Here you’ll find unique, one-of-a-kind bouquets and floral arrangements crafted by some of the most talented floral designers in the city. 

Simply enter your zip code and Floom will search through and find a host of floral arrangements that are being created that week for delivery in Malibu, CA. 

Ordering flowers is a breeze and prices typically start from around $50 for a beautiful floral arrangement. A same-day flower delivery service is also available throughout Malibu. 

What’s more, there’s also a fine collection of potted plants and gift basket delivery options. 

Address & Contact: 

  • Online Store: Floom
  • Tel: 646.968.0316
  • Emails:  

4) Zuma Orchids

Zuma Orchids in Malibu, CA
Credit: Zuma Orchids

Zuma Orchids in Malibu, CA:

Zuma Orchids is a local, family-run orchid nursery in Malibu, California. They started out over 40 years ago now and are loved for their beautiful homegrown orchids and custom arrangements.

Phalaenopsis orchids are the star here, available in an array of colors and elegantly composed styles and size options. They make a beautiful, ornate gift and stunning centerpiece for the home or office. 

Miniature floral arrangements start from around $35 but expect to pay from $250+ for a larger, more mature orchid arrangement.  

Local same-day delivery is available in Malibu in addition to daily delivery throughout much of Los Angeles. 

Address & Contact:

5) XO Bloom

XO Bloom Flower Delivery in Malibu, California
Credit: XO Bloom

XO Bloom Flower Delivery in Malibu, CA: 

XO Bloom is an award-winning, upmarket flower shop in Westlake Village providing a daily flower delivery service throughout Malibu, CA. 

Here you’ll find a host of luxuriously composed floral designs across a stylish collection of vase and bouquet arrangements. This premier florist is a great option for a special floral gift for the likes of Mother’s Day, a landmark birthday, or an anniversary.  

Prices typically start from around $100 for a designer’s choice flower arrangement featuring fresh fragrant flowers and intricate floral designs. 

Address & Contact: 

6) The Bouqs

The Bouqs Flower Delivery in Malibu, CA: 

Los Angeles-based The Bouqs is an excellent option for affordable, fresh flower delivery in Malibu. They’re loved for their stylish floral bouquets and seasonal arrangements throughout the year. 

What’s unique is their wide selection of floral creations are composed and shipped directly from the farm where the flowers are grown. This means you’re typically getting beautiful flowers days fresher (and often cheaper) than you might find elsewhere.

Prices start from around $40 for a signature Bouqs’ flower bouquet and there’s also an excellent flower subscription service if you’re after weekly or monthly fresh seasonal flower delivery. 

A standard and expedited flower delivery service are available throughout Malibu, CA in addition to daily deliveries throughout Los Angeles County. Nationwide delivery is also available if you’re looking to send further afield. 

Address & Contact: 

7) UrbanStems

UrbanStems flower delivery in Malibu, California
Credit: UrbanStems

UrbanStems Flower Delivery in Malibu, CA: 

UrbanStems offers a range of stylish and modern floral treats for delivery in Malibu and the surrounding areas. Whether you’re seeking a bouquet for a loved one’s birthday or need an arrangement for a holiday or other special event, you’ll find a host of chic floral designs at UrbanStems. 

A beautiful arrangement filled with fresh fragrant flowers starts at around $50 with larger, premium arrangements going up to $175. If you need a subscription, choose from classic, seasonal, and luxe arrangements with weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly delivery. Always a perfect gift for the likes of Mother’s Day and other special occasions.

UrbanStems offers next-day flower delivery throughout Malibu, CA, and also to the surrounding areas. 

Address & Contact: 

The Best Florists and Flower Shops in Malibu, California

Malibu is a beautiful beach city located in western Los Angeles County. Home to an array of premium and luxury retail hotspots the neighborhood also boasts an excellent array of floral design studios and local flower shops that have been serving the local community for years now. 

The nearby communities of Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Santa Monica, and Venice also offer an excellent array of floristry studios serving Malibu with flower delivery options throughout the week.

Malibu, CA Flower Delivery FAQ:

How much does a typical flower bouquet cost in Malibu, CA

The price of floral arrangements varies significantly depending on the respective flower merchant you might be considering ordering from. Expect low-cost flower bouquets to start between $40 to $60; mid-range from $60 to $90; and premium/luxury arrangements anywhere from $90 to $200+. 

What is the cut-off time for same-day flower delivery in Malibu, CA

Most Malibu CA florists and flower shops will request same-day flower delivery orders that are placed by 1 pm local time. There are some merchants that provide later cut-off times if the delivery is being made within a 1 to 3-mile radius of their location. In these instances, the latest would-be at 5 pm. 

How much does flower delivery cost in Malibu, CA

Same-day Malibu, CA flower delivery and expedited shipping is typically a $10 to $20 surcharge on most flower delivery orders. The size of the arrangement and distance to the recipient’s location can also be a factor when delivery fees are being calculated.

Can I have flowers delivered to residential and office locations in Malibu, CA

Yes, most Malibu florists and flower shops are able to deliver flowers to a variety of locations as long as they are within their delivery area. This includes offices, venues, events, as well as hotels, apartments, and other residences. 

How can I send flowers to Malibu, CA

The vast majority of local Malibu florists and flower shops have online ordering facilities in place so sending flowers is as simple as finding an arrangement that suits your requirements on their online shop and placing an order. Most also accept a variety of payment methods including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay, PayPal, and many others. Should you not happen to have access to the internet, orders placed via the telephone are also readily accepted across virtually every flower shop in Malibu, California.


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