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The Best Plant Shops and Nurseries Delivering Bromeliad Plants Nationwide in the USA

Bromeliads cover a spectacular variety of species and are loved for their majestic, showy colors, intricate textures, and host of beneficial properties. They’re an increasingly popular addition to many a houseplant collection and generally speaking they’re easier to grow and nurture at home than you might expect. Here you’ll find 9 great specialist plant shops and dedicated nurseries curating an excellent collection of bromeliad plants for sale today. Expect a host of classic terrestrial bromeliad plants in addition to numerous epiphytes. What’s more, many provide speedy bromeliad plant delivery nationwide throughout the United States in addition to offering a range of size options and potting styles. Enjoy! 

9 Best Options for Bromeliad Plant Delivery: 

More Info:Price: Delivery: Online Shop:
1) Lively Root$$7 to 10
2) Bloomscape$$5 to 7
3)$$$3 to 5
4) Terrain$$$7 to 10
5) FromYouFlowers$1 to 2
6) Tropiflora$$7 to 10
7) Michael’s Bromeliads$7 to 10
8) Amazon$$1 to 3
9) Etsy$$7 to 10

1) Lively Root

Bromeliad Plants for Sale at Lively Root
Credit: Lively Root

Bromeliad Plants for Sale at Lively Root: 

Lively Root is one of the largest, dedicated plant nurseries in the entire United States. Located in San Marcos, California they are renowned for their eco-friendly growing practices and a vast array of house plants available throughout the year. 

Here you’ll find a classic pineapple plant (Ananas comosus) – one of the most popular members of the Bromeliad family. This one arrives up to 16” tall in a choice of grow pot or stylish ceramic planter – typically priced at $48. 

There’s also a good variety of Guzmania bromeliads in a range of size options and potting styles starting from just $32. 

Bromeliad Delivery Options: 

Lively Root delivers Bromeliad Plants nationwide typically within 7 to 10 days. 

2) Bloomscape

Bromeliad Plants for Sale at Bloomscape
Credit: Bloomscape

Bromeliad Plants for Sale at Bloomscape: 

Bloomscape is one of the pre-eminent houseplant specialists in the entire country today and has a heritage going all the way back to a pioneering family of horticulturists in the Netherlands. 

What’s great about Bloomscape is they oversee the entire growing process of each and every Bromeliad plant in their collection and ship directly from their greenhouses right to your home or office. What’s more, they also utilize a range of innovative plant packaging technology to ensure each and every plant arrives in pristine condition. 

Here you’ll find a striking selection of flowering Bromeliad plants spanning Bromeliad Vriesea Splenriet, Bromeliad Aechmea Pink, Bromeliad Summer, and the famed Bromeliad Pineapple plant. 

Each is priced between $35 to $65 typically and arrives ‘ready-to-go’ on delivery, complete with an appropriate soil mix and choice of cool Ecopot (which have been crafted using recycled plastic salvaged from the ocean).  

Bromeliad Delivery Options: 

Bloomscape delivers Bromeliad plants nationwide typically within 5 to 7 days. 


Bromeliad Plants for Sale at

Bromeliad Plants for Sale at is an online-only plant delivery specialist. They work with a network of growers to deliver an affordable collection of plants directly to homes and offices throughout the country. Here you’ll find one of the most extensive year-round collections of house plants, air plants, cacti, succulents, flowering & tropical plants, in addition to numerous orchids and bonsai trees. carries a very colorful Bromeliad Guzmania and vibrant Bromeliad Antonio which showcases long, shiny green leaves and bright pink blooming bracts. Each is priced at $59.99 and arrives up to 18”, potted and with a choice of stylish decorative potting vessels. 

Jade Plant Delivery Options: delivers Bromeliad plants nationwide throughout the United States. Orders typically arrive within 3 to 5 days. 

4) Terrain

Bromeliad Plants for Sale at Terrain
Credit: Terrain

Bromeliad Plants for Sale at Terrain:

Terrain forms part of the wider Anthropologie family of companies and maintains a great collection of modern garden centers and plant nurseries throughout the United States. They’re loved for their laid-back, eco-friendly, natural style and expansive choice of homegrown plants and stylish homeware. 

Here you’ll find an array of exquisite interior and exterior plants featuring many rarer, and harder-to-find varieties that you might not find elsewhere. 

Terrain carries a rotating collection of exquisite, homegrown Bromeliads including a Vriesea Hieroglyphica, Vriesea Nova, and Vriesea Sherlette Shigi (each priced at $68). 

These tropical natives love bright, warm, and high humidity conditions if possible so it’s worth checking you have an appropriate spot in your home for these to thrive. 

Each arrives potted in their own plastic grow pot so you’ll want to have a more decorative vessel to transfer to when you take delivery. 

Bromeliad Plant Delivery Options:

Terrain provides nationwide shipping on all their Bromeliad plants. Orders are typically delivered within 7 to 10 days. 

5) FromYouFlowers

Bromeliad Plants for Sale at FromYouFlowers
Credit: FromYouFlowers

Bromeliad Plants for Sale at FromYouFlowers:

FromYouFlowers are leaders in the world of fast and affordable online flower delivery and are also home to a huge inventory of plants. 

