Instagram’s provided us all with the perfect medium for gazing affectionately at the world of floristry and floral design. Here you’ll find 10 of our favorite creators sharing their best wares, floristry tips, design inspiration, as well as taking us along on their latest floral field trips. From world-class design studios to budding enthusiasts capturing intimate portraits of the natural world, there’s a sumptuous collection to explore.

Florista Valverde – Bergamo, Italy

Florista Valverde is a sumptuous florist located in Bergamo, Italy. The studio specializes in the creation of color-filled floral arrangements, bouquets, and gifts. Here you’ll find a daily dose of dazzling blooms and uplifting floral design. 

Debeaulieu – Paris, France

Debeaulieu is hands down of our favorite flower shops in Paris. Expect, wild, and artistic flower compositions from revered florist Pierre Banchereau. Here you can explore the world of art and floristry through Pierre’s eyes and see the studio’s latest and greatest floral compositions come to life.

Farmgirl Flowers – San Francisco, USA

Farmgirl Flowers is the creation of Christina Stembel who’s built this little floral empire from the ground up. Today, you’ll find one of the best flower delivery services operating in the entire US. Join Christina for a frequent array of floristry masterclasses as well as getting a sneak peek behind the scenes of everything going on at the business. Christina leaves it all out there so strap in!

Mary Lennox – Berlin, Germany

Mary Lennox is a Berlin-based studio that specializes in flower styling, botanical set design, and floral consultancy. The studio is the creation of Ruby Barber who named Mary Lennox after the protagonist of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s novel – The Secret Garden. Here you can explore an intimate world of cutting-edge floral design filled with beauty, mystery, and exceptional design language.

Flowerona – London, United Kingdon

Flowerona is the creation of Rona Wheeldon. Rona’s on a mission to inspire and support the floristry industry in every way possible. Here you’ll find an all-singing overview of the wonderful world of floristry with hints, tips, and inspiration throughout.

Bows & Arrows Flowers – Dallas, United States

Bows & Arrows are an inspired floral design studio. They create transformative spaces and environments through their elegant and enchanting floral design language. Join them for a sumptuous tour of their latest floral creations and compositions.

Sally Hambleton – Madrid, Spain

Sally Hambleton is a former finance exec turned leading floral designer. The studio crafts a wondrous assortment of floral creations throughout the year as well as catering to a host of special events and occasions.

Floristry at M&L – Hong Kong

One of our favorite floral outposts in Hong Kong, Floristry at M&L is a sumptuous floral design studio curating contemporary, wild and natural bouquets. Here you can explore life at the studio, see installations coming to life and also peek behind the scenes at the grandest weddings and other special occasions being worked on.


Elena has a deep appreciation for the natural world, expertly capturing subtle and serene moments of beauty across a range of floral and plant life around the world.

Robbie Honey

Robbie Honey immersed himself in the botanical world from an early age growing up in Zimbabwe. He’s a master horticulturist and has worked for some of the leading fashion houses as well as publishing a number of books. Join Robbie on his journey around the world exploring a whole host of rare and interesting plant life and flower species.


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