They’re a great option for a host of budget considerations and offer speedy same-day plant delivery throughout much of the country. Here you’ll find an extensive collection of flowering orchids, Peace Lily Plants, Dish Gardens, and Terrariums in addition to a host of tropical, green house plants. 

The FromYouFlowers Bromeliad plant collections are always great for a long-lasting fresh gift for friends, co-workers, or neat addition to your own houseplant collection. 

They typically carry a few different species covering Guzmania and Woodland Bromeliad. Each arrives potted in a stylish planter ready to be displayed on delivery. 

Prices typically range from $35 to $50. 

Jade Plant Delivery Options: 

FromYouFlowers offers a very speedy same-day Bromeliad plant delivery service throughout much of the United States. 

6) Tropiflora

Bromeliad Plant Delivery from Tropiflora
Credit: Tropiflora

Bromeliad Plants for Sale at Tropiflora:

Tropiflora is a specialist, exotic plant nursery located in Sarasota, Florida producing a wide selection of bromeliads, tillandsia, and succulents throughout the year. 

For the collector and bromeliad hobbyist, here you’ll find a mesmirizing collection of homegrown plants spanning numerous rare, unique, and hard-to-find specimens. 

Smaller 2” – 6” growers start from around $10 but expect to pay anywhere up to $250 for something like a Billbergia Vittata ‘Dombingos Martins’ or the Brazilian Vriesea Gigantea v. sedeliana ‘Nova’. 

Bromeliad Plant Delivery Options: 

Tropilfora deliver Bromeliad plants nationwide via FedEx and USPS. Overnight options are available to most locations. 

7) Michael’s Bromeliads

Bromeliad Plant Delivery in the USA from Michael's Bromeliads
Credit: Michael’s Bromeliads

Bromeliad Plants for Sale:

Florida-based Michael’s Bromeliads is a family owned and operated plant nursery that’s been in operation for 35 years now. Here you’ll find literally thousands of unique, interesting, and unusual bromeliad plants for sale throughout the year. 

Their website keeps a handy list up to date of all the different species available for sale at any given time. Here you can scan through countless Aechma, Guzmania, Billbergia, Alcantarea, Canistrum, Cryptanthus, Dyckia, Lymania, and Nidularium to name but a few. 

Smaller plant life start from around $5 with prices going up dependent on size and species. Most bromeliad plants are sold ‘nursery-fresh’ so you’ll want to have a potting vessel ready to transfer to when you take delivery. 

Jade Plant Delivery Options: 

Michael’s Bromeliads offers standard and expedited shipping options throughout the United States. 

8) Amazon

Bromeliad Plants for Sale at
Credit: Amazon

Bromeliad Plants for Sale at Amazon:

For sheer diversity of choice and delivery flexibility, it’s hard to beat the vast collection of Bromeliad plants for sale at Amazon. Here you’ll find numerous small and large scale plant nurseries offering all sorts of Bromeliads plants for sale spanning baby 4” – 6” Guzmania all the way up to mature specimen Bromeliads ready to planted in your garden or grow indoors.

Prices start from around $10 but expect to pay upwards of $35 for potted Bromeliad plant complete with a ceramic or decorative planter.

Bromeliad Plant Delivery Options: 

Amazon and their shopping partners offer a host of standard and expedited Bromeliad plant delivery options throughout the United States. 

9) Etsy

Bromeliad Plants for Sale at Etsy
Credit: Etsy

Bromeliad Plants for Sale at Etsy:

Etsy’s a great platform for finding small-scale independent plant growers and creative pots and planters. 

What’s more, you’ll often find rarer plant species than at some of the more mainstream plant merchants and the plant styling can range from the classic to the truly avant-garde. It’s well worth a browse to see what’s available. 

Prices vary drastically starting from around $5 for smaller 2” growers going up to $100+ for rarer and more mature Bromeliad specimens.

Bromeliad Plant Delivery Options:

Most Etsy merchants offer a range of plant delivery options throughout the United States. You can typically expect your Bromeliad plant to arrive in 5 to 10 days.

Bromeliad Plants for Sale FAQ 

Smaller 4” to 6” Bromeliad plants typically start from around $10 to $20. Larger, more mature, and rarer Bromeliad specimens are typically priced up to $100.

Bromeliad plants require some care and attention to thrive. As a general rule, Bromeliad plants do better in warmer and more humid living environments so it’s key to keep them away from any cold spots or drafts in your home. Position the plants in a spot that receives plenty of bright, indirect light throughout the majority of the day.

Bromeliad plants make excellent indoor plants showcasing an electric mix of colors and intricate foliage.

Given optimal growing conditions, some Bromeliad plants will happily grow up to 10’ tall or more. However, indoor growing environments tend to produce slowly maturing plants and most Bromeliad plants are very easy to prune so you can limit the growth and expanse based on your own space limitations.

Bromeliad plants are considered non-toxic to both humans and pets however the sap produced may cause a mild allergic reaction for some.

Growing and Caring for Bromeliad Plants at Home

For everything you need to know about growing and caring for bromeliad plants at home, see our essential guides to:


